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  1. Yep... After YEAR and YEARS are salvaging, finding old NOS staches and parting out cars we came across, here we are now with MORE than we would EVER use! I'm down to one Gen 1 wagon. (78 DL yellow automatic, cream puff wagon that is my keeper!). I know what I will need to keep this car on the road, (with a little extra for cushion) and the rest needs to go to others. Parts do no good just sitting in boxes FOREVER! (and with a big move after 30 years in the same house, I have to thin out)! I'm not in a rush, but I will be adding stuff to eBay as I can. (Paul has some great stuff too)!!!!
  2. So much work and then have to do it over! I just never had "inner" noise before, now I know what it is.
  3. Positive..... No noise issue prior to change. It was just a torn inner boot.
  4. Good informations guys and much appreciated! I like the idea of rebooting, without taking the axle out, (if seized). I forgot to mention that the sound is also related to the suspension movement of up and down. As the wheel bounces from the road, the sound changes.
  5. Car: 1995 Impreza 2WD/FWD 5 speed 1.8 75K on the car. History: Had to replace a CV axle due to a boot tear. The axle was "seized" into the hub. I had to pull the entire assembly and take it to the shop. Even the professions at the drivetrain shop could not press it out. I replaced the hub/spindle and had new high quality bearings pressed into it, bought an O'reilly's rebuild axle and installed it all. Issue: I have since this repair had this rhythmic/speed related knocking from that side. It does not appear to be outer CV noise that is typical in a worn out outer joint. ( I know that noise well). It's a uniform sound and the tone does not change ....just the speed. It seems to match tire rotation speed. It sounds more like inner joint. It's less obvious when the car is warm, after a few miles. No drivability issues, just noise. It's not getting worse and I have 1500 miles on the car since this repair. Noise is much louder with "medium" accelerator applied" and turning sharply to the right and if you turn sharply to the left, (even with power) noise disappears. It NEVER makes a noise even in turns, when no power is being applied. NONE. It's power applied related. Inner CV seems to feel a wee bit loose on the tranny splines, even though the pin is in there and all is assembled well. Could this be the tranny differential? I 'm thinking I will just pull and replace the axle and see if that eliminates it. So frustrated! Thanks!!!!
  6. This is exactly what was happening to my 95 Impreza. The cowl plug/pin was indeed right over the fan intake. The plastic plug deteriorates with age and then leaks.
  7. So you think this part is # 13256 ? ("Spring valve rocker") Looks to be 4 per side.
  8. Can I ask another quick question?? This same car is OBD2, although it's an early 1995. When reading the computer, EGR and CAT are never ready. I have read that they will never be ready on these early cars. Is that just normal. Car runs fine, no issues. Passed emissions like brand new, (tailpipe sniffer)
  9. Thanks everybody! I have to do valve cover gaskets soon anyway and will look closely for the other half. Will it cause problems on the shaft with it missing?
  10. I just changed oil in my 95 Legacy 2.2 AWD 105K . I decided to stick my finger in the drain hole to see if there was any crud on the bottom of the pan. I felt this loose object! I placed a magnet rod in the hole and picked up what is pictured. What is it? I have had the car since 1999 and there is no issue with the engine. This may have been in the pan for many years. It is steel and has a slight uniform bend in it....it's a perfect 1/2 circle. Ideas? Anything to now worry about all of a sudden? Todd
  11. Thanks much for the feedback...yes, it's "truckland" here. I'm so over it!! LOL
  12. Yes, the exhaust parts are crazy at dealers! We really need the front downpipe, (Next to turbo) and the midpipe/cat. (In front of the ebay part you sent). We found a really nice front downpipe from a manual XT and we "think" that will also work on the automatic. Your thought?