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  1. Hmmm, it's been a few years, but I completely removed mine and it went back together fine. I've read that you need to 'secure' the steering wheel, but likely you've already done that step - if it really matters. Just mark an alignment point on both the shaft and u-joint for reinstall.
  2. Yep on Automatics; 5-speeds had the metal one like on the '91-'94 turbo - thought those were incompatico.
  3. 100%>>.. '98 is only year. ...'99+ No.
  4. '92-'98 ('99 SUS/GT/OB) 2..2 (NA) and 2.5 are all compatible....Green Label versions...AUTECS (USA) and JECS (japan).
  5. http://legacycentral.org/library/literature/codes.htm we call that a MAF (mass airflow). The '92-'98/'99 green label MAF (JECS and AUTECS) are all the same on the 2.2 and 2.5 Subaru non-turbo. Not sure if the aftermarket parts are good for the MAF.
  6. OM: http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Legacy_Outback/1998/Owners Manual/ It's a '98 but '99 is very similar. FWD fuse is under the hood by the passenger side strut tower.
  7. Gotcha...Duty-C isn't 'smart'...it just varies its amount of engagement on input from TCU, and reports back...If it's not reporting back =AT Temp light flash
  8. If you check the FWD fuse and it's mechanical, I'd spend the $$ on 2-3 gallons of ATF (and I noted your ATF looks good): .....and then go drive it in figure 8's in a parking lot - and not the interstate :-). Sometimes it'll free it up...yes, it worked for me. Your car has obviously sat a lot w/those low miles, so may just need some new ATF and some drive-time. Also, I DO NOT recommend it being power or chemically flushed by a shop as it can cause issues w/the seals in an older trans...I lost Reverse...yes, yes, I did...and had to have it rebuilt. :-(
  9. Maybe I missed it and GD is (very) Likely correct, but the flashing AT light tells you there is a code stored in the TCU (trans computer), which is separate from the ECU. SEARCH on here/online to find out how to retrieve the actual code...also called a 'handshake'. Use the FWD fuse under the hood - you read the Owner's Manual, right ?? - to determine if it's mechanical (clutch pack(s)) or eletronic (Duty C). If the TB/torque bind goes away w/the FWD fuse IN it's the clutch packs.....you can guess the other option. :-) GL, TD p.s. you ran an Autocheck or Carfax to confirm those extremely low 46K miles?
  10. I probably suggest this too often: CTS - coolant temp sensor. Remember - on yours there is the single wire for the gauge and next to it is the actual sensor to the ECU....you want the latter.
  11. Yes, But, Do Not Buy. Those are cheap for a reason...they're cheap. And the 5 5-star reviews all read like some ONE (person) used Google translate for us gullible Americans. You'd be better served to buy a set of WRX '02-'07 struts and 'ghetto' the rear mount holes to fit them (you'll need to enlarge 2 about 1/4-1/2").
  12. I 'think' that the '99 had the issues w/the cluster wiring - surface solder joints get disconnected w/age. Read this...https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1785548. some of it may be relevant. I'd bet if you fix the P0500, the others go away.
  13. 1. Yes, if you plan to replace the ENTIRE harness, it MIGHT work. 2. You likely will have wiring, sensor and all kinds of other headaches. Have you been doing swaps for years and can do it in your sleep?Although everything should bolt together, the wiring is way different, both ON THE ENGINE, ON THE TRANSMISSION and between the ECU, TCU (trans computer), and DASH harness. 3. Likely won't pass emissions testing. 4. Likely will not run correctly. 5. It's just a bad idea. 6. Main issue is you're 'crossing phases'. '96 is a Phase 1 Subaru electronics; '04 is Phase 2.
  14. HI...again, I didn't notice (or you've updated it in the last year) that you're in the UK.....so not something us Yanks know much about. Google: Transmission TZ102ZA5AA - Subaru Impreza 1997, 1998, Subaru Impreza, Outback Sport (Station Wagon) 1997, 1998, I think this for the 2.2. vs. TZ102ZR5AA SUBARU IMPREZA 2,0 4X4- 1998 Did the UK get the 2.2 AND the 2.0 - NON-turbo engines?