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  1. Just changed the rear brakes on my 03 Baja. Drove it to the store and both of my new rotors are eaten up. What would cause this? Master cylinder? Both calipers? Help!
  2. I just bought a 2005 Baja and would like to upgrade the engine to a WRX. Is this possible?
  3. My Subaru has a vibration feeling up front while stopped in drive. It occurs whether if it's warmed up or cold and as soon as I creep forward it stops vibration. The car seems to idle nice and steady, I don't think it's an engine issue. I had one mechanic tell me it was an exhaust shield and another say it was the power steering pump. I trust the pump diagnosis but was wondering if anyone has experienced this or can speak to the validity of that diagnosis. And if it is the pump, should I rebuild or replace? This Baja is getting expensive ... D:
  4. Hi, As I was driving across the state, 3hr into my 5hr drive I noticed my turbo quit working when accelerating and with an occasional whirling sound. Long story short I limped it back (2hr drive) to a subaru dealer after o’reillys told me the timing belt slipped/stretched/ needed to be replaced; turns out my oil filter failed and leaked causing the turbo to seize up with little oil left in the car. I’m currently getting quotes of $2500 for tearing down the engine plus a bare minimum of $3500 for the turbo to be replacement (w/o parts). What would you guys do in my position? The engine has close to 132,XXX miles for the 2006 baja and would rather not give up on it. I’ve read around and could maybe dodge the $2500 diagnostic by a quick look at the oil pan but the engine damage is a real concern (drove through the mountains for 2hrs). Should I just get the turbo replaced by a independent mechanic and hope that the turbo was my only problem? Where would you draw the line on fixing a car? (Everything is stock, 2.5L EJ255 H4 Turbo) Any advice is greatly appreciated -Thanks
  5. hey guys ive been looking at a ton of forums for bits and pieces of the info i need but cant quite make it 100% i have myself the 2003 baja non turbo and its an automatic sadly. ive been sitting on a 5 speed that i cant seem to get sold so i was considering swapping it into my baja. now i have the brake cluster (clutch,brake,booster) the flywheel a clutch and pressure plate the tranny itself the driveshaft. basically everything. now my issue lies on the wiring,rear end, and ecu. so my questions is would i need to splice wires in do i need the ecu and i think my rear is 4.44 but im not 100% would a 4.11 rear from another subie bolt right in? any other pointers would be great. im quite confident in my ability to do the swap i just dont want to get it apart and realize i need something completely random. photos just of the things ive got.
  6. Hi! No Electrics other than door ding, baja wont start with new battery? Help? Any ideas? thx Bajababe
  7. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find quite what I was looking for in a search of previous posts. Feel free to redirect me if I've missed an answer to my question in another thread. I replaced the front half-shafts/axles on my '03 Baja with manual transmission about a year and <10,000 miles ago. The boots were torn and it was cheaper to replace the shafts than have a shop do the boots. The job was pretty straight forward and there were no obvious red flags for anything I missed or messed up. Shortly afterward, I get a hard clunk when making a tight turn at low speeds (parking usually) in both direction. It doesn't always do it unless I turn the wheel hard and it feels like the cv joint is binding then releasing. There's no difference between forward or reverse. Two things come to mind. I did not fully remove the spindle assembly because I found that I could work the shafts out of the vehicle without this step. Here's the kicker, I got the replacements from Autozone and paid $70/ea for them, so they could just be crap and I should've known better. Anyone else have a similar experience with cheap replacements or is there something I might have missed in getting these aligned/seated/etc. that would cause this binding? Or am I looking in the wrong place entirely? The spindle nuts were taken to proper torque and the roll pin hole alignment went fine. One front wheel bearing has been replaced and the other has no issue. I'm inclined to order proper parts and swap them out, but want to get a feel for whether I can work this issue out in a simpler way first. Thanks in advance!
