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  1. Some great suggestions! I like the one of just getting, (yes, another car for a beater. The last thing I need is another car)! Maybe I should just stay in TX! Why is it that other states like Colorado have winter, yet don't use salt?????? What years did Subaru start using rear inner wheel well liners? (I know my 2005 Outback has them).
  2. Yes, the Impreza's are the same design. I am surprised that this was not a recall! I am also surprised that even in the south, that they still did not rust. Even without the salt. I will have to take a look up in the towers....clean it well and seal it before they get exposure. I may just get a winter beater to save my Subis. Also....how long does salt stay on roads after application. Can you drive safely on dry roads in the winter? How long into the spring is all the salt residue all gone? Will look at the HF cameras.
  3. Hey guys.... I have recently relocated my 2 1995 Imprezas from Texas to our 2nd Pennsylvania home. (One will never be driven in the winter). These cars are like new and don't have a spot of rust anywhere. It seems that the Subarus I have seen in PA of my vintage, have the interior/outboard shock tower rust through, allowing in water and salt and then rusting the body near the wheel arch. Is there anyway, besides washing frequently in the rear shock towers to prevent this rust issue? Now the car will not be driven in every snow storm, but might be driven in one or 2 a year. Thanks for your suggestions. TODD
  4. Looking for skilled SUBARU mechanic in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX. Specifically, looking for exhaust and various issues that need attention on a 2005 Outback XT (Turbo) Thanks! Todd subaru3@aol.com
  5. Sell it Paul!
  6. SUBARU3

    Just joined! 2.6.2018

  7. Ya know...you can call me!
  8. Thanks guys.... I appreciate the feedback!! I will post an update when I get the new valves.
  9. GD you are absolutely correct! I'm so used to 134A cars that I forgot this was converted. That is why there are 2 schraders, one original and one in the conversion valve. I will replace the conversion valves. Time will tell!
  10. Does anyone know where I can locate the correct schrader valves for a 1991 Legacy's AC service valves? There are actually 2 valves in the low side service port. I have a continuing leak from this port. I cannot locate any part #s for these. Thoughts? Thanks Todd
  11. My 95 Impreza 2.2 auto/AWD is OBD2 and has a plug.
  12. DALLAS FORT WORTH, TEXAS Hey guys...cleaning out and I have a pile of stuff headed to the trash....but it's all serviceable stuff. Mostly Gen 1 stage 2 BRAT/Cars. Must take it all and you throw away what you don't want. Pick up in Euless. email me @ subaru3@aol.com https://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/zip/6285581592.html
  13. No...gen 1 dealer install AC has been vacuum actuated on all Gen 1s I have had. It depends on the kit that was installed. Kit's were regional and some differed. (York, vs Sanden for example) The kit's also evolved from late 77 thru 1981 and became better and more upgraded toward the end of the production run.