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  1. jdouglas@mikescarffsubaru.com Been a couple of years, but good prices and service - near Seattle.
  2. No Offense, we (USA) did get those as I've seen all of them, except the GX Sun sport, in person. The GT was a non-turbo w/the raised roof, which was rare. I apologize to the OP for the thread-jack. Edit: They were all '94s released @ the end of the 1st Gen Legacy run.
  3. First post states it's too $$...wait...states 'flatbed' tow, so maybe they don't have a tow vehicle?...but Yeah.
  4. Tangent: Alpine sport...I thought that was the one-year only model, along w/the following - from CARS101.com: These are One-year only models - 1994 - per Cars101.com.
  5. Look up using a tow dolly w/the front wheels on the dolly and rear wheels dragging. I've done it multiple times buy disconnecting the driveline @ the rear diff. There are 4 12mm bolts, so it's easy. Uhaul is <$100. if one-way 1/2 that if you return it to the same place. But since you're up north may be different. It's covered on here more than once. Of course, you need something big enough for the tow dolly + the WRX or Uhaul won't rent it. Do the WRX's brakes work? I don't know your road/route/rules but my dad towed a VW Bug behind his Chevy truck - w/just a chain - across WA state on I90 @ 60 MPH, w/my sister driving the bug....no problem. I'm sure that GT could handle that too.
  6. Just FYI. Stock size on the '96-'99 OB was the 205/70R15. The 215/60R16 is the same height, and was 1st used on the '98 Forester....if that's what you have. If the 5-speed dies, you could put in a GT trans as it's the same 4.11 FD ratio, and is geared differently.....as is the '98 Forester. Unless I got it backwards? OB: Model Range Trans. Code 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Rev. T.R. F.D. US Legacy Outback MY97 TY752VACCA 3.545 2.111 1.448 1.088 0.871 N/A 3.416 1.000 4.111 GT: US Legacy GT MY97 TY752VACBA 3.545 2.111 1.448 1.088 0.780 N/A 3.416 1.000 4.111 Found in the old Subaru Transmission Chart that was online. Subaru Transmission Chart.pdf
  7. Rollers were a '96-'98 thing. '89-'95 were Tappet (?) and HLA. Per GD:
  8. I've not personally dealt w/the 1.8, so no 'hands-on' but it 'should' be basically a less powerful EJ22. Wikipedia Link....note this includes versions the USA never rec'd....and we got what was called the EJ18E , since ours did have individual fuel injectors (I think) - like the 2.2 and 2.5.
  9. There should be a serial number (?) on the back of the engine that someone on here or online might be able to decode? I don't think those older engines had the VIN stamped on them. But if it's an EJ18 they should all be the same.
  10. Due to the EGR and TPS/IAC (?), looks to be an EJ18? Out of '93-'97 ish Impreza.
  11. cts: lovehorsepower.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47&Itemid=63
  12. My normal 1st thing to check (including the TPS and IAC) is the CTS/coolant temp sensor as it can exhibit these symptoms. Sounds like it's running rich? The CTS doesn't always throw a code. Note: Don't confuse the gauge sensor w/the actual CTS sensor that tells the ECU what's going on....Google it if unclear.
  13. No turbos in the US from '95-'01. This is the EJ25D engine in the '96-'99 Legacy GT, LSi, Legacy Outback, SUS, '98 Forester and Impreza RS.