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  1. I think your only gona get coil bind with the fwd struts ive never noticed it with 4wd struts or the nissan 300zx struts i did blow the purch off of the fwd ones the only way that happens is if the coils bind
  2. ferp420

    Automatic transmission for offload, locking center diff, let's talk

    First gear dident help at all it was a turd in any gear offroad so much im gona junk that rig i never like the foresters im gona pull the front diff out of that 4eat and scrap the rest of it its useless to me
  3. ferp420

    Subarus at the Rubicon?

    I knew it was only a matter of time before it ended up on you tube lol Thank you
  4. ferp420

    Simple Lift 88 GL Wagon

    Sjr has been building lifts for a long time im sure he can hook you up with a kit that includes the extended steering link thats realy the way to go your not going to find a better lift outhere but your gona pay for that bolt in kit he did the engineering and testing for you if you choose to try building it for your self its not hard but anything over 2" is gona need more than just the strut spacers and thats were the engineering comes in you can do alot of damage with a poor lift kit so do your homework the 2" lift is easy and simple and wont kill your rig if your off alittle remeber you get lift from the tires too so a 2" lift with 27" tires will net you 4" over all
  5. ferp420

    Simple Lift 88 GL Wagon

    No it still rides in the same position on the strut as it did before the lift your not changing the waight of the rig and the spring dosent change so there is no reason it would max out your suspention a spring lift dose maxes out the suspention not a strut lift the 2" lift is the most comin lift around for subarus if you did want to do a spring lift u can use ford tempo springs i have a 12000lb winch on the front of my rig i used the progressive springs from the ford tempo they work great they will give you a very stiff ride if you dont have extra waight on the front end the controle arms have plenty of room to droop out its the cv axles that limit your lift not the suspention it self the big problem with the strut only lift is your axles do were faster not a big deal on a wheeler but it sucks for a daily driver The rear of the rig you can use honda springs for a 2" lift but that will again put you at the top of your traval unless you add more waight alot of people go that route it hadles realy good too you can also use the fwd rear ea82 struts for a 2" lift in the rear and it wont change the spring rate or were the car rides on the struts so you would keep your 50/50 bias of the stock strut as it was made for the rig i am using nissan 300zx front struts with stock springs on the rear of my rig they retain the 6" of traval but uses a larger diamiter rod so it dosent bend as easaly as the stock strut shafts do and its made for a vary heavy turboed rig so the damping is better than stock also i beat mine till the body failed then i redesigned it and then life happend and i wasent anywere i could work in it or run it but thats gona change soon as im finnaly gona move in to my house and finnaly have all my stuff in one place and be able to work on my rigs and test them and break them and rebuild them again and again
  6. ferp420

    Simple Lift 88 GL Wagon

    If you can weld its easy to do a 4" lift but if you cant weld then stick to the 2" lift and a sawsall with all the other limitations of this platform you wont get alot more performance by going any bigger and at 2" you wont need to mod the steering ether any more than 2" the axle shafts hit at full extention so you have to drop the engine crossmember and mod the steering to get the axles to clear
  7. So i am putting together another ddd rig i pulled my loyale off the road due to to many questionable parts and untested designs and i just dont want to risk it on th3 road i have a 3.9 duel range and a 4.11 outback trans and diff and a forester 4.44 set up the forester is going to be the doner rig the outback is getting a new trans also im planning on running around 30" tires and some bumpers and what not i also have a 2000 2.2 to port and polish and mod out for the imp it should be a great daily driven desert runner i have to traval around a mile through the ohv park to get to my house so i need something that can take the woops at speed cross big sand canyons and dry creaks and light rock running day in day out and thats just getting to town my big truck has a problem getting stuck all the time some times 3 times a trip not a big deal but time consuming and it burns alot of gas just running to the store the plan is to swap all the suspention from the forester use the 15" rims from the outback and swap the trans for better gear ratios i probably wont lift it any more.than just the forseter parts to save gas inshould be moving in to the new house in a month or 2 so i should have plenty of room and time to finnish all my builds like my loyale and the outback and my scout and the imp lol i dont wan5 to move the forester so its off to the crusher unless some one wants it with out its suspention its engine or trans the body is still solid and in good shape there wasent any rust or dents last i looked at it full leather interior too it was just a horable off roader and i dont want t deal with it anymore
  8. ferp420

    Road Trip Repairs, Exhaust woes

    If you were in deep water it is posable your timing belt sliped a tooth the belts arent real tight on the pullies so water can get between the pully and timing belt kinda like hydroplaning ive had that happen before its a easy fix if thats a issue
  9. ferp420

    CVJ outer dissasembly

    When i worked at a shop that rebuilt axles we just chucked it up in the vice and smacked it with a BFH but that 2x6 idea shounds nice i dont usaly take that joint apart though unless i have to the silicone boots are definitly the way to go
  10. ferp420

    Head flatness

    You can pull the alignment pins out with vice grips and level the block out a bit also
  11. ferp420

    Head flatness

    You can pull the alignment pins out with vice grips and level the block out a bit also
  12. I would install a 2" reciver somewere maybe under the bumper cover and mount the winch to a removable winch plate for a 2" hitch that way its not out all.the time and can be used between differant cars i have a few winches mounted like this it works well I also on mine mounted my licence plate with the 2" reciver so i pull my licence plate and stick my winch in the whole and put the pin in and im good licence plate goes in the back
  13. The ford tempo springs do fit the front ea82 struts not perfict fit but i am running them on mine with no issues the front end will be very stiff i have a 12000lb winch sticking way out front of my rig that soffend up my springs but there still stiff and will give a little lift however your camber will be off the best lift is still the 2" lift blocks they fix the camber issues as there is no built in adjustments the camber only realy matters on the street so probably not a issue on this rig
  14. ferp420

    The Bugaru

    I would have put tbe motor in the back somehow im in the dreaming stage of a similer build i have a vw convertable just waiting but it dose have a brand new engine in it right now and i dougbt it will ever see more than just running around the yard if it stays stock i just love looking at my vws but i can still dream it up in my head i see the trans mounted upside down but i see all kinds of issues witb that but when i get back to storage im gona grab my single range trans and see what i can do with it
  15. I Never thought about that the vise is alot easyer but not portable i hope i never have to do that but nice to know it can be done