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Found 13 results

  1. Hey yall!So I've got a 1999 Legacy Outback Limited, This was my fathers car before he passed away and I want to make it more off-road capable for camping and above average trails. At first I was wanting to go hard with a big 2.5 inch lift, however from what I've heard because I have a 2.5 automatic I'm going to be losing power and more prone to breaking things because of the larger wheels and transmission / cv being angled different from stock.My buddy has a 2017 Jeep Wrangler and it got through this trail in Nelson Nevada no problem completely stock with 8.3 inches of ground clearance, the trail really isn't too bad but towards the end its got some pretty funky dips and rocks, that the better approach angle of the jeep makes it easier to go through.https://www.lasvegasjeeptrails.com/jeep-trails/Lake-Mohave-Area/Fire-Mountain-Cove/I basically want my Subaru to be capable of running the same road for camping and stuff.I'm thinking since the stock Subaru comes with 7.3" inches of clearance already, besides the approach angles being worse because of the front and rear bumper of the outback, would a 1" lift or forester struts and stiffer springs and going from 26.3" tire diameter to 27.7" tire do the trick and get me to over 8.5" clearance?I figure if I can at least get to where the jeep is stock ill be golden.any advice on if I should even lift it or not is always welcome and how much should I lift? what kind of tires? what kind of struts and springs, is it worth swapping to an H6 for more power?also when it comes to power how much do I have to worry about losing power when lifting the outback, I want to throw camping gear in here and a full size spare as well and roof rack and all that. do I have to worry about that?I've read that the extra weight / Rotational mass affects the power quite a bit. what should I expect power wise from stock to 1 inch up to 2 inches, how much less camping gear or weight can it handle and still make it down the trail without ruining my transmission?thanks yall anything helps!!
  2. Hey guys I'm I'm need of advice ASAP I'm trying to narrow down what the problem.is in hopes of not ordering parts I dont need, I have a video to show you what's going on. Thanks in advanced
  3. Might have time for an off-road drive this time in C'Springs . But, I have no mods and will be on all-seasons. Just wondering if there's anything for flatlanders that might get them a little more rugged scenery , without needing a winch or a shovel or a buddy with recovery straps. Not that I, personally, wouldn't love an adventure - but the wife would like to keep her car greasy side down - and we need it to drive back to Tejas.
  4. I recently was given a 78 Subaru Brat, which i am already in love with. I have a few plans for this thing needless to say. My first and foremost project is to build the lift kit for it. Now i have read every single thread there is on lifting a gen 1 brat, trust me, but i still need help. i have all the materials i need for a 5 inch drop lift and 6 inch strut spacers, but i am just wondering if anybody has block specs or maybe just some last minute advice? This thing is never going to be my daily driver, i have a full size Chevy for that so it doesn't need to be comfortable on the highway just somewhat safe. My brat sat in about 9 inches of mud on the side of a road for just about 20 years before i got it, and before that it was not treated well, so its really rough. But it will be perfect for an off-road toy! all i did was drain the fluids out of this thing, put new fluids in, clean spark plugs, put a new fuel pump, coil, and air filter on it and it started up perfectly and runs like new surprisingly! The transmission is pretty noisy, but it's getting quieter the more i drive it. The previous owner decided to spray red primer right over the old paint 20 years ago, and that's why it looks as bad as it does, its not rust. I will keep you guys updated with any new progress! Mine is the red/blue one in the pictures needless to say.
  5. Any one going this year I'm dragging my loyale down again this year last year in the forester sucked this year is different for me though instead of runing around trying to get my car together I'm gona run it as is I'm Gona trailer it down throw all my spare parts in the truck and repair as needed and spend my time working on my house right on the edge of the park by soggy lake I can almost see the northern most hammer trails from the house the property touches the park on 3 sides so I can go wheelin right out my front door Im stoke on the loyale for this year with all the porting and custom intake manifold and free flowing exuast the thing is running like a mad dog right now and I've got some new all terains for it and a 2ft light bar It should be fun out there I just have to patch the front bumper I over loaded my trailer and was moving it over logs boards and bumpers and other car parts and I bent the reciver part all up aperently my bumper couldn't handle the 2000lb tongue wait of the unbalanced car hauler being forced over 6x6s it held but it just makes me wounded if its strong enuff for the big winch if I get pinched in somewhere and have to winch at a wiered angle so I'm Gona add some gussets and a safety chain to it just in case and try not to move any more unballenced loaded car trailers and see how it goes my only prep this year is a tire change and a bumper repair Should only be a days work which is good because I only have a few more free days before I leave
  6. I have a 2001 outback that i want to get more clearance on. i hear you can swap in forester struts from newer years that will give you about an extra inch or so and then add star spacers to get it higher. i just can't seem to find any information on it. is this the easiest way to get more clearance? I'm driving to mainland mexico from washington state this summer and want to get my rig more adventure ready. i want to get different bumpers as well. any help would be killer! thanks
  7. NorthCoast