  8. I'm a new owner of a silver 1991 Subaru 4x4 wagon EA82 so I had reason to go down to the scrapyard and pick up small things that needed attention. I wanted to let folks know about some parts available if they have become rare and expensive where you live. I was looking for Nissan Maxima alternators (they have a bunch) Honda springs and 4-runner shocks. (For full disclosure, I am in no way affiliated of have interest in the business of Upullandpay) Here's what I found: 1983 L Line complete car <--- I was 'eye-ballin' this one for the H/L pumpkin 1984 BRAT manual complete car I think it had two stock rims available 1988 Justy 1990 Legacy x3 1992 Loyale automatic sedan complete car (analogue dash) minus front grill and front corner blinkers / indicators 1992 Legacy 1993 Justy Ignore the rest of these as this is posted in the 80's section... but these are there too. 1993 Legacy x2 1994 Legacy 1995 Legacy x2 1996 Legacy x2 1997 Legacy x2 1999 Legacy 1999 Forester 2002 Forester 2005 Baja sport 2001 Outback x2 one was a LLBean model 2002 Outback 2003 Outback limited 2004 Outback Impreza: 1993, 1995 x2, 1999, 2002, and 2007 Costs: http://upullandpay.com/colorado-springs/part-prices/
  9. Ok, I have a 2004 Baja turbo I got about 2 years ago, it has about 209,000 miles on it and the turbo was replaced with a used one that had 70,000 miles on it just before I bought it. Well now my problem is it sat for 2 weeks while I was out of town and now it has lost acceleration, Turbo is smoking a little where a rod hooks up and ( hadn't drove it for the last week) Drove it today lots of white smoke out the tail pipe. I got these codes, P0011 "A" Camshaft Position Over- Advanced or System Performance and P0021 "A" Camshaft Position Over- Advanced or System Performance. Wish I could figure out how to post pics, that would really help.
  10. I tend to count on my male folks to let me know when to stress about my car or not. Left to my own devices every little noise would get my heart rate up. Well, now my rear differential tried to explode on me. Can't even drive the Baja up the driveway to get it into the garage. Something about the clutch not having enough friction. The boys are coming round for beers and car work later so it is about to get pulled all apart. For now I have one picture of the crack in the rear differential. You'll note that there is oil actively leaking out of the rear differential so it wasn't that I lost lubrication and then it broke. Seems to me like one of those things that doesn't ever really happen. Anyone got any pointers or potential causes of the failure?
  11. We had a fun day yesterday sledding. It was 25 degrees and sunny. Just wanted to share. click on image click on image I didn't know the other children in the Baja they just piled in with mine. I love Idaho.
  12. Hello! We're about to buy our first Baja and will post pics once it's ours. We have a question about rust / corrosion we posted to the main forum http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/155847-undercarriage-rust-corrosion-normal-for-a-2005/ Thanks! A
  13. We found a super-clean, one-owner 2005 Baja turbo with 70k miles that we're considering as our first Baja. One-owner car, well-maintained, drives great, super clean, but underneath, there's rust / corrosion on the subframe, exhaust, diff bolts etc. Connecticut car, so no doubt from salted winter roads. I've attached pics and was wondering if this undercarriage surface corrosion is normal for Subes of this generation. There's no rust in the wheel wells or doors and no rot, just the corrosion as you can see in pics. We'd like to buy this car, but want to get some feedback from fellow Subaru owners before going ahead. Thanks for your replies! A
  14. I bought an excellent 2006 Baja Sport from Kendall Subaru in Eugene in July 2015. I'm in Kansas now, but relocating to WA in Sep 2015. I hope to keep this car forever, so simple repairs and especially preventative maintenance stuff i can do myself will be my main interests.
  15. Hello, we are having issues with our 2003 Baja overheating. It happened once, it was all the way on the H before I noticed it. Never had too much trouble out of it. I pulled over, the reservoir cap was off and there was fluid everywhere. We got it home, flushed the system, replaced the thermostat, checked for leaks, checked the radiator and hoses, there are no bubbles coming from the reservoir, all seemed well. (The head gaskets were replaced barely 2 years ago). It ran fine for about a week. Then same thing...hot, pulled over to let it cool...got it back home, getting hot again about every 1-2 miles and pulling over again to let it cool (took forever to get home lol). Then, we replaced the radiator cap and it ran fine for about a day. Next, we replaced the water pump and the thermostat again. This time, it ran for about 45 miles and then got hot. We pulled over to let it cool. It ran for about 10 more miles before it got hot again. After letting it cool a second time, we went about another 10-15 miles to our destination and it didn't get hot again. It won't get hot while running in the driveway, even when reving the engine. It has to be driven before it will overheat. We believe we have gotten all the air out so the thermostat will open properly. The fans are kicking on. We have driven it short distances 3-4 miles to town and back with no problem for about a week now. Today, drove it further, about another 45-50 miles (not at once, 8 hour break in between) and it got hot again on the way home. Getting hot again after a cooldown about every 1-2 miles instead of 10-15. Is this a head gasket issue? And why would they fail if they were replaced only a couple of years ago?
