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  1. You would drive right though the clutch so you wouldent get any more torque than the ej motor and would be replacing that clutch alot I too am holding out for a electric option for my loyale no need to slip the clutch
  2. A 99 2.2 has a power bump and higher compresion than the old 2.2 they bumped it to150hp mine has 300k still running the stock headgaskets its never broke down or had any issues just regular maintenance even with a 3" lift running 28" tires its been a vary reliable engine the new 2.5l still have headgasket problems to my knowledge they never fixed that problem the 2.5 has never been a reliable engine ever especially when compaired to the 2.2 its a turd I know the older rigs ran better with the 2.2 motor on the 2.5 engine management system my 2.2 swaped forester ran great till the cam shaft snaped it did use the 2.5 intake manifold to make wireing easyer The 2.2l has more low end torque than the 2.5 making it a better choice for off road but also means the 2.5 wont break parts any more than the 2.2 maybe even less the 2.5 is a better choice for street use The loyale has the parking break on the front wheels so you can use the parking break as a chessey limited slip it worktheeally good its gotten me out of alot of bad places even in 2wd and its already instaled on the car The only real issue i see with the ej swap is the ea82 clutch its smaller than the ej clutch and the ej already has clutch slip with a brand new clutch ive herd the ea82t clutch holds up ok but good luck finding the right one
  3. ferp420

    Best source for axles?

    Any new axle will have those rubber boots that dont hold up to heat or being stretched at all there cheap so axle makers use them When i need a axle i go to orealys or where ever the axles are cheap and have a warranty then i test them in the store by twisting them back and forth to make sure there not loose from the factory you realy have to check them as ive had about half fail from just the twist test those are the ones that fail within the first 100 miles after i find a good one i reboot it with high quality silicone boots and lots of high quality greese ive gotten new axles with no greese at all several times so They atleast need to be checked before there instaled Rebooting new axles with quality boots and greese is the next best thing to factory axles ive found yet Sure silicone boots arent cheap but labor isent ether even if doin the job yourself
  4. ferp420

    Accessory power floating.

    Is the radio buzzing or is it browning out from lack of power
  5. I would run it what's the worst that could happen you loose some compression burn some oil Don't expect it to be a daily driver but it should run OK till it dosent
  6. kinda sounds like a bad axle just cause there new dosent mean there good ive turned too many away at the parts counter cause they were junk they were so bad i wouldent even take them out of the store
  7. ferp420

    Ej22 l series vs 2005ish h6 outback off road

    in my opinion the outback would sink like a rock in the sand especialy with the h6 my 98 outback sucked in the sand so did the forester the impreza is ok but dont hold a candle to true 4wd and a low range and on road its a differnt story the l series suck on the road compaired to a lifted ej series i also hated the 4eat trans because that trans hated the sand it would puke tranny fluid if driven in the sand to long in my opinion the l series with the ej swap is the best offroad combo you can piece together out of subarus the second best is the impreza with the ej22 and the l series duel range
  8. loose radiator mounts maybe i would guese lower mounts
  9. ferp420

    Is this EA82T head junk?

    if it was mine i would do a mild port on it and see if that crack would buff out that casting looks nasty
  10. ferp420

    Penny race anyone?

  11. ferp420

    Help Please.

    it still sounds like its firing on the wrong stroke have you pulled the valve cover to check the valves to varify its on the compresion stroke
  12. ferp420

    Help Please.

    are you sure #1 plug on the dizy is realy were #1 plug should be maybe the fireing order is a hole off
  13. ferp420

    Help Please.

    is it posable the distributer is 180° out ive had issues like that on vws before
  14. ferp420

    Engine cylinder head stains

    that would get tricky in the car you could do it but gravity wont help in the car take the engine out its easy enuff i used to change motors for my smog test the mongral had to come out and the stocker back in with stock exhaust then after the smog test back in with the monster and custom exhaust its kinda like doing a tune up its so easy
  15. ferp420

    Engine cylinder head stains

    you can surface the block the same way you do the heads