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Found 7 results

  1. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find quite what I was looking for in a search of previous posts. Feel free to redirect me if I've missed an answer to my question in another thread. I replaced the front half-shafts/axles on my '03 Baja with manual transmission about a year and <10,000 miles ago. The boots were torn and it was cheaper to replace the shafts than have a shop do the boots. The job was pretty straight forward and there were no obvious red flags for anything I missed or messed up. Shortly afterward, I get a hard clunk when making a tight turn at low speeds (parking usually) in both direction. It doesn't always do it unless I turn the wheel hard and it feels like the cv joint is binding then releasing. There's no difference between forward or reverse. Two things come to mind. I did not fully remove the spindle assembly because I found that I could work the shafts out of the vehicle without this step. Here's the kicker, I got the replacements from Autozone and paid $70/ea for them, so they could just be crap and I should've known better. Anyone else have a similar experience with cheap replacements or is there something I might have missed in getting these aligned/seated/etc. that would cause this binding? Or am I looking in the wrong place entirely? The spindle nuts were taken to proper torque and the roll pin hole alignment went fine. One front wheel bearing has been replaced and the other has no issue. I'm inclined to order proper parts and swap them out, but want to get a feel for whether I can work this issue out in a simpler way first. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello All - My first post to the forum. I am trying to diagnose a growling noise that I get when accelerating, most prominent in 3-5 gears, over 35 mph. I have read a lot of posts on the web but am sort of confused by conflicting write-ups. Symptoms: When I am accelerating at higher speeds, I get a growling sound in addition to the engine rpms going up. This a deep sounding grrrrr, coming from the front end. If I let my foot off the accelerator, the sounds stops. If I tap the accelerator the sounds will occur again, with every push there is a corresponding grrr... Sound does not seem to change if I am turning in either direction. Some things I have read say that this may be a wheel bearing issue, but then why would it go away when not accelerating. Wouldn't the wheel bearing make noise if the wheel is simply turning? I have also read and saw some youtube vids where they say this would be a high pitched whir sound. Mine is very much a low pitched grrrr sound. I also thought perhaps it might be the cv joint and front passenger axle. Here, I should say my front passenger axle boot is torn and there is some play in the front passenger axle. maybe 2-3 mms of pull on it at the wheel. Not near the diff. Lastly I have read that perhaps my issue is the front differential, which I am hoping it isn't as that seems to be the most expensive. Is there some way to determine what the front differential issues sound like? Any thoughts or advice are highly appreciated. I am mainly stumped one the type of noise sound and when it happens. It is most definitely most pronounce the faster I go. Rarely heard lower then 30mph. Only heard on acceleration. Turning in either direction seems to make no difference. I am planning on replacing the passenger front axle to cure the torn boot issue and movement. I guess that is the best place to start, but if that doesn't seem to sounds like why this noise would occur. please let me know... cheers, Steff
  3. I can't afford to get ripped off by a "dealership" or mechanic so I came to see if I can be a little more informed on whats going on to my 1996 legacy outback. (I love these cars, they are reliable and durable) Thanks so much in advance, and please correct me if I am wrong. So I have been on a road trip for a month or more and I am assuming due to regular mountain and heavy load usage (northern California sharp turning roads) I am now hearing clunking noises every time I steer left coming from the driver side front left tire area usually happens when going 45-65 mph, sometimes when going slower. I've also noticed its happening when I am decelerating or hitting the brakes. When it first hit me I was on the highway going 65 mph and my steering wheel started jerking like never before. I pulled over next town and did some internet research. I came up with a list of possible things it could be: Bad tire alignment steering rack axle ball joints cv shaft cv axle cv joints inner/outer tie rods wheel bearing lower ball joints​ ​I then went under the car and took some pictures, I am not too car savy but enough to do the work myself if it isn't re-building a motor. I need help figuring out what's causing the noise so I don't get ripped off if I have to go to the mechanic. From other forums and posts I have read it seems to be something I definitely need to take care of as soon as possible. The torn boot is in the front left driver side. I have noticed atf fluid leaks and sits in a puddle sometimes (can't be good?) Another angle Torn Steering rack & pinion boot or inner tie rod boot I believe? Another angle of the torn boot This is again the same torn boot, except this time in the photo the steering wheel is turned to the left as far as it can go (this is the way when it makes the clunking noise) It seems to be the Rack and pinion teeth that is being exposed? (This is where I get confused, is this the steering rack and pinion boot or is it the inner or outer tie rod boot? please help) How bad does it look? Again, another angle with the steering wheel turned to the left as far as it can go. CV Axle boot (closest to the wheel) I believe, with the steering wheel turned to the left. Does it look bad? Again, another angle of the CV Axle boot (closest to the wheel) same position. So, what I am thinking it has got to be either a bad CV axle or CV joint? Or a bad inner/outer tie rod and boot. Or a torn Steering Rack & Pinion boot with a bad overall steering rack (Although I hear its rare). I am low on funds and really need to just get down to the nitty gritty of the problem and fix it. What must be done? I need your advice, tips and help. Thank you!
