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  1. monstaru

    My lifted Impreza puts all yours to shame

    It has to be able to perform there bud.lol
  2. monstaru

    98 Legacy Outback Lift/Build

    beautiful. Just beautiful.
  3. monstaru

    XTV8 build!

    Love the way that you do things. Can't wait to see this.????
  4. monstaru

    1982 Brat from the west

    I am glad she is in good hands. I had full intentions to make her better, but alas life is rough sometimes. Sugar in the tank,hrrm. People have fucked with that car since I owned it. It makes since that the connection was bad at the fuel pump. I didn't get that far. Seriously! The disc was in backwards?!!jesus man. I must have been in a rush on that one. I could use to do an EA clutch in my sleep, evidently short on time in a rush does not help. Didn't get that far on that one either , because of the fuel pump going out.lol Once again, hope you are happy, and sorry about the damn clutch.lol cheers
  5. oh , spoob , may I get a copy of that write up Bill? Cheers
  6. monstaru

    #48 and #50

    Jesus Christ man. You've been busy.lol
  7. monstaru


    Lots of changes in my life. Still trying to recover. It went to a GREAT home. Once again, I fail. Lol. Can still build spoob better than most. Shittier than some. Lol We shall see when it gets done.
  8. monstaru

    It was bound to happen

    Learn how to drive Scott. Lol
  9. monstaru


    I wanna ride!
  10. monstaru

    Outback on solid axles. Solid axle outback

    Show pics of your spring mounts. Did you do them right? lol
  11. monstaru

    I went to the dark side.

    Chrome don't get ya home , but polished aluminum will!!!! Good job man. For what we have done in Subies, this is a huge jump wheeling wise.have fun and enjoy! Cheers
  12. monstaru

    Frame tubing size?

    2x2 or 2x3 .120 wall will work just fine.
  13. monstaru

    Frame tubing size?

    a CJ frame is actually just about right as far fenderwell alignment.
  14. monstaru

    Frame tubing size?

    If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't do it.lol It is less about the size, and more about your fab skills. And I can tell you that putting leaf sprung axles sin the front of a brat/EA81 is less than desirable because of the lift you have to have to make it look right. Otherwise you have to push the axle really far forward and it gets really odd really fast. Unless you have extensive fab time and or a myriad of fab tools, I would just put it on a frame. But actually channel and chop it to fit properly. Both are hard projects to do right. The only way I found after trying both of the aforementioned suggestions, was to link the axles. just saying. You have WAY more research to do if this is your main concern so far. cheers