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  1. loose radiator mounts maybe i would guese lower mounts
  2. ferp420

    Is this EA82T head junk?

    if it was mine i would do a mild port on it and see if that crack would buff out that casting looks nasty
  3. ferp420

    Penny race anyone?

  4. ferp420

    Help Please.

    it still sounds like its firing on the wrong stroke have you pulled the valve cover to check the valves to varify its on the compresion stroke
  5. ferp420

    Help Please.

    are you sure #1 plug on the dizy is realy were #1 plug should be maybe the fireing order is a hole off
  6. ferp420

    Help Please.

    is it posable the distributer is 180° out ive had issues like that on vws before
  7. ferp420

    Engine cylinder head stains

    that would get tricky in the car you could do it but gravity wont help in the car take the engine out its easy enuff i used to change motors for my smog test the mongral had to come out and the stocker back in with stock exhaust then after the smog test back in with the monster and custom exhaust its kinda like doing a tune up its so easy
  8. ferp420

    Engine cylinder head stains

    you can surface the block the same way you do the heads
  9. ferp420

    Engine cylinder head stains

    those stains are head gasket residue the head probably isent flat or it would be more even check out this thread on diy head resurfacing cant hurt anything to give it a try ive had realy good luck doing this my self and not much different than how we did it in the shop in the olden days
  10. ferp420

    Rear axles

    use a left rear it will work fine lol there are some options if you want to build your own axles but stock ones are still easy to find check ebay the rear diffs are mostly interchangeable with minor modification usualy just need a stub shaft change or maybe the diff itself but the wheel side is were things start to change theres alot of thr3ads about axles and there interchangeabulity what fits what and the different rigs they go on
  11. it dident take me 5 months but my ea82m was in and out more times than i can count when i was exsperamenting with home made copper headgaskets damb i miss that engine
  12. are you sure its been a while since i did my head work i must be thinking v8 double springs but i still install my subaru springs by hand i have 3set of heads im working on now ej set one ford deisel set and one cheavy diesel set lol its been years since ive even looked at a ea82 head
  13. i just push on the valve springs if i cant get my wait behind it then ill brace off my wrist against the frame rails also my loyale have a 4" crossmember drop so i have more room to work in if for some reason i run in to a stuburn spring ill use a box end wrench and wedge it between what ever i can usualy a rocker arm stud or bolt hole and put pressure on one side or the other and drop 1 keeper in at a time taking them out is as simple as placing a square kiss in just the right spot using a hammer and a socket ive been able to compress most single spring valve springs by hand i dont use tools unless its a double spring or high performance high rpm spring set
  14. opps double post lol
  15. do you know the history of the engine has.there been any major valve train work a valve thats been ground down to far would.sit higher in the seat its posable the hlas are at there max traval and they might be binding a bit but if i had to guess i would say you droped a valve seat maybe 2 if the engine got hot ever i would say thats the issue being that there is so much room between the head and the piston its vary posable for it to run like that and as the seat moves around your comprestion would change if it is a valve seat i only know 2 ways to fix it have a machine shop install a slightly larger seat vary exspensive or find a used head and freshen it up used heads are getting harder to find as we ea82 owners hoard our spare parts for the simple fact that there getting harder to find this is pretty much a dead platform from a new parts perspective there is always the ej option if you are realy atatched to the car if not pull the tailights headlights and turn signals and oil pump and make them available to others who are fighting the good fight with the ea82 and scrap the car