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  1. Yes, just the rockers.... (Actually need only one side too, but if you have both...great)!
  2. 1993-99 Impreza's and 1995-1999 Legacy's Hey guys.... just curious, is the rubber trim (that is pushed on the rear wheel, arch lip), is a significant cause of, or risk for rust formation? I have 3 of these cars and all are TX cars with no rust. 2 of these have been relocated to Pennsylvania for occasional use and will not be driven much in winter conditions. (I want to prevent this rear and I'm starting with knowledge and a rust free car). I see these same cars in PA with the typical rear rust and it's just sad! I know about the rear shock tower plate that rusts and allows water in, but I was wondering about the rubber trim. Should it be removed?
  3. Would you sell just the rocker assemblies? Is it a parts engine?
  4. I am looking for a Gen 1 glove box part. It's the simple "arm " that screws onto the glove box door and inserts into the front of the frame. It keeps and supports the glove box door from bending open too far. It's just a flat/curved piece of steel. Anyone? Send me your price and stamp to 76039 Much appreciated, Todd
  5. So I need a 90-95 I guess. Good information! Thanks guys.
  6. Anybody got an old 2.2 engine laying around? Looking to buy a ...1995 EJ22 Roller valve rocker assembly.. left and or right. Impreza Legacy. I think 1990s to about 1997 are all the same. Let me know your price! subaru3@aol.com Todd
  7. I believe they are taken...I will post when they are out the door.
  8. I have 2 rear windows (glass only), for ANY gen 1 or gen 2 SUBARU wagon. HATCH GLASS. They have defrosters grids and are in nice shape. FREE for the shipping. OR pick up in Dallas, FT Worth. I just have too many! Remember that the VW super beetle rubber seal will work on these hatches! email: subaru3@aol.com
  9. SUBARU3

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    JONV 23 Where did you acquire this BRAT? It look very much like my old one from TX. Is that a 1980? Message me....subaru3@aol.com