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  1. mtsmiths

    Stolen in Portland, OR

    Help out a rally enthusiast Subaru Jalop https://jalopnik.com/this-guys-subaru-impreza-was-stolen-right-after-he-boug-1823136395
  2. Stolen in Portland, OR https://jalopnik.com/this-guys-subaru-impreza-was-stolen-right-after-he-boug-1823136395
  3. gbhrps, do you have sheet EI418? There's something hang up the front of the door panel, and damned if I can see what it is. So near and yet so far. Never mind, found it Mahalao, all
  4. Thanks for the links, been dere, done dat, I feared as much ... just hoping against hope I could pop the thing out. zi'll get to it as soon as I get the BACK door back together for broken door handle. Living close to the ocean in the tropics is a bitch on cars!
  5. Do I have to pull the door panel off, or can the switch cluster be prised out of the armrest without buggering everything up? One cracked window switch button, hopefully can be 'glued' so I don't have to replace entire cluster.
  6. Mahalo nui loa* Mike, got it open, brokrn tab on the exterior door handle that pushes the actuator to pull the cable. Get new part, install same ... all good. Smitty * Thanks very much
  7. Thanks Mike, a great fiagram of all the bits and pices ... where do zi start?
  8. 2006 Outback, driver side rear door will only unlock/open with the interior handle. It will lock with the remote or door master, but not unlock. I'm guessing something has come undone at the latch, but there are no obvious attatch hardware for the panels, and just tugging on them only bruises my tender fingertips! Before I start prying at things with my biggest/widest blade screwdriver, what am I missing? Thanks all.
  9. Aloha all, from an old, but recently hit & miss member. Kapalili wants to replace her '06 Outback. We're back in Whitefish for a shoulder replacement for me, and dropped into the local stealership to look at the Crosstek. I didn't realize the hybrid had been dropped :-(. Our driving consists of ten to twenty local miles per day, and occassional island style road trips (300 mile r/t max!). Some lava roads to surf spots, and to top of mountain (Mauna Kea, 13.930' asl. So, questions: 1. Will the XV be worth the hybrid, or just get a regular Crosstek . 2. Where's our best source for a good example ... oh, here, of course! 3. What to watch out for? 4. Any best year? Some more info: The Hawaii stealerships do NOT honor SOA factory warranties ... period. Shipping from west coast will add another $1,200 + insurance. Want a sunroof and CVT. Would have to be a trusted seller who can handle shipping forwarding, or I spend snother $1,000 - $2,000 just to inspect. Probably not serious until early spring '18, we're going to Europe first ... bought one-way tickets.
  10. Wiring diagram anywhere? I've got the tailgate all open and there are SIX broken wires in the tubing between the body and tailgate. I'm surprised ANYTHING works. Not much room so am soldering jumper wires, but I've got three broken black or dark grey wires on the body side, and only two on the hatch? No kidding Imdew, I just spent 10 days back in Whitefish, MT (doctor consult and ski trip), I forgot how bloody cold it is up there -29 on the summit one day ... Bbbrrrrrrrrr!
  11. Never mind, I found it. Little cover hiding two screws on the handle.
  12. Trying to remove interior hatch cover to get at wiring. Everything on lower edge released BUT, the interior inset handle. Prying the trim down I can see two yellow plastic through clips, or whatever, but nothing will budge. How do I get that stubborn %#*~# off without tearing the surrounding plastic up? Stuck and stumped.
  13. Mahalo Fairtax, That's sort of what I figured. I guess I needed some erification before I start taking things apart. Condo living/outside parking not condusive to wrenching.
  14. Thnx, symptoms so far: Checked with glow lamp, no power to sockets (new bulbs, cleaned contacts). All other rear lights work. Backup lamps in hatch work. Rear wiper doesn't work, washer does. Can't figure out where to start looking, safety check due by end of month (makes me miss Montana)
  15. Real plate lights both out, bulbs look good, I can't find a fuse/circuit reference anywhere in the manual. Anyone know where this guse is, snd why there is no reference?