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  1. CTS is only a $9 part so Good place to start ! Don't have tools for Compression test, 108 miles for parts store :0/ Pulled one plug at a time during idle. At idle anyways it is running on all 4. Will try the CTS unplug When I get back to the vehicle ( replaced it 2016) On OBD 1 how would one check for codes ? Thanks If air filter is removed completely behavior is the same. Cleaned K&N type. If I disconnect MAS it dies completely ( any leads for economical replacement to test ? ) Thanks for all the Advice, will Post back once I have given the suggested remaining checks a go !
  2. Thanks, You remind me, worth mention, No Exhaust from just before the cat . Car has not had a cat in three years either :0P Timing belt is exposed as I run this car, ( replace it often out of paranoia one winter, then one summer and they look rough up here) Will take a look at it when I hike back to the car. Thanks again for the response and looking forward to more thoughts and ideas as those interested have them
  3. Here it is dead of winter in the interior of Alaska, and I am having some issues with my loved 93 legacy ( my normal winter ride) So if you have interest, time, and the heart to take a look and think with me I would be thankful. Recently Regardless of temperature -10f to 28f she will not go anywhere under acceleration, jump kind of bog down and sputter. She will Rev up out of gear, but in gear she sputters pops and sounds like an old man trying to breath. If due to flat surface / down hill she can get up to speed without load and get rpms up in gear it does better, but the next hill still puts me coughing and weazing on the shoulder at 1-3 mph. Some basic info. 5w30 full synthetic ( full syn needed for my temps in winter) coolant level full at 70% mix ( we saw -58 last winter strong mix needed) trans in vehicle about 10k miles with about 60k total miles on trans. ignition coil, plugs, and wires replaced within last three years and maybe 15k miles Here is a video of the symptoms when they are mild: https://youtu.be/2g5ZnoW610o
  4. So since a quick search revelaed nothing on " tow bar" figured it was OK to start a thread. Figured with plenty of friend's who have trucks, and genrally doing all sorts of stupid things it would be a good idea to have tow bars on my subarus. Seems like it would make it a lot easier to get home if a buddy with a super duty could just hook up and tow me home VS calling a tow. ( at 300 miles between major towns tows get expensive) So the question : Anyone use a harbor freight tow bar on their Subaru ? I plan to use one on my 1993 2.2 legacy and my 1998 subaru outback legacy. This is the product I am looking at: http://www.harborfreight.com/5000-lb-capacity-adjustable-tow-bar-94696.html Thanks for looking and contributing. ( open thread so long as relatively on topic its good :0D )
  5. Don't have a place to work yet, and in break up there is nothing but mud and ice. So bit the bullet and took it to a locally recommended subaru mechanic. $1700 later I have it back but smell coolant burning on the 50mile drive home :0/ will keep you all updated. Also have some awesome Northern light photos to share when my card reader comes in the mail :0D
  6. Just for fun Update, Tried the same trip with my 98 / ej25, ended in head gasket failure and a u haul tow into Alaska :0P If anyone lurking has a end all Brand for the 2.5 l I would be thankful to know the brand so as to avoid this job a second time ( My old plans for ej22 swap may be off due to cost of getting good JDM shipped up here)
  7. So in short this is a road trip thread, and a thank you to all the forum members who have helped me keep this car alive, and prepare for this trip. She has gone from Montana to Arkansas to kentucky, To california, then to Washington, and most recently from washington to Alaska! Please note I only got pictures from Cali to Alaska , and neglected to take pictures from Cali to to wash while in my 98, ( this bit to address the trolls and knit pickers) Again. Thanks to all for the help I have been given keeping this car alive,
  8. pre 95 they are not shared :0( awesome and thank you
  9. Hello, I am trying to hook up a 4 pin trailer light kit to my 93 Subaru legacy. I have Probed out: Break light Turn indicator ( both sides) and Running lights. The questions I have ( and have searched for) are : -The 4 pin setup lists the break and turn signals as the same single connection, but when I probe the plugs to the tail lights, The brake light and the turn signal wires are not on together for either function. How would one go about wiring this ? ( right now I have it wired for running lights and turn signals) -Is there a wiring harness somewhere further back I should be tapping into vs right at the tail lights ? The Wiring kit I have simply says : " Wiring guide Green wire to right turn / stop Yellow wire to left turn / stop Brown wire to tail lights White Ground" Thanks for any help with the issue directly or being pointed to a thread video or image I was not aware of,