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  1. The CTS doesn't have anything to do w/the dash gauge sensor. There is/was a Youtube about them. Yep - should be on the passenger side - under all that other stuff. Tangent: Actually easier to access on an EJ22T as they're on the driver side. So, it could still be the CTS going bad. ...but I'd also suspect the O2 sensors. The ECU runs in 'open loop' (pre-defined parameters) when car is started and doesn't 'listen' to the O2 sensors (if I remember my tuning info from years back), and then run in closed loop after it's up to temp (ha, ha - good luck) where the O2 sensor tells the ECU what's going on in the exhaust - incorrectly if old/worn out - and could then be causing poor MPG.
  2. No offense, but Why is normal operation a problem? It's working as designed so why add a pan heater?
  3. Brrr, I say...BRRRR! Cold's coming to our 'neck of the woods' but only 0°. Oh yeah....CTS....there are TWO related parts. One is a 2 wire (?) connector for the ECU/ECM's use (the one you want) and the other is a one wire sensor (?) that tells the dash gauge how its doing. I've bought the NAPA part and it worked fine. Usually, sometimes, not always, the car will start hard /run rough when the CTS is bad - not just poor MPG. Do y'all put cardboard or some kind of shield in front of the radiator to 'keep it warm'?
  4. You can also swap from one style to another -there's a little tab on each where the wire is held in place. Depress the tab and remove the wire on both and swap....or @ least I did. :-)
  5. I respect your opinion, and would state w/a 'chipped' EJ20G ECU those heads don't produce HP, but torque is notable. This is w/the following upgrades, but all on the stock engine: Setup: Stock EJ22T and heads TMIC "550" STI injectors (525cc) TD05H (with 90 degree inlet from '93-'96 wrx/STI) Exhaust: 3" downpipe and all the way back w/Dynomax muffler STI Fuel Pump Rob Tune EJ20G ecu and ignition converter JECS "green label" MAF Snorkus removed Mopar (Neon, etc.) coil pack and newer-style EJ22 wires. Stock BRK6E plugs gapped to .028 --MBC set to ~18.5 psi; pull done in 4th gear. Remember This is at the WHEELS, not the crank. Run 1HP: 229 HPTorque: 309 ft-lbsRun 2HP: 219 HPTorque: 287 ft-lbs Note: I apologize for the thread hijack.
  6. 1. Yes 2. No difference except for that EGR port, that can be blocked off. 3. I can never remember the name - Tappets?- and HLA on '90-'95. I don't know if those are worth swapping or not. 4. Yes, the block is the same in '96, just the single-port, RR + HLA, differences. I put EJ22T heads on an extra '90 or '91 engine, with the '96 Intake manifold, ran NA for few months before going turbo'd -LINK. I was able to block the water and oil ports off w/out an issue...but don't recall what I used, but I had a bunch of left-over parts, bolts, etc, so probably just used what I had. Good luck w/the 'vanagon' (?) project? :-)
  7. Trans isn't that hard...search on here/online for info. All Subarus of that era will be similar. Also, that H6 is known to wear out the timing guides/tensioners. They'd be suspect @ 260K.....and that job doesn't look like fun. I'd rather do 10 timing belts......
  8. A lot of variables in this one, but unplugged/cracked vacuum lines can cause issues.
  9. IMHO, I don't recommend 'power' flushing these unless the ATF has been regularly changed, just drain, refill, drive 3 times. Also, 8 quarts would include the TC and what's in the pan. Not sure what is meant by 'one pipe'...part of the VB/valve body?
  10. From what I've read on here, you should be able to use any phase 1 Legacy TCU ('90-'98)...FD ratio doesn't matter.
  11. The code reader works on another '96+ car correct? I had one that 'went bad' and thought it was the ECU, but was the code reader. And this WAS a working car when you bought/got it? Just making sure you didn't buy someone else's 'project'. :-(
  12. ...and you cleared the codes and it comes back? Did you test w/the FWD fuse? If the fuse works (no torque bind), then it's mechanical; if no change then it's electrical/electronic, from my past learnings on here. :-)
  13. might go post on Subaruforester.org. But the older stuff doesn't get much attention anymore. As noted the '04 has heated, airbag and seat belt (?) plugs. The '06 has Airbag and seat belt only....? Did you pull up the carpet on your '06 to check for 'unused connectors' ? The XT (and XS) went to powered front seats in '05...FWIW. Might google seat pics or check ebay for pics of seat connectors to see what an '06 XT seat looks like?
  14. What's the tag show on the bellhousing? TYxxxxxxxx