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Found 5 results

  1. Our 2007 Legacy Station Wagon (owned since january 2012) has recently started to give us intermittent rumbling sound/loss of power for 2-4 seconds only intermittently. It is not loud. On a 15 minute drive it may occur 2-6 times. It feels like maybe transmission/axle/all wheel drive related. (Computer or sensor related ?). Our mechanic, who we have had take excellent care of 9 different extended family vehicles over the last 15 years, is somewhat baffled but has experienced this issue himself on test drives. He just did replace the transmission oil in an attempt to resolve the problem and also looking for bits of metal at that time, but not found no bits of metal and said that the result often indicates that there is probably on transmission issue. We recently experienced a failing transmission on a 1996 Montero and the issue with the Legacy does not feel similar. The local Subaru dealer is a train wreck and dishonest. Our mechanic says he is getting no error codes (don't know if it is possible to check for diagnostic error codes for a long period of time during a test drive). I read one post on another site that seemed to be describing a similar issue and that 5 trips to the Subaru dealer yielded no error codes or resolution but that when the issue worsened, they happened to be near a Firestone dealer who immediately diagnosed a bad sensor, and they replaced the sensor and resolved the issue. Any ideas ? Thanks- Doug
  2. My wife and I purchased our first Subaru - a 2013 Outback (~56,000 miles) in September 2016. In December, it began to exhibit an intermittent starting issue - the engine cranks (slowly) and fails to start approximately 10% of the time. The issue does not appear to be correlated to temperature. We first took the car to two mechanics who were unable to find any problem. Finally, a Subaru dealer told us that a diagnostic test revealed the car required a long crank update and that that should fix the problem. We paid for the update, but the problem persisted. A few weeks later, we took it back to the same Subaru dealer who told us that another diagnostic test found that the body control module was problematic. We paid for a replacement body control module, but the problem still persists. At this point, we've paid $700 for two misdiagnoses. We are fed up and are wondering if any one may be familiar with this problem and how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  3. We have a 2005 Outback Turbo. About 6 months ago we noticed (immediately) that we were having acceleration issues between 1500 and 2500 RPMs. The car runs fine once you get over 2,500 RPMs but can be a complete dog between there. We have taken it to 5 shops. First shop said they don't know turbo engines enough, so sent us somewhere else. Second shop said it was a problem with our catalytic converter and replaced it. Then said we needed a new engine, so we took it to our local shop that just works on Subarus. They were great but said there were no specific problems, turbo looked good, engine looked good, no spark plug issues. They thought it was a transmission issue. We took it to our transmission specialist who said there was no problem with the transmission. Finally took it to our local Subaru dealer who said there was no fuel filter on the car (not sure which previous fools took it off). They put a new one on and said there was nothing else wrong with the car. I've been driving it and it works 80% of the time, but still has problems - occasionally - between 1500 and 2500 RPM. Driving it in manual/sport mode seems to help - sometimes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. My '95 Legacy 2.2 occasionally won't start after it's been driven. Engine cranks ok, just doesn't fire. Let it sit for up to 45 minutes, starts right up just like nothing was ever wrong. It'll do this maybe once in 10 or 15 trips, hot or cold weather - same. No CEL. Coolant temp sensor, right? Replaced it. Same problem. Next, following leads from my Subie guy and posts on numerous forums, swapped in another ECM, then replaced the knock sensor, then swapped cam position sensor with my '97Outback hoping to transfer the problem to it. Nope, still the Legacy. I've checked spark and fuel delivery when it's doing it's no-starting thing and both OK. Seems to be a common but elusive problem. Any ideas?
  5. Hello All, I have an 84 brat turbo, which the car dies after driving, very intermittent, A quick Key off, on will get it going again. it idles for a few minutes then just shuts off. I replaced the computer, mass air flow, Distributor. I recently replaced the transmission. the car sat for a few months with the key accidentally left on (battery dead) after the automatic tranny swap, it had 2 bad injector coils. two injectors replaced, it would run, but had a bad miss at various rpms. so I ordered a remanufactured computer ecu. this did not fix it I then unplugged the mass air flow. it ran better, but not right, so I bought a remanufactured MAF. this made it a little better, I then replaced the entire distributor, no change. I unhooked the knock sensor unit, unplugged the altitude sensor, etc eliminated every electronic component I could still intermittent acts up. It does this with the anti knock control unit unplugged.(car will run without it) It idles better with the Mass Air flow unit unplugged as well. I measured all wiring from engine side of wire harness to the ECU, nothing measures bad. UGGGG!!! at this point. Tomorrow I plan on replacing the coil, and fuel pump. seems to act up when I hit a bump on a right hand turn. also, with headlights off it runs better. Im thinking either the fuel pump is getting knocked and acts up, Coil may be getting hot and drawing more current, or alternator is acting up when hot. Car runs with battery terminals unhooked, so I know alternator is charging. I will ultimately fix it and post my findings. I still love my little money pit.....BTW also has a new turbo....wheel bearings, got a small fortune in it.... I named it Johnny Cash..... one piece at a time....only wish it didn't cost me a dime... Bill https://www.facebook.com/bill.sherman.58
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