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  1. the ea82 stuff dose fit from what ive herd but they say its alot wider how much wider i dont know but wide enuff that you need the whole front end to make the swap that could be a good thing though maybe some one who has done it will chime in
  2. i was hoping to use a ej clutch but it sounds like way to much work ill just make the stupid adaptor plate and drill the flywheel and run the ea duel range box and be happy about it lol thanks for packin the pipe on that dream lol
  3. i agree it sounds like a cv axle try swaping axles personally i would figure out a way to get the rear cvs in and out easily and weld up a stock diff i ran like that for years
  4. it wouldent be that hard to mod a standered shock to work as a strut you just need something to slip in the pocket that can be clamped down on to you can fab up a spring purch with out to much work ford tempo springs and your in buisness ive never actually installed the vw struts i just know they fit i asume you need the loyale top hats i could get some pics and mesurements if your interested in going that route i have a loyale and a superbeetle sitting next to eachother i do have tempo front springs on stock struts up front and 300zx struts on the rear of the loyale with stock springs right now
  5. superbeetle front struts work on the front of the ea82 they might be easyer to find there not as strong though you can use ford tempo springs on the stock ea82 strut if you just want stiffer or some spring lift if you dont want to lift it and just have stiffer spring cut a coil off ive used nissan 300zx front struts on the rear of my loyale and they not ony have more traval but a larger shaft so there alot stonger than ones made for the ea82 i want to say there the same ride hight as the stock fwd rear struts but im not 100% sure
  6. any spring for a turdbo will be stiffer than its non turdbo version personally i would go with forester xt springs for the same year and then maybe a saggy butt 1/4" spacer for a little more
  7. how much compitabulityis there between ea and ej transmissions or what i really want to know if i can use the transfer gears and low range from the ea on a ej i wont need to shift in or out of low and i dont really need 2wd ether so i would be ok with it locked in 4wd and low range what whould be needed to do that i know i can buy a ej duel range trans case and use ea82 guts but there not exsacly easy to find ether
  8. the lego springs dont give any lift at all the outback strut has more traval than the lego strut and the spring is bigger the outback spring on a lego strut will be close to full exstension of the strut a lego spring on a outback strut will be at the bottom of the struts traval you would.bottom out alot like that the best lift was outback struts with forester springs but the differance was maybe a 1/2 " at most not worth the extra work or exspence the outback struts give the lego about 1 1/2" of lift a bit more on the impreza but not a true 2" lift note our 03 lego with 2" lift left the rear alignment out of specks we had to buy white racing adjustable rear links to keep the rear from eating tires not a big deal you could also use the drop brackets from the outback to keep the rear alignment in specks xt springs are stiffer than standerd outback springs and the 6 cylinder springs should be stiffer than those
  9. that po420 code was part of the reason we bought a hyunday 2000 is the newest i have now unless you count the entire drivetrain out of the 06 outback xt
  10. well i could sware that the 06 outside had a defouler on both 02 sensors and it eliminated the po420 code but like you sead auto correct might have gotten me
  11. that po420 your car is stoned code sucks ive been fighting it for 20 years on varios subarus i use a spark plug defouler inline with my 02 sensor i got mine at oreallys fixed it everytime i do need to remove it before smog though or it wont pass visual inspection it still pops up every now and again and goes away it always comes on after a long down hill run coming out of the mountains to sea leval then a few day at a stable elivation the light goes off the car still has the original cats on it there over 20 years old and still working fine
  12. if you cant do the head gaskets your self then i would find out how much there gona cost to have done thkse 2.5 single overhead cam engines like to drop there beadgaskets at around 150-200k so you most likely wont need to do them again we payed 3000 to have our head gaskets done at a shop on our 2003 if your payin 3k for gaskets and 2k for the car it dosent look like such a good deal but with the price of used cars today that might be good i dont know for what its worth i just did the head gaskets on my 2000 imp it had 290k on it when they failed they were real easy to do at home and even surfacing them went smooth alot of labor though it took days of sanding to get the heads flat again but thats the way it goes lol heres the start of the surfacing before and after sorry its kinda blurry i glues a peice of sand paper to a granite slab and went to town
  13. check your carier bearing that would be affected by heat and load it could be torn half way through but still wouldent be obviose at a glance and its the lowest point of the drive train vary easy to snag or smack it on something a simple push pull test should tell you if theres a problem down there pretty quick if it moves more than a 1/4 of a inch in any direction thats probably the problem
  14. i have a ground wire conected to it so i never had that problem ill have to take your word for it
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