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  1. I agree with Nick. The hair on my neck stood up and I got goosebumps seeing his name appear on my screen. Wow! I have a disc for you Paul.
  2. There will be a Remembrance. It will be Saturday July 12th between 2 and 7 PM @ Ed and Jeanne's home. You can come at any time between those hours. Share stories with friends and family. Feel free to bring photo's if you have them as well. Come and go as you please. The address is; The Rachner's 715 232nd St SE Bothell, WA 98021 If there are additional details to share I will do so. Ken Please also note, there will be limited parking. If you can carpool or park at the shopping center and walk or drive up with others.
  3. A good thought Paul. Maybe the next time someone sees somebody in need. Or someone asks a question. Or needs a part picked up or dropped off. Or just an opportunity to be a nice person. Seize that moment and think of Ed. He would do it, why can't anyone do it? Make somewhere a nicer place. Ed would approve!
  4. A long time board member, Edrach, Ed Rachner has pass on. His fight against cancer finally came to an end. He left us late Saturday evening. He is survived by his wife, Jeanne and 3 son's, Eric, Paul and James. And also by Paul's two Daughters. Not to mention his extensive family and friends. Any who knew him will vouch for his integrity, willingness to help anyone. And his all around niceness. He touched many of us and will be missed. Qman Ken, (Ed's friend)
  5. I will be happy to address this. Being as I was the first to do the 6 lug conversion. A lot of thought, contemplation, and measuring went into this. I researched wheel offset and widths. I verified lug size and length. I verified compatibility of the lug nut angles as well. If the wholes are drilled straight and true to the correct diameter and the correct wheel stud and nut are used. It is better and stronger than the originals. Monstaru is correct that unless you have extensive vehicle inspect in your providence than you may be over thinking it. But, he only says this because he knows that it was heavily researched before it was first done! Enjoy, Ken
  6. Most likely suspect is the ignition fuse in the fuse block under the dash. Otherwise check the coil for power. Is this an EA81 or EA82 engine? ECU lends to EA82. You probably broke a timing belt. More than likely the drivers side belt. Remove distributor cap and check if distributor is moving! And, for future reference. If this is an EA82 your best to describe it as a 3dr. It will aid in assistance when you have a problem. Otherwise, refer to it as an EA81 Hatch. It just eliminates unnecessary questions.
  7. Great job Brian! At my rate of repair you may beat me back to the trail...
  8. When you are wheeling on stuff bigger than your vehicle you can bend things. If I remember he was trying to climb over said object and bent the strut tube right above where it had been modified. These rigs were not normal everyday Subarus. Not ever everyday wheelers. Well, except for mine that is. No disrespect intended but if you wheel and have "never" bent a strut rod maybe you aren't doing the same kind of wheeling that the rest of us are. My Hatch was designed to have the strut rod be the fuse. I could change one in under 10 minutes. I knew if there was going to be a problem that is where it would be. Carried a couple of spares. No problems. Everyone does things differently. If you haven't broken/bent those than good for you. Most of us are not so lucky.
  9. Yep, cold as a witches... But, as always we will ask folks to bring some wood for the bonfire. We will have propane heaters, camp stoves, propane and water. Bring food and drink of choice. Bring a shovel and provisions for getting unstuck if need be. Tree permits still cost $10 for those so inclined. Our day camp location will depend on number of participants. The snow was much higher last weekend than in years past. There are a few nice spots further up too.
  10. The bridge collapsed with the car on it. The "truck" hit the bridge not the car. It fell "with" the bridge...
  11. Qman

    duel E brake

    Mike W did this mod 10 yrs ago. It worked with limited success. He did not have a divorced transfer case though.
  12. I drove it Sunday. Drives like no Automatic I have driven before. Snappy and responsive. Not fast by any stretch of the imagination. But, surprisingly quick and quiet. Solid ride, nice tunes, comfortable. I give it two thumbs up!!
  13. I also owned a '83 GL Brat without T-tops with an automotic and all options. Including rear slider, A/C, dual head lights, cloth seats, full carpet, etc. Definitely not a DL at all. Horrible rust or it would still be on the road! I have pics in a box somewhere.
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