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Found 13 results

  1. Question: do all 4x140 Subie wheels fit the 90s Loyales? I was chatting with a fellow a while back about older gen DL/GL wheels not fitting newer Loyales due to brake clearance, etc. Being I have zero experience here, I thought I’d ask the experts. Ive got a lead on a sweet set of 13” “H” style wheels (from and ‘85 I believe.) Any known issues fitting these on my ‘90 Loyale Wagon? Also, anyone know where to score 2 matching center caps?
  2. Has anyone ever tried to turn down the standard 4x140 hubs (removing the location lugs) to redrill to 4x108 (same as 4x4.25)? It appears there MAY be enough material to drill them out to the larger lug pattern...
  3. Hey ya'll, I'm talking to a guy right now on a Peugeot message board about picking up some wheels off him and I had a question I couldn't find an answer to through the search bar. (does that thing ever work? I can never find what I'm looking for on there...) The wheels he has are 15" diameter and 6" wide. I'm curious if 1. 15" will fit under a non-lifted 88 GL and 2. if anyone knows if they will line up well and not stick out. I'm having trouble finding backspacing information for the subaru wheels and the peugeot wheels. Here's a pic just so you know what I'm looking at.... Dude told me his are 4x100 bolt pattern in the e-mail, but I think he just doesn't know?? They are coming off a 1986 Peugeot 505 Turbo Wagon. He also said mine should be 4x100....so either he mistyped or is just misinformed right? Any help would be great. Thanks ya'll.
  4. Was looking for skidplate designs to "borrow" and found these, and hadn't seen anyone mention them. http://get-primitive.com/wheels-rally-race-street/466-team-dyn-15x7-5x100-matte-blk.html Expensive, but easier than drilling or finding pugs. Note: I'm not affiliated with them in any way.
  5. I am looking for any info about the SJR wheel adapters to run VW wheels on our 4x140 Subarus. Do you have to have a lift to run these wheels and adapters? How is the back spacing with these adapters and are their any issues with tire rub? I am thinking of just running factory VW steel wheels with a 185/65R15 or 195/65R15 tire on them. Any have experience running these adapters and a similar tire size? I tried contacting him awhile back and just got a simple replay of, it depends on what wheel I run. No other useful info. http://www.sjrlift.com/index.php/catalog/misc/wheel-adapter-vw5-to-subaru-4-x-140-detail
  6. Hey guys! I'm new here. But I've been reading up a lot here lately since I recently grabbed a 1992 Loyale for a good price. All of the tires are out of round and I'd really like some better options than the 13" stock wheels allow. I also don't want to have to lift it. So, I've already got some 14x6" wheels from an old b series mazda. I'm thinking the tire size should be around 185/75r14. Initially I was looking at a bfg tire 195/75r14 all terrain t/o ak, but was worried they'd rub against my suspension... I can rent a drill press and angle grinder by donation from a local tool library. Some of my questions: Is there anything else I should know about before removing the hubs? i.e. rotors... drum brakes.. How can I recalibrate the odometer and speedometer? Is this going to compromise the structural integrity of the hubs? Will I be totally safe, even off road? Does anyone have a good idea of if the 195/75r14 would fit in the wells? Any input and/or direction is so greatly appreciated!
  7. So I went out and bought some nice 16" rims on brand new tires. Little did I know subarus lug pattern is 4x140 and not 4x100 or 4x114 like I needed. Does anyone know if I can redrill my rims to fit the 4x140 pattern? They are universal 4 lug so they already have 4x100 and 4x114 bolt holes. Can I do this myself? Difficulty?
  8. I've read up as much as I can find about the 6 lug conversions for my hubs on a 92 Loyale. I have never found anything on the minute difference in the 6 bolt pattern to the 4 bolt and any affect it has. The subaru is 4x140 and from my understanding the 6 bolt is 6 x 139.7. I have rims from a Nissan Pathfinder but am unsure of the year. I have knocked out the 2 opposing lugs and when I bolt the remaining 2 into the rim I can notice that it is not seated perfectly, which I would assume would lead to an unbalanced tire. My car will be doing plenty of highway miles, does this warrant any concerns? Also, the centre bore of the rim is larger than the "axel seats" on the hub. I have never heard of anyone using hub centric spacers to fill this void. This seems extremely important to me as that interface is supposed to bear the weight. Does everyone use these spacers and I just missed it? All the help is appreciated. I am not an experienced car guy and am learning as I go so please be nice!
  9. Found a set of cheviot something (would like to know name) mags in 4x140 off a leone in the local subie wreckers, just need a clean up and maybe repaint black parts? Any suggestions on cleaning them up and getting them looking nice are welcome. Pictures http://puu.sh/8MT5z.JPG http://puu.sh/8MT7J.JPG Also got a set of headlight covers and wiper blades with intact deflectors. -Cheers, Tom
  10. Hey everyone, I've got my '92 Loyale Wagon up and going and I want to start moding it for off-road. The only thing is, I can't find places or websites to get exactly what I want. So I'm on here asking for some help. LOL. Here is a small list of what I'm trying to accomplish. First is a Snorkel, I think I can manage this with some PVC pipe and a saw. Next a nice and sturdy roof rack. Rear bumper with spare tire and jerry can holder Similar to a Jeeps Smitybilt. Suspension lift kit or custom lift. Under Engine protection plate for off-roading. Some wheels that are larger than 13" and are 4x140 lug pattern or an adapter kit. Dual exhaust or just a replacement. Mines in pieces! I think that's it for now. So can anyone help me out? Thanks SOOOOO much! -Mike
  11. Curious what your cars look like with 17" rims and any details that you can share would be helpful.
  12. So my thought is to use 4 spare wheels that are 15 inches, and run 165-65r15 if I can find them. I compared sizes at: http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/tirecalc.php?tires=165-80r13-165-65r15 Any thoughts ?
  13. These are some awesome alloys i stumbled upon... I didn't find a match on Mick's page: http://www.indysworld.com/80s/general/wheels/wheels.html Anyone familiar with these? Are they 14's ?
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