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  1. Did some tinkering and tried a few things. No more code. Now it dies out when driving and the clutch is depressed like when you shift to neutral to coast to a stop n such. Maf or idle control maybe? I feel like I'm chasing ghosts here.....
  2. Mikaleda - do you have experience with seafoam products? I honestly don't know much about the seafoam additives... also spoke with a mechanic that suggested using the 44k fuel additive? Any thoughts?
  3. We put a brand new coil pack on cyl3 and that didn't resolve it. It's a 2.5l motor w/ turbo
  4. No oil in the boot. Slightly more build up and crud on cyl3 plug than the other three...
  5. Done more research. I found Restore would be a better route if it comes to that. Miles: 113040 Problem: Po303 code. so far... spark plugs replaced. Coil and injector replaced on cyl3 chasing a ghost here. Funds are tight. Trying to fix the issue with minimal spending but running out of ideas.
  6. Also reading and watching some pretty interesting things for Restore - Engine restore and lube https://youtu.be/YvyYkW42yOc
  7. the CEL is steady. We live clear out in B.F.E. and mechanics around here are flipping ridiculous when it comes to pricing. One mechanic told me to run 44k through the fuel system??? Maybe?? The Rislone stuff is supposed to be a fixer-upper that coats, and re seals basically
  8. .....so who here has used it and did it work? Our budget is so tight but we really really need to get our 06 baja to run with out giving us the same P0303 code and every mechanic I talk to says compression test but not sure we can afford that at the second and we need to figure out something affordable now.... suggestions for a fix on this???
  9. Not as of yet. We were contemplating that option but I wanted to see what other options we have to look at on this before hand.
  10. My husband and I own a 2006 Baja w/ turbo. It has run great for a while, has some past issues that we thought were resolved shortly after purchase. We were currently debating on trading in for a newer subie that fits our needs better but have hit a major snag. It started throwing codes at us. We have gotten the PO303 code with no luck chasing down the issue. We changed the spark plugs, ran great for a few days, then code repeat. Change coil, ran fine for a few days, code repeat. Replaced cyl3 injector, ran good for a day. Then once again, code repeat. We have chased every rabbit hole we can think of and it seems to fix the problem for a very short period then poof, back to square one. My husband even tried unhooking the exhaust to to see if maybe we were catching the code from something in the cad converter. No luck. Now its back to doing exactly what it did when we first got the code. Rough idle, but has now acquired the problem of dying out when the clutch is depressed..... Any ideas or approaches you folks can think of? We dont have the money to dump a lot into this trying to chase down every possibility, but unless we have it running well, we have nothing to trade in to get even close to getting what we were after. Questions, comment, ideas are so very welcome and this point.... we have become extremely stressed over this issue.....
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