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  1. And if your OBS has the Automatic, then your 2.2 has EGR. The '94 won't. Here's an easy workaround LINK.
  2. Also, the '96 was SINGLE-port exhaust; '94 was Dual...get the Exhaust header/y-pipe. And if the body is clean...that means the engine and/or trans are toast...but you likely knew that. :-)
  3. I agree w/GD, but if you 'insist' there is the Neon / Mopar coil pack that is swappable..also MSD. Links all over the subie forums. That is, as long as you're referring to something like this:
  4. Per the attached from opposedforces.com they should both be (G/R) 4.111. They're both running the EJ22 / 2.2. One thing is Subaru changed the rear diff's flange bolt spacing around '95, so that 'could' be a gotcha, too.
  5. Interesting, didn't know the Dex III was a no-no on these. I thought the 4EAT used the same as the earlier models. From the OM (w/my formatting):
  6. Quoted for truth: - Do Not take a dealer's/salesperson word. It means nothing after the sale. If the car needs a fix that they state they'll remedy it must be in writing in the PO (and good luck w/that). - 200-2004 4-cylinder - Any model really.. The 2005-2009 models have many more 'gotchas' - do your homework. NO USED SUBARU TURBOS. period. period. - Ensure HG were done; complete Timing belt kit and water pump- usually the pulleys fail, not the belt. - Get it inspected b4 you buy - preferably @ a Subaru non-dealer shop. - I'm a bigger fan of the '96-'98 Legacy / Impreza wagons/hatches with 2.2. But they are getting old and Subaru has officially (as of last year?) stopped supplying parts so fixing them could be a challenge.
  7. see attached for the Jeep - but Autocheck - not Carfax. And two options for $6.00 or less . Jeep GC AUTOCHECK.pdf
  8. "flashing AT oil temp light" means there's a code stored in the TCM (vs. ECU/PCM). Search on here for a DIY to pull the codes. Then you can decide the next step.
  9. HI, The driver's side and passenger sided (if equipped) are certainly MANUALLY adjustable. The 'mirror' portion will move left-right and up-down. I don't know what/how your wife was doing to break the glass? Also, on the '95 (and earlier) models the mirror housing - the plastic frame part that attaches to the car - is FOLDABLE - in or out only. If she was trying to adjust it up/down? maybe that was caused it to break.
  10. Hi, '92-'94 Legacy were 3.90 FD ratio. That's the most important part. However, if you replace the rear diff you can use any '90-'91 '95-'98 2.2 or 2.5 Legacy , Impreza, or Forester Auto transmission. .. >>Caveats: you'll need to change the pinion flange on the diff to match yours....different bolt spacing. >>>Flex plate needs to match up, too. The 'seating' of the Torque Converter is also very important - search on here, and there are are a couple of seals on input/output (?) shafts to replace. Also, if buying one from a used parts yard, it may have been sitting on the shelf - for a long time and the internal seals may leak once installed- and the shop may not warranty that.
  11. My '96 AWD Auto would only do 35MPH w/the front right broken CV. YMMV.
  12. jdouglas@mikescarffsubaru.com Been a couple of years, but good prices and service - near Seattle.
  13. No Offense, we (USA) did get those as I've seen all of them, except the GX Sun sport, in person. The GT was a non-turbo w/the raised roof, which was rare. I apologize to the OP for the thread-jack. Edit: They were all '94s released @ the end of the 1st Gen Legacy run.
  14. First post states it's too $$...wait...states 'flatbed' tow, so maybe they don't have a tow vehicle?...but Yeah.