  16. A couple of days ago, the turn signals on my 2003 Baja starting blinking faster when I accelerated, and slowing down when I took my foot off the gas pedal. I also noticed a faint high-pitched whine coming from somewhere in the car when it was doing this, but couldn't isolate it. I checked all of the bulbs, and none were burned out, so I took apart the head- and tail-light assemblies and checked everything with an ohmmeter for high-resistance to ground. All looked good, and there was no visible corrosion or abraded wires. I also checked the connections to the relay under the dash and followed the wiring harnesses as far as I could. After I got everything back together, the problem went away for a day or two, but now it's back, and I'm looking for ideas on anything else I can try before biting the bullet and taking it in to the shop. All suggestions gratefully accepted!
  17. My husband and I own a 2006 Baja w/ turbo. It has run great for a while, has some past issues that we thought were resolved shortly after purchase. We were currently debating on trading in for a newer subie that fits our needs better but have hit a major snag. It started throwing codes at us. We have gotten the PO303 code with no luck chasing down the issue. We changed the spark plugs, ran great for a few days, then code repeat. Change coil, ran fine for a few days, code repeat. Replaced cyl3 injector, ran good for a day. Then once again, code repeat. We have chased every rabbit hole we can think of and it seems to fix the problem for a very short period then poof, back to square one. My husband even tried unhooking the exhaust to to see if maybe we were catching the code from something in the cad converter. No luck. Now its back to doing exactly what it did when we first got the code. Rough idle, but has now acquired the problem of dying out when the clutch is depressed..... Any ideas or approaches you folks can think of? We dont have the money to dump a lot into this trying to chase down every possibility, but unless we have it running well, we have nothing to trade in to get even close to getting what we were after. Questions, comment, ideas are so very welcome and this point.... we have become extremely stressed over this issue.....
  18. NorthCoast


    Just thought I would share a fun project that TSSFab has got going on right now. A few of you have seen some of the pics but I figured I would throw it out there for everyone. Pics aren't necessarilly in order for the first post but I'll keep the updates coming as they happen. Rear Front Subframe Control Arms
  19. So I've put up a go fund me and am hoping to get help from you guys! I am turning my 83 wagon into a rally car. Right now I am working on the weight reductions and the suspension. I'm hoping to participate in some races next spring and summer. It would be awesome to have a USMB rally car to get some attention to the forums. If it's allowed I will post the link below. Please tell me if it needs to be removed due to rules. If anyone could lend some time helping me with various things (Ideas on suspension, Ideas on weight reductions and drivetrains that might work with a higher powered EA81. I plan on getting most of the forged parts from RAM. Not sure about which turbo I want but will figure that out when the motor part of the build comes along. Here's the link if anyone wants to throw a few bucks towards this build. Any help at all... Even encouragement is greatly appreciated. http://www.gofundme.com/baja500racecar Any suggestions for body and paint? I am going to research bed liners and possible cover it in a rhino line... If it won't effect air and weight.
  20. Hi all, I'm a long time subie driver looking to buy a new (used) Subaru for travel. All signs so far point to 2003-2004 Outback, potentially H6 with a manual transmission. Also looking into a lift of 1-2 inches for extra clearance, all terrain tires, and potential skid plates. I'm looking for a Subaru that can: -Navigate roads and logging roads in the rockies (Revelstoke, BC) -Haul surfing gear, fishing gear, camping gear, and potentially a Canoe/ Kayak through the Mexican Baja and the Pacific Northwest. -Ability to sleep in the back -Drive through beach sand, snow, some manageable mud, and rocky roads. Looking for any and all info, forester vs outback vs truck comparisons, preferred years, models, and modifications, stories and experience, and whatever other off-road travel information you may have. Cheers and explore more, Ben Driven: 2001 Subaru Legacy GT 2002 Subaru Outback 1999 Subaru Legacy Wagon 2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon (current)
