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  1. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    after driving this thing with the 29" tires alittle smaller than what i had on my loyale and its alittle bit lighter im realy missing the little ea82m with everything being so close in gearing and weight there isent much differance in power if any between the stock ej22v2 and the ea82m i built i think the ea82 might even have more power with the ac on high the only real differance i can see is the ea82m lasted 20k miles and the ej22 has 300k on it and still counting but that little ea82 was so much fun to beat on lol especialy changing timing belts in a foot and a half deep mud pit at midnight when its 30° outside lol
  2. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    new rubber on the way 215/70/16 maxxis maruaders 27.9" there dirt cheap almost too good to be true heres the link incase anyone is interested http://www.ebay.com/itm/192785787214
  3. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    i got the rear end pushed back about 3/4 of a inch so the tire is centered now but 2" just dosent seem like enuff lift to clear the tires so eventualy ill go down a size or 2 i cant seem to get the front end clearenced enuff for my liking as is or i would just cut more fender lol
  4. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    update pics im half way done i need to adjust the rear.wheel location and do some more triming and bfh work before its drivable but its coming along nicely
  5. ill get those pics asap
  6. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    any one ever do the napkin lift on a ej body more specificly a imp i dident have time to pull the struts off my foresrester and wanted a lift right away and dident want to wait so i cut up some steel and in the spirit of the napkin lift i cut me some blocks and they installed just like the ea82 instant 2" lift i did have to buy a bunch of nuts and bolts but $5 for a lift isent to bad i need to finnish the rear still tomarows another day the wheel adaptors are on there way should be here by the end of the week then i can mount up the new rims and tires then no more belly draging while getting grocerys lol
  7. i have u shaped brackets that bolt to the tow bar and then to the tow hooks on the car very simple i can tow from the bumper too but always use the tie down points
  8. i flat towed the hay out of my loyale with no issues the steering always returned to center without issues i have thousands of miles with my toad i tow from the the factory tie down not from the bumper i have a cheap tow bar with modified brackets to fit the tie down points the same set up works on the imp also with out issue
  9. ferp420

    Hatch for sale

    i can do $100
  10. wow i have a 87 a 91 and a 94 and there all the same they all bolt up and close the same they might have different trim but who cares that can be changed seems to me if you needed a hatch you wouldent be that picky they all fit and there is so little differance the older ones with the wrap around trim look better if you ask me but its just trim and paint and your most likely gona have to paint it anyway so whats the issue
  11. ferp420

    some axles are too long for lifted outback ?

    i know the wrxs are wider i put wrx arms on the front of my forester i used the same axles with out issue its about a inch wider in the front than the rear there getting swaped to the imp soon
  12. ferp420

    LED light bars

    ive got a 2ft light bar on my rig i mounted the switch on the grill and i only hook it up to the battery when i need it i also have 4 low powered leds in the bumper pointed low 2 out to the sides a bit and 2 straight ahead those are on a switch on the inside the fog lights are about as bright as the headlights and alot bluer and easyer on the eyes tban a tipicle led light bar so not much chance of blinding anyone with them but they light the side of the road also work good off road when im following someone i have some 6" led mini light bars im installing inside the hood scoop on the impreza for exploring the desert at night
  13. its cool yo its all good fun
  14. ferp420

    Short video subaru brat at johnson valley

    cool vid heres some of my johnson valley wheelin vids mudding johnson valley some wash running more theres alot more nothing crazy but some fun stuff