    Just thought I would share a fun project that TSSFab has got going on right now. A few of you have seen some of the pics but I figured I would throw it out there for everyone. Pics aren't necessarilly in order for the first post but I'll keep the updates coming as they happen. Rear Front Subframe Control Arms
  8. Ive been working on this buggy on and off for just over a year now. Its nowhere near done, and wont be anytime soon. It started as a 4 door 2000 2.5RS Impreza, and mechanically still is (dont let the 02 tails fool ya.. I just like them). Other than a slightly tweaked engine from the previous owner (bored, decked, 3-angle valve, port & polish, high compression pistons ). Ive also modified some stock 04 forester struts w/ 300lb front & 175lb rear 2.5" coilover springs. Current cost is just over $2k. Just passed emissions 2 days ago.
  9. Hey everyone I know you can find small simple ways all over these forums for adding/releasing power from ea82 turbo engines, but what I want to do is compile all the mods for improving the efficiency/power output from mostly stock ea82t's My '87 GL (push-button 4wd 5 speed) EA82T modifications/improvements -'03 STI Top Mount Intercooler -2.5" straight piped all the way back off turbo (stock up-pipe)(stock turbo) -opened air box (noticeable improvement) Any other mods that I can do/will do, I'll update my post and tell everyone how it works out and performs And please don't say to EJ it... heard that enough already haha if I didn't want to keep my EA82T I wouldn't be posting a forum about improving it (: Thanks for any input!!
  10. ferp420

    carnage pics

    i was serching around and found a very old pics thread of parts broken offroad u thought since this section of the forum is so slow i think its time for a new carnage / trail fix thread alittle who when where and why would be cool to side wall banger nothin a few tire plugs couldent fix bent rim nothin a bfh cant handle amazingly enuff it held air after i straitend it all happend at the carnagie ohv park i riped my bumper apart pulling a stuck jeep out of the sand i just bent it back the best i could and straped it up till i got home then i reinforced it heres the vidieo of me breaking the bumper there are of course the many many broken axels but we all know what they look like
  11. I was thinking about redrilling my hubs to 4x110. I have a couple extra pairs of atv wheels, some are 4x156 and some are 4x110. Do you guys think it'd be anything near safe to try and do? I don't know how I'd go about doing it, I'm assuming in between the original studs? I'm a cheapo, I know, but this is a trail only rig so there isn't a dot worry or a rims blowing up worry, and I want to be able to use atv tires, I mean imagine having some black mamba tires on a brat!
  12. more likely than you think! http://www.lonestarrallycross.com/
  13. I'm driving my 2013 Subaru Outback up an 8 mile dirt road to the top of a mountain where I live. I do this pretty much twice a day, to and from work to go up and down the mountain to the pavement and on another 40-50 miles to work and back. I've got Continental tires now and have had them for about one year (bought my Outback in 2012), moved up here to the Ozarks and have been driving like the above said for a year. I've got about 23k miles on the outback now, and it seems that the treads are now going and I'm getting a hole every other week from rocks etc. What with this being the case I have now been looking into getting some better tires, however am running into the difficulty of finding a good off roading tire that is in a smaller ply. I'm told all I can go to is a 5ply. I have no idea where to start, what the recommended brands are or who has the best pricing on the. Moseyed to this forum for your guys' help. Please give me some suggestions. The tire size on the car currently is 1225/60 R 17 98T. Really what I am looking to find is a good tire that I can keep longer than 20k miles. Again Please Help!
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