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  1. 473k!!!! WOW. Always good to have spare electronics if you plan on keeping a car long term.
  2. Hey there...sorry I missed your post. I replaced the TCU and it corrected everything. I see that is that is what you are doing in your other post. Todd
  3. 1995 Legacy sedan AWD LS Is there a difference in the rear brake disk calipers, (besides left and right) between a sedan and a wagon/outback? I'm thinking the bare caliper is the same and its just the mounting bracket that differs. Finding conflicting information...whets new...:) Thanks Todd
  4. Yep...you guys are right!! Time to put the 155 80R13" on this car from my 78 wagon!
  5. It could also be just the optics on this car, as like was said, the opening on the front wheel well is so much larger.
  6. I appreciate your feedback...I would be pissed if I spend the time and money and it looked the same! Just weird, as I don't remember it looking low, but then again, I never looked that close. So if I wanted a "visual" height increase, would Outback springs/struts fit? (Or would that be too high and look weird)?
  7. Are the Outback wagon springs able to be used on the AWD sedans? Will that add some height?
  8. I thought that the lowered rear posture was most-likely from worn springs and or struts. This is strictly a road car, but a firmer rear might not hurt. This is a TX car, so no rust and it has only 106K on it. I guess I'm hearing that I should just renew the struts with KYB, retain the old springs and maybe redo the soft parts of the assembly. If it's that easy to compress the rears, I can do that I guess.
  9. OK...I looked at Primitive racing and sadly, I cannot justify the pricing for these. Over $300 for springs alone, but struts and other assembly components pushes this to over $1000 for just the rears. This is a great car and a daily driver, but the car alone is worth only a few thousand, even with the condition and low mileage. What are the other options for a "good quality", (Not junk) complete strut assembly that I can have delivered ready to install? I want to simple level the car. Car has 106K on it. Thanks!
  10. That's what I figured. These just showed up when I was buying cat food!! LOL. Thanks for the quick feedback!
  11. Are these things pretty easy to install and do they work? I need to boost the rear of a 95 Legacy sedan. These popped up and I was wondering if they might work on the original struts with 105K. Struts are fine...just saggy. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076KWYF34/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_5?smid=A3H0Q55MMMNUGX&psc=1