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  1. Hard to believe that the tire is that much higher! Not much space now after looking. Thanks guys!
  2. Actually now found a 2008 with 77K on it for 3K Opinions on that one? I'm spooked about ANY of these newer Subaru engines!! I want reliability like I'm accustomed to with the EA71 EA81 and the EJ22 (up to 1996) Seems like all the newer engines are just fragile!
  3. I'm trying to figure out if I can run 16" wheels, with 205/60-16" tires on this car. I currently have 16" rims and 205/55-16" tires and I have no problem. but I'm told they are the MAX size I can use. Can I go a bit bigger?? I just found a hell of a deal on the larger tires! Todd
  4. Found a super clean 2003 Legacy L sedan with 89K on it. Seems near mint. Is 4K a good price? My biggest fear is the 2.5 SOHC engine. Reliable? When do the head gaskets go on these usually? Thanks Todd
  5. Thanks guys! I think Subaru always did best with their basic engines 4 cyl/non turbo...EA71/81 EA82 EJ18/EJ22 (90s) and some versions and years of the 2.5s.
  6. Starting to look at some of Subaru's 6's. Any thoughts on reliability, repair costs, typical failures? 2002 3.0 liter? 59K 2008 and newer ? Thanks for your feedback! Todd
  7. After looking at a 2005 Outback, it appears that the inner liner on the rear completely protects the shock tower. That shock tower vulnerability on earlier models causes many an early death!
  8. Also looks like you will need to cut some damage out and replace some strips of metal.
  9. YES...get that foam out of there! Clean, sand and treat. Then primer and paint/multiple coats. Use butyl tape on that seam to seal those new fenders I'm going to sell you!!
  10. The 90s Legacy and Imprezas had a fill panel that was on the exterior side of the shock tower. (Non structural) It rusted out faster than anything else, letting water in and rotting the quarter panel. But still not sure how much a liner can protect the shock tower. It's just sad to see this damage on nearly every NORTHERN Suby, yet the southern ones are perfect. (Like mine)
  11. Could someone tell me what year and models did Subaru start adding rear wheel well liners? 2005? It seems that the cars with these liners seem to survive more winters, "rust free" vs earlier models that suffered rear shock tower rust. Are the inner liners making that much difference? Todd
  12. I will have to look at the oil process. Sadly, I have to use a car in the winter. I will bubble wrap the others in winter! LOL
  13. Currently, the car is rust free and solid. They are Texas cars and have not had winters. My plan was to get this coating prior to any rust starting. I'm wanting something better than stock undercoating.