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  1. ferp420

    Road Trip Repairs, Exhaust woes

    If you were in deep water it is posable your timing belt sliped a tooth the belts arent real tight on the pullies so water can get between the pully and timing belt kinda like hydroplaning ive had that happen before its a easy fix if thats a issue
  2. ferp420

    CVJ outer dissasembly

    When i worked at a shop that rebuilt axles we just chucked it up in the vice and smacked it with a BFH but that 2x6 idea shounds nice i dont usaly take that joint apart though unless i have to the silicone boots are definitly the way to go
  3. ferp420

    Head flatness

    You can pull the alignment pins out with vice grips and level the block out a bit also
  4. ferp420

    Head flatness

    You can pull the alignment pins out with vice grips and level the block out a bit also
  5. I would install a 2" reciver somewere maybe under the bumper cover and mount the winch to a removable winch plate for a 2" hitch that way its not out all.the time and can be used between differant cars i have a few winches mounted like this it works well I also on mine mounted my licence plate with the 2" reciver so i pull my licence plate and stick my winch in the whole and put the pin in and im good licence plate goes in the back
  6. The ford tempo springs do fit the front ea82 struts not perfict fit but i am running them on mine with no issues the front end will be very stiff i have a 12000lb winch sticking way out front of my rig that soffend up my springs but there still stiff and will give a little lift however your camber will be off the best lift is still the 2" lift blocks they fix the camber issues as there is no built in adjustments the camber only realy matters on the street so probably not a issue on this rig
  7. ferp420

    The Bugaru

    I would have put tbe motor in the back somehow im in the dreaming stage of a similer build i have a vw convertable just waiting but it dose have a brand new engine in it right now and i dougbt it will ever see more than just running around the yard if it stays stock i just love looking at my vws but i can still dream it up in my head i see the trans mounted upside down but i see all kinds of issues witb that but when i get back to storage im gona grab my single range trans and see what i can do with it
  8. I Never thought about that the vise is alot easyer but not portable i hope i never have to do that but nice to know it can be done
  9. old non iterferance 2.2 are awsome mine are all interferance motors though they take alot of work to change the tbelts on and i dont usaly carry a vice in the roos for compressing the spring tenstioner to do the tbelts on the side of the road the ea82 belts just slide on and off no tools needed
  10. I love my ea82 and the timing belt set up but the set up can and dose toss belts at the worst time there exstremely easy to do one the covers are removed but not the most reliable or efficiant set up for us tinkeres its fine but most people hate them out of all my roos the ea82 is my favorite and i have a slew of ej powered rigs but if that belt pops off in a mud hole again i might have kick it in the fender the op sead he dident like timing belts so its just kinda a warrning the ea82 has the worst timing belt set up because they toss the belt or break them or the best if you like changing them on the side of the road or atleast you can change them on the side of the road
  11. I went with the 1"7/8 stock size is 1"3/4 2" would be ok too
  12. Pvc is fine just remeber the front end will settle a little so account for that
  13. ferp420

    SPFI pics request

    Just cap it off it dosent do anything unless you need it for emissions inspection i caped mine off and have had no issues Sorry i think the trolls have everyone in a tizzy If you need some pics i will take a few when i get home if no one else dose
  14. I Dont think there is a pre made kit but there easy to fabricate lots of threads about it on the forum
  15. The ea82 has the worst timing belt set up around the fuel injection on th3 other hand is very reliable that and a ignition upgrade would make a big differance in drivabuility and give you a more reliable rig atleast in my opinion