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  1. ferp420

    87 gl wagon everything dead

    my guess would be the damaged ignition switch ive had that happen before there are contacts in there and alot of times they fall out when messing with the key cylinder ive had that happen more than once
  2. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    so i bent the lift blocks lol goin alittle to fast through the woops and caught a big one right on the kisser and opps why is my tire rubbing all the sudden lol time to make a real lift kit for it the napkin lift did its job i dident exspect to have any issues with it but i was wong oh well thats how it goes
  3. i use the tie down points with my tow bar but when i made the last bumper i made the bumper mounting brackets go through the bumper so i can use them or the tie downs the thing to remeber is the tow bar is only there to keep the 2 cars apart all your safety and piece of mind come from the tow chains being set up corectly so if it hits the fan your car is still conected to the tow rig one time i forgot to lock the tow bar on the ball and it poped off i was still in the driveway but shibit happens and if it wasent chained down it would have ended up in the creek i allways check my chains and tow bar before hitting the main road and every freeway change and gas stop i have flat towed my loyale thousands of miles on and off road the imprezza also with the same tow bar
  4. ferp420

    Axles, revisited.

    if you cant find oem axles you can buy a junk axle from a auto parts store and reboot them and add some decent grease they last alittle while most of them dont have any grease at all and the boots are junk
  5. ferp420

    Subaru Falls On Its Face, Upon Acceleration.

    is the distributer grounded if not ground it take its phone away and dont let it play with its freinds for like 2 weeks everything should be fine after that lol or maybe not
  6. ferp420

    Axles, revisited.

    how much money do you have there is a place that will custom build you cv axles and they have a life time warrenty but they cost more than your car each so for 4x tbe cost of your rig you could have bullet proof axles but then the stub shafts need to be upgraded then your ring and pinnion and your spider gears need upgraded you could just get good at changing the axles and carry spares
  7. ferp420

    suspension lift for l-series

    lots of information in the off road section on lifts of all kinds shapes and sizes
  8. ya i have a procomp al6 multi spark discharge box it made a world of differance it makes up for the short comings in our ancient rigs and sometimes brings them back to stock power ratings i have a video about installing it but i got all my information off this site its so simple its stupid and completely reversable even on the side of the road were would that bad injector wire be you only have 1 fuel injector in the throtle body so if its not working its not running we might need pictures something sounds off do you have one of those multi port fuel injection units
  9. if you havent done a full tune up i would try that plugs wires cap rotor airfilter the plugwires cause all kinds of havok when they fail causes misfires and other issues depending on were.the spark is bleading off to even alittle loss in power to the plugs makes it hard to start the taking for ever to warm up probably due to the intake being cold the fuel can fall out of suspention as it moves though the intake manifold making it even harder to start and stay running till the coolant gets up to tempeture the throtle body can actualy freeze up so basicly untill that coolant is hot its not gona be happy but it shouldent die just idleing also the intake before the air filter has a tiny opening and dosent flow well at high rpms so check to make sure its open and theres not a piece of something partialy blocking it if you cant find the issue i found a msd ignition system make a great band aid for all issues ignition related
  10. ferp420

    Subaru Falls On Its Face, Upon Acceleration.

    check your ground wires from the body to the battery to the motor to the dash to everywere theres alot of those grounds for a reason
  11. ferp420

    suspension lift for l-series

    yes and no they sell them just not for that car if you read through this site you will find the knowledge you seek
  12. alittle late here but i would lift it more maybe 1" lift blocks or drop the subframe and go 2" the subframe drop parts are on your outback if your striping it anyway thats the way to go if you put outback/forester struts on a lego you basicly end up with a outback not realy much of a lift
  13. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    i tryed to get a good pic of the car all muddy but it rained last night anyway hers some pics
  14. ferp420

    napkin lift on the impreza

    well the brand sponsers racing events out by my house and they hold up realy good in my terrain there awsome sand tires there also realy good an any loose surface and snow there all terain tires not mud tires but i did do alittle mudding yesterday and they did great i have a set on my rc car too yes they make them in a scale version too or close too slightly different tread more a mud tire than a allterain tire but still same brand same basic tread pattern the bigest reason though they were cheaper than 2 tires from any other manufaturer i can go from sand to mud to snow to rocks all on the same trail so i need a all around tire that dose everything and this is my grocery getter so it needs to work good onroad too heres a quick vid going from the highway to my house coming back from the store my property starts at around the 2:25 mark after thats its just driving around to the other side of the property
  15. ferp420

    Goodbye Hatchback

    get some shoe polish and buff it out and run it theres nothing wrong with that car a idea take the insurance money and keep driving the car win win money and the car