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Found 8 results

  1. I'm new to subaru's I have a 99 forester front differential went. What interchanges? Also its an automatic.
  2. Greetings, We bought this car from an auction house. 99 Legacy Wagon Anniversary Edition, EJ-22 engine runs nice and quiet but powerful enoough. Lovely paint and interior, was probably garaged most of its life. Problem was evident as I drove it home. It's scarey to turn the car except at very low speed. When I turn the wheel, something seems to bind up and buck, in a somewhat rythmic way. The sharper the turn, the more it binds. At 4 mph around a 90 degree turn as in a street intersection, it binds and lets go maybe twice per second. I'm afraid to take a corner much faster for fear of breaking something. The odometer says 73,000 miles. The transmission shows that somebody has been inside. There is silicone on the gasket and the filter is new. I suspect it may have come from another car. The transmission slips a bit tasking off. I looked into replacing the transmission with a used one, but with the labor of doing the R&R, it seemed prudent to spend the money and have the tranny overhauled. It's at the transmission shop now, but the mechanic doesn't want to start the overhaul until he understands what's causing the bucking/binding. As you know, the front differential is part of the transmission. He says there are 37 teeth on the ring gear. My favorite mechanic says there are some with 37, 39, or 41 teeth. It's important for the front and back wheels to turn at the same rate, so the ring and pinion gears muist be the right sizes. So, questions: Is this the likely cause of the problem, or is there another possible issue? What was the original tooth count on the ring gear in the transmission that this car came with from the factory? If the answer is not 37, then should I buy a used transmission? How can I ensure the proper gear ratio if I buy a used one? Many thanks for your thoughts and expertise.
  3. I have a 2012 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport Limited (automatic CVT) that I am having some problems with the front differential. A little background… I was driving fairly aggressive for 1-2 hours and the “AT Temp” light came on. I the slowed the vehicle exited at the next exit (~8 km) and turned it off to cool. The next day I was driving about 70 mph (~110 km/h) when the vehicle had a sudden jerk and vibrated aggressively. The rpms dropped to ~2000 and would not go higher. I pulled over and smelt something burning. The vehicle now makes a grinding clunking sound under the car when putting the foot on the accelerator. It sounds almost like loose grinding wheel bearings and is coming from the diff/transmission area. At first I thought it was the CVT... But I drained the CVT fluid and there were no signs of metal debris and color looked good. I then drained the front differential and there was fine metal debris on the magnet. I put new fluid in and drove the vehicle 25 miles (~40 km). The sound diminished some, but is still there. I drained the fluid again and it was littered with superfine metal flakes smaller then glitter. I found one piece of metal as thin as a razor blade and about 8mm x 3mm attached to the magnet. I planned on selling the vehicle this month prior to the mishap... so I’m trying to determine my options. My brother is a mechanic and we can do the work. The problem is we can’t find a front differential. It seems that everyone wants to sell the differential with the transmission. My question(s) to the forum are: Does this sound like the front differential needs to be completely replaced? Or is it perhaps an easier repair? If replacement its needed… does the transmission also need to be replaced or can a guy just do the diff? Can any more harm be done if I keep driving the vehicle and ignoring the sound it makes? What are the consequences? Much appreciated!!
  4. So the child unit said there was a weird sound coming from her car and it was pulling badly to the left. Pulling all the time. I asked her how long its been going on and she says, "I duno, maybe a month". A month she says. This is the lob limited that I recently (9 months ago) rebuilt the engine in and should have done the trans/diff while I was at it. Turns out I am glad I didnt. Long story short, I found the left front brake mostly seized up putting a constant drag on the left front rotor. There's yr pull. I yanked the caliper rotor pads etc. installed a rebuilt caliper and drove it. Good news, she no longer pulls to the left and stops straight as an arrow. Bad news the front diff/or perhaps its the trans, is whining like a 15 year old at a Bieber concert. Ahhh jeeeeze. Fluids are at appropriate levels. Trans fluid is almost black, varnished. not good. front diff fluid was mostly "ok looking". Some sparkles floating around but no chunks or pieces of bearings . Both front axles rotate freely with no noticeable grinding noises or resistance in either direction of rotation. I refilled the trans with old fluid to test. Jacked all 4 wheels off the ground and supported it in a mostly safe manner. Start er up, drop into drive and the right front, and both rears spin slightly. Left front just sits there, no movement or hesitation/jerking. If I give it some gas left front still motionless while other three spin with increasing speed as you would expect. once the trans shifts into 3rd the front left finally engages and the whine/growl is very pronounced. increases as wheel speed increases. Now I admit I know zero about transmissions and front diffs but it seems to me that the trans and the diff are toast. Opinions? Is there something I have missed or understand incorrectly? Is there an easy(er) fix I have not thought of? As luck has it I do happen to have a spare series tz102z2cba trans sitting in the shed. (doesn't everybody?) Thanks for any advice.
