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  1. yeah that ship has sailed for me. I tried....and I tried.....and I tried and all it ever did was become more difficult. People say they would buy "club spots" but didn't, others would park in our "club spot" with their non Subaru's and that usually ended with a shouting match or nearly a fist fight a few times...and the Carlisle folks would do nothing to help the situation. Our cars weren't good enough for their standards. They would throw out our people and accuse them of shenanigans but they didn't do what they said they did while other clubs would raise hell and not get kicked out. The final straw was when someone from another club did something in front of security and they did nothing. I called them out (security) and I nearly got myself thrown out. "F" that place....pitty since I am less than an hour from there.
  2. subeman90

    Problem with Eyesight after recall fix

    Like what? They did my recall in my OB and I think it is too sensitive now in my opinion.
  3. subeman90

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    so it will be orange then? I see you as more of an orange type of guy.
  4. subeman90

    Who is going to WCSS17?

    Have a safe drive my friend. 12 hours or so, correct?
  5. subeman90

    Who is going to WCSS17?

    oh yea I will make sure to see the the yellow beast. Last one I saw was in a showroom the day I traded my XV off
  6. subeman90

    Who is going to WCSS17?

    So does that mean you will be there good sir?
  7. subeman90

    Who is going to WCSS17?

    they always do........ (so far)
  8. subeman90

    Who is going to WCSS17?

    I'll be there. Rental car and all (no time to make that drive this year)
  9. subeman90

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. subeman90

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    grill and wing in black?
  11. subeman90

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    LOL. Nice purchase! Kingbobdole (the guy with a yellow xt6 in CO) his GF just put money down on one. Congrats...I traded mine 3 weeks ago. 2015 OB with eyesight
  12. subeman90

    My 2014 Hybrid Touring

    well congrats to you! nice ride.
  13. Well last year I was in severe doubt that I would make it back...maybe ever. I have to admit I love the PT location and well things change.... See you Saturday morning. Ezap: please shake my hand this year...I have never met you I have only seen you from afar.
  14. subeman90

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    10-4 totally understand!