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Found 7 results

  1. Hey there! I’m new to this forum and finally decided to write about a problem I’ve been having for months now. My 2012 Subaru Impreza base has been squeaking ever since I got my engine replaced around December of 2020. It only happens when I accelerate from second gear up. I also replaced the stock air box with a cold air intake, but the noise has been there far before I did this. I also replaced the serpentine belt and it still makes the sound. I’ve tried putting a rag in the exhaust to see if it’s an exhaust leak and the exhaust builds up pressure and spits it back out. As I said before I got the engine and the catalytic converter replaced it had no such issue. Although when the cat was replaced they didn’t check the sensors attached to it and one was bad so I had to go back and have it replaced. Also when the engine was replaced they claimed they filled it with Freon, but my A/C didn’t work so they had to fill it up because it was empty. My ac also isn’t as cold as I think it should be. I include all the details about the A/C because I’ve read that the compressor could be going out. When my engine was replaced I had 180000 miles on my car, not it’s at the higher end of 195k. Also my serpentine belt is correctly in place and all the pullies spin, and the compressor turns off and lets the belt run freely when the A/C is off. If you guys could give me some advice I’d really appreciate it. I’ve been through two mechanics and my dad who turns wrenches and they’re all saying different things, so I need some help from someone who knows a lot about my model Subaru specifically. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. We have a 2005 Outback Turbo. About 6 months ago we noticed (immediately) that we were having acceleration issues between 1500 and 2500 RPMs. The car runs fine once you get over 2,500 RPMs but can be a complete dog between there. We have taken it to 5 shops. First shop said they don't know turbo engines enough, so sent us somewhere else. Second shop said it was a problem with our catalytic converter and replaced it. Then said we needed a new engine, so we took it to our local shop that just works on Subarus. They were great but said there were no specific problems, turbo looked good, engine looked good, no spark plug issues. They thought it was a transmission issue. We took it to our transmission specialist who said there was no problem with the transmission. Finally took it to our local Subaru dealer who said there was no fuel filter on the car (not sure which previous fools took it off). They put a new one on and said there was nothing else wrong with the car. I've been driving it and it works 80% of the time, but still has problems - occasionally - between 1500 and 2500 RPM. Driving it in manual/sport mode seems to help - sometimes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I purchased the car used about 6 months ago and had $2,500 worth of work done on it to get it through inspection. It seemed fine after that other than the shaking issue, but a few months later I also began to have acceleration issues. I had an oil change done in October at which time I also paid $50 for a diagnostic test and was told that I needed a new battery. But other than that I was not told that there is anything wrong with the car. I assume that the mechanic probably thought that my issues were linked to needing a new battery, and I honestly thought the same. However I basically continue to have the same issues even with a new battery. That being said, does anyone have any idea why the car may be shaking while idling, for instance while stopped at a traffic light, or why it may have trouble accelerating, and/or should I even bother to have it diagnosed again? Note that the car does have about 177,000 miles on it. If any more information is needed let me know.
  4. Hi Guys I'm having a problem with my 2003 Subaru forester. When I push the accelerator to about 25% or 100% the car pulls well and accelerates at the normal rate. My problem comes when I accelerate at about 45% to 90% of the way. The car seems to loose power and seems to makes a slight jerking motion as if you were pumping the accelerator from 90% to 20%. I really need to find what is going wrong as it is killing me having to use 25% or 100%. I am fairly technically minded. Fuel filters are clean Car has about 97 000km on the clock. Any help is much appreciated guys
  5. Good morning all, I just purchased a 1989 Subaru GL wagon. I have been having some problems accelerating. Sometimes while driving I step on the throttle and the engine seems to bog down. it is similar to when you are in too high of a gear and try to accelerate hard. The difference is when I step on the throttle the car actually goes slower and slower instead of faster. When this first happened I pulled over turned the car off. I started it back up, and it ran fine for awhile. The same problem has come back randomly. Any help on this would be great! Thanks, Lewis
  6. Hey all. I have a 99 impreza outback with 260k; just breaking her in . I was on the interstate the other day and i noticed i was slowing down a little, so I gave it more gas and it seemed to bog down and lose power i really had to stomp the gas to get her to go, even when it down shifted i could feel the lack of power. But when I let off the gas a bit i felt the acceleration come back noticeably. This went on till I got home form time to time. It didn't do it for a couple days then did it again on the hiway, and when I was coming back through town. It seems to happen when it warms up or has been running for a while. There is also a hesitation of downshifting now if not coming to a complete stop or giving it gas to pass someone. I checked the fuel pressure pre-regulator and it was 35, would raise to 40ish when given gas but would drop back to 35 even with throttle open. I replaced the MAF sensor, but it was a cheap one and my car ran horrible with it so I'm guessing mine is ok, unless someone thinks I should buy another one and try it. I have new plugs, wires, fuelfilter (although I think it may be flowing backwards), checked for vacuum leaks (broke the port on the purge solenoid that runs to the intake manifold), and checked to make sure the knock sensor wasn't cracked or anything. Any help with this would be very helpful as I have a 1700 mile trip coming up in three weeks!
  7. I know it's been asked before, and I've read the responses, but I'm still at a loss. My 83 Brat has an intermittent problem of stumbling upon acceleration. It occurs whether the car is warm or cold. It seems to stumble only with slow acceleration and if I step on it, it surges and opens up, feels smooth. Doesn't seem to lack power overall and idles decently enough once it's warmed up. Stock Hitachi carb. So far, in attempt to fix this issue and just because it needed it, I have replaced both fuel filters, air filter, spark plug wires, spark plugs(with new NGK, properly gapped), new distributor, put a bunch of heet and seafoam through it to clean out any gunk or water and checked for vacuum leaks by spraying starting fluid around the intake manifold and vacuum hoses (no change in idle speed noted). I also only run 89 octane or higher fuel. Im thinking it could be a partially clogged jet in the carb. Maybe some other jet opens up with more throttle and thats why it only occurs at low throttle. I haven't opened up a hitachi, but I would be willing to rebuild it if that would help. And no, I'm not getting a Weber. I've gotten 31 mpg with the Hitachi properly tuned. Any advice would be appreciated. Let me know if more info is needed. Thanks yall.
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