  4. Hello. thanks for stopping by. First I have spent a good hour searching and digging before I posted this thread."pulse" and other terms I could think of brought up a lot of fuel system stuff but not what I feel is going, IE please hold your tongue for " do your own research" type replies. We are a community after all :0D The real thread starts here: 1998 Subaru Legacy Wagon 2.5 AWD automatic trans. I experience a pulse, " whoosh, whoosh whoosh" sound and feeling that picks up and slows down as the vehicle's speed does ( not engine speed, but vehicle speed) It felt to me like it was coming from the front. Things I have done / checked: 1. New tires and balanced ( needed them anyways did not fix issue) 2. checked boots at wheels , Front + back, No rips I could see 3. Checked boots at trans ( front axles ) no visible rips Unrelated recent maintenance since : oil chance fuel filter replaced Air filter service ( K & N type) Any thoughts/ Questions/ links / other threads related would be greatly appreciated
  5. 2000 Impreza outback sport - Manual Transmission 209k miles Hello all - It has been a while since I have been on here, but I know this message board is full of knowledge, and I'm having some trouble diagnosing a speed dependent clicking noise in the drive train somewhere. The clicking started before my last major project, in which i replaced: - All 4 Struts - Steering Rack - Both Tie rod ends - Rebuilt power steering pump - Both Front Axles - Both lower control arm ball joints - 4 New Tires - Transmission fluid (prior to this project, but still recently) Many may immediately jump to CV joint, but noticed the wear from the old damaged ones, and that is no longer noticable with the new axles, so i have ruled those out. The noise is speed dependent, i can feel the clicking in the shift knob, and when the clutch pedal is partially depressed, the noise is significantly louder.it is a relatively fast click - i think it is similar to the sound made when two wheels are off the ground, and you rotate the wheel one direction, and you hear the clicking from the differential. Seems to be speed dependent only and can be heard in any gear. My thoughts are: - Clutch - would a broken finger from the pressure plate cause such a clicking? - Differential - Transmission any help would be greatly appreciated. I do need to drive the car across the country in less than 5 days.
  6. Hi, just bought a Second Generation 1988 Subaru GL 3 door hatchback with the EA 81 engine, dual transmission (4 hi, 4 lo), 4 speed manual transmission. There had been alot of work done to this car about 6-8 years ago (with receipts), and it runs great. When we were changing the spark plugs though, we noticed the passenger front axle inner boot was torn, and we could see where some grease had sprayed out. The axles had been replaced in 2006 along with the wheel bearings and inner tie rods. I'm totally new to subarus and don't know anything about them yet, and just got my first repair manual in the mail (Haynes 1600 & 1800, 1980-1989 years) My question is, can I just replace the inner boot, and how do I know if the CV joint or anything else has been damaged? I just bought this car a few weeks ago, so I don't know exactly how long the boot has been torn. It's running really smooth, no noticeable vibrations, clicking sounds, etc. If that's the case, is it recommended to get an OEM boot from Subaru? I've read bad things about aftermarket boots (dorman, etc). I already found and bookmarked the axle rebuild post, I don't have a shop though, and live in an apartment complex. Plus I'm trying to get this fixed ASAP so that hopefully only the boot needs to be replaced. I don't want to give it the chance to damage anything else, if it hasn't already. Any thoughts/suggestions would be helpful, thanks!
  7. Hello All, It has been awhile. I installed a lift kit that was provided on the other topic. The kit has been cool and works great. I tore a CV boot and removed the axles. I replaced the boot and I can't for the life of me get the strut pulled in far enough to the center to reinstall. What am I missing here? Eric
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