  5. Hello All - My first post to the forum. I am trying to diagnose a growling noise that I get when accelerating, most prominent in 3-5 gears, over 35 mph. I have read a lot of posts on the web but am sort of confused by conflicting write-ups. Symptoms: When I am accelerating at higher speeds, I get a growling sound in addition to the engine rpms going up. This a deep sounding grrrrr, coming from the front end. If I let my foot off the accelerator, the sounds stops. If I tap the accelerator the sounds will occur again, with every push there is a corresponding grrr... Sound does not seem to change if I am turning in either direction. Some things I have read say that this may be a wheel bearing issue, but then why would it go away when not accelerating. Wouldn't the wheel bearing make noise if the wheel is simply turning? I have also read and saw some youtube vids where they say this would be a high pitched whir sound. Mine is very much a low pitched grrrr sound. I also thought perhaps it might be the cv joint and front passenger axle. Here, I should say my front passenger axle boot is torn and there is some play in the front passenger axle. maybe 2-3 mms of pull on it at the wheel. Not near the diff. Lastly I have read that perhaps my issue is the front differential, which I am hoping it isn't as that seems to be the most expensive. Is there some way to determine what the front differential issues sound like? Any thoughts or advice are highly appreciated. I am mainly stumped one the type of noise sound and when it happens. It is most definitely most pronounce the faster I go. Rarely heard lower then 30mph. Only heard on acceleration. Turning in either direction seems to make no difference. I am planning on replacing the passenger front axle to cure the torn boot issue and movement. I guess that is the best place to start, but if that doesn't seem to sounds like why this noise would occur. please let me know... cheers, Steff
  6. hey all this is my first post so bear with me i have a 99 subaru outback wagon with 240000 miles its got a 5 speed transmission. the transmission has always made the typical subaru rattle in 5th gear that stopped when i put my hand on the shifter. lately the transmission has been making weirder and weirder noises whirring and grinding while in gear accelerating or decelerating didnt matter what gear it was in. today i went to back out of my parking spot at work and the car crunched and stopped it almost felt like i had ran over something so i got out and checked and there was nothing there. i pulled forward and it made another crunch then drove fine. the car drives normal but its making god awful whirring and rattling sounds whenever the car is moving even in neutral. i pulled out the dipstick and it looks like one side has been dragged across a grinder and shaved down just a tiny bit. what do you guys think? transmission going bad? front differential bad? is this car gonna kill me if i keep driving it? any input would be greatly appreciated thanks Nate oh the fluid on the dipstick is full
  7. OK, here goes. Have a bad driver side front diff oil seal. Doing the CVs while I'm at it. Background- had a center diff bearing fail (shatter) 20K ago, split the tranny, found the bearing fragments and replaced no problem (also found some other old fragments of hardened metal from something else which failed and was repaired prior to my owning it). Kept the old seals and slid the halves back over the diff seals. Did not reset the backlash with the differential side retainers when it went back together (pops reassembled while I was at work, he couldn't help himself). Must I pull the trans to do this job like the manual calls out, or can I simply pull the side retainer, swap the seal & O-ring and reinstall the side retainer to the same exact point (indexing its original position/turns)? If I must pull the trans its all good, have all the necessary tools/equipment.
  8. Hi all, I purchased a certified pre-owned Subaru Impreza with 40,000 miles a month ago. I've only put 500 miles on it and just noticed that it seems like it hunts for gears at times and there is a distinct, but very quiet, whining coming from the front dif area. It is my understanding that Subaru's manufacturer warranty transfers automatically? I also believe the front dif should be covered by the powertrain warranty, which I should still be covered by? Looks like the previous owner may have had an issue with this as in digging through the glove box and owners manual I found he had folded up two (unmarked/un-filled) appeal forms and an envelope pre-addressed to Subaru of America. I work odd hours and am basically chained to my desk until late this evening, after my dealer closes. (I did already call them and notify them that I am having a problem, which may have been a mistake as I won't be able to bring the vehicle in today..... :X) I'm thinking I will drop the car off the day after Christmas since they are closed Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Is this okay for me to wait on, from a warranty standpoint? I'm not really that worried about the dif, it's a very faint whine but I'd rather nip it in the bud. I also have a service contract that I purchased through the dealer, so don't want to mess anything up with that either. Not sure if waiting to bring the car in voids anything? Any input is appreciated! I've always bought super old Subies in the past so I've never had a warranty!
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