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  1. ferp420

    Fitting 14 in wheels

    i know toyota and chevy wheels fit i dont see why datsun wheels wouldent maybe use that thing that streaches out of some kinda of box that has a bunch of numbers on it that magicly gets bigger when you pull on it ive herd some people use them to see if stuff fits before they actualy try to fit something just a thought though sorry no real help there
  2. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    they did but not anymore i already cut the hay out of it and installed some sweet flairs no more rubbing the terain out here dosent get any ruffer but im not gona try to go up the back door or any of the hammers trails not with this one to be honest i went out to play tiny trucks i was just out messin around in my back yard but i couldent resist playin in the dunes i can post a vid of the tiny trucks jumping off the dunes if ya want
  3. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    i finnely got this rig finnished and got a chance to get out and do some dune running theres one dune i went off i dident think i was even gona make it up so i hit it hard well i made it up and then some lol you can see the hang time in the video the car goes up then hanges there before the front end drops and lands relatively smooth on the back side all and all it was a fun day out air at the 5 min mark
  4. ferp420

    '91 Loyale Front End EA82

    dude weld a bolt in to a piece of pipe and smash the other end done or bend the old one back in to shape and sleave it done thats a easy fix i riped the mounts off the body on my loyale lol now the entire set up is adjustable and that rod is about 3ft long with rod ends on both ends
  5. i use chevy sockets or what ever i have laying around the housings need slight modification but thats what i did
  6. you could pull a axle and run a stubb in its place but its not a on the fly type of deal they have these new extended axles with a slip built in to it they change much faster but you might not be able to find one for the ea81
  7. ferp420

    Dim Passenger Headlight

    did you check never mind lol
  8. ferp420

    Ignition timing help

    it sounds like one of your timing belts is a tooth off 19 sounds about right thats about what my 5" lifted loyale got last time it was on the road it was actualy cheaper to tow it with the diesel to were i wanted to wheel it than drive it there lol
  9. ferp420

    Inline 4 ?

    ive seen that it actualy works pretty good and you get all kinds of gears to play with about 30 of them lol
  10. ferp420

    Ignition timing help

    you can time it staticly with the engine off key on that will get you vary close if that dosent fix it look at your timing belts you might be a tooth off on one side dose the engine get warm at all 22mpg isent bad thats better than i get with my loyale its still higher than the epa rating of 18 city 21 hyway if i remember corectly so i dont know how much better your gona get
  11. ferp420

    Dim Passenger Headlight

    check your fuses i had that problem and couldent figure out why one was dim and the other was good then i lost my tail lights and while trying to fix that i found a burnt fuse i thought was for the rear but it was the headlight dont ask me why it was still getting power but it was new fuse nice bright headlights i think theres a bit of a back feed from one headlight to the other
  12. ferp420

    Inline 4 ?

    you would need the entire subframe from the doner car and like sead above some mad fab skills you would mostlikly need a laydown style engine like a vw or a toyota van motor a toyota or honda or nissan are more upright except the van toyota layed it down under the front seats threse just not alot of virticle clearence ov course if you lift it there would be more room or if you cut a hole in the hood anything will work im gona try and shoe horn a 260 v8 in a loyale someday lol
  13. ferp420

    EA82 Axle Rebuild

    i used to rebuild cvs for pepboys and autozone i rebuilt these day in day out i just clamped them and smacked them however the last time i tryed that i couldent get it to pop i ended up using a 6ft piece of pipe over the threaded end and just put some waight on it and they came apart puting them back together is another challange just clean it and reboot it if its that hard to get apart its probably ok if theres damage like a cracked cage or worn balls it will pop off with little effort also you can go through the cup and accsess the c clip on the end of the shaft but you have to pop the sheet metal plug out of the end of the cup but i only recamend that if the cup is already damaged you can replace the plug but its hard to get too after its put together and silicone boots are a must if you want the rebuild to last
  14. ferp420

    EA82 "Hail Mary" pass repair

    gd i would hope and i know ya do know what can be rebuilt and what cant a parts jockey might not know that and try to rebuild it anyway resulting in burning oil that might account for your better results still if its bad enuff to need rings its gona need to be honed if its not that bad then it dosent need rings or honing other wise your replacing a part that dosent need replacing i can see why a shop would do it anyway though and if the cylinders are still round ie you can still see the hone marks from the factory all the way through the cylinder than its not gona need rings or a honing but you could at that point replace the rings with out honing but why if its pear shaped its never gona seal and needs to be replaced but ether reboring and or honing should get a few thousand more miles out of it before scaping it not realy a job for a shop but a shade tree can do it cost effectively with good results
  15. ferp420

    EA82 "Hail Mary" pass repair

    if the cylinders are bad enuff to need rings there bad enuff to need a honing in my mind anyway i dont know how any ring is gona seal a pear shaped hole but i do know it can be sanded in to any shape ive always worked under the if you build with junk dont exspect it to last vary long school of thought it would be a interesting exsperiment to pull one apart rering it and hone one side and see which side burns more oil do the exsperament with say 5 engines