  21. Hello, this is my first time posting here and I'm looking to finally have my own Subaru. Background is as follows: -Learned to drive in my dad's Subaru Bajas (he owned three over the years) -Got a 99 Ford Contour as my first car. Was alright, but had problems. -When I was planning to sell the Contour, I was trying to find a Subaru, but couldn't find one in my price range, so I gave up and tried Volkswagen in the form of an '03 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition (sport suspension and a 1.8L turbocharged engine.) -I'm not a trained mechanic in any way. I'm teaching myself from working on my Jetta and Passat (long story as to why I own two Volkswagens) I was originally planning to turn my Jetta into an all-wheel drive car by importing a parts car in the form of a V6 4motion Bora (name for the fourth generation Jetta in other parts of the world) I've looked at various cars and it seems like Subaru has most of what I'm looking for and appear to be more willing to recieve the things that they don't have that I want, so I want to finally try again at buying a Subaru. The problem is, I don't know which Subaru I should look at. The H6 fascinates me and owning a two Volkswagens with turbocharged engines has me hooked on boost for life. I plan to buy a car that has an H6 OR a turbocharger and swap/add the other one so I can have both. What I'm looking for: -All wheel drive -Turbocharged -Comfortable -H6 engine -DIY friendly I've got it narrowed down to three and have some questions about each. Third generation Legacy sedan: -How is leg room in the back seats? Is it better than a 99.5-05 Volkswagen Jetta? I can't find a third generation Legacy sedan for sale in my area to find out. -If I got this route, I am planning to swap an H6 into this at some point. How much time and money would I likely need to spend on parts other than the engine itself to do this? (Applies to Baja as well) SVX: -How is the EG33 as far as engine reliability and maintenance costs? Are there any common and/or major issues I should be made aware of before buying one? (I know of the transmission issues and have plans for this) -What is a good price to pay for one? I don't mind buying a fixer-upper as long as the frame and body panels are intact and rust-free. -If I want to put some form of forced induction in at some point, how much is it likely to cost me? -Is there anyone in or around Columbus, Ohio who has one that would be willing to let me see it in person and possibly ride (not drive) in it? Baja: (Not as many questions here because of the front-end similarities between the Baja and Legacy and I've been in/drove a Baja before) -I'm aware of the head gasket issues in this car's engine, it claimed my dad's second Baja. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this issue? (Until I can swap the engine out entirely) -Does the Baja turbo have the same head gasket issues? -Are there any significant differences in the engine bay of this car compared to the Legacy/Outback of its time? Questions for all three: -Are these cars more DIY friendly than early 2000's Volkswagens? Everyone tells me that VW is a pain to work on, but these haven't been that hard for me. From what I've seen, Subarus look easier to work on, but I would rather hear it from someone who has worked on them. -How hard is it to find parts for each of these? -If I buy one that has a turbo stock, how many of the turbo-related parts would be able to carry over to turbocharge and H6? -If I were to H6 swap a car, which H6 engines would you recommend? I'm looking for one that will be able to readily swap into a Legacy or Baja that can handle some boost and other modifications.
  22. I own both a Brat and a Baja- I thought this would be a pretty fun project. Enjoy.
  23. Hey all, I'm a new member to the USMB. Last week I picked up my first Subaru, a 2005 Subaru Baja from a dealer who bought it at auction. I'm hoping that it'll work well for these CNY/Upstate NY winters. Just here to say hey and I hope to reach out more as time goes on.
  24. So hello wonderful Subaru people, both Experts and Subie Newbies! I've wanted a Subaru Baja for oh-so-many years and I don't have a car and I have a chunk of change floating my way. I decided to look at Auto Trader and found that in ~400 miles there's a Subaru Baja that potentially has my name on it. It's a turbo 2005 that seems to have no cosmetic defects. It has >180,000 miles on it. A maintenance schedule I found says that the timing belt should be replaced at ~105k, but the Carfax shows that it was only inspected at ~170k with no indicator of replacement. I'm a little hesitant to post where it is and how much it is because I'm really paranoid that someone will buy it out from under me if it's not too good of a deal (but just good enough to take advantage of). What all should I worry about? I've contacted the dealership directly and they say that they recently dropped the price quite heavily. If there isn't anything I should worry about, I really look forward to becoming a deserving member of this amazing forum site!
  25. So I just got my first Subie, honestly it wasn't really the one I had envisioned but I hope it'll still be fun. It's a 2007 Tribeca with the 3.0. So I want to know really what mods are out there for this engine and this car? Tribecas seem to be the black sheep of the Subie family. I'm interested in everything I'll be honest I will have virtually no budget for the next year. I wasn't intending to buy the car now but a semi decided it needed to occupy my space on the highway and I had to make the call. But yeah, engine mods, suspension mods, engine swaps even, turbo kits, any of it. I can weld and machine, and I can write code, and do electronics. body and paint and interiors not so much. I have no access to equipment at the moment but if it helps me mod this car to work well at 14000 ft I can do it. Just help me understand what I can get into. I'm not trying to turn this thing into a baja 1000 racer, but I want to get a bit more than the stock car can give me. Any and all suggestions (aside from ditching the car and just getting a wrx) are welcome.
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