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  1. FWIW, I've noted on a couple of my past Subarus - and anecdotally online - that changing the fluid on a higher mileage car can induce symptoms of a failed/failing transmission as the 'new' ATF causes seals to leak. The old ATF and accumulated sludge creates a seal that prevents leaking and other issues- until it's changed out. It's usually due to a chemical or power flush, so in your case - where it was just drained and refilled- I'm less confident it's related. Otherwise, you have useful info above to work thru. Good luck.
  2. Tangent: Please see http://www.cars101.com/impreza_archive97_98.html '97 was the last year of the 1.8, per cars101.com. And the ebay pics are legit based on the part number 22611AC450. Back to topic: Yes, the EJ22 IM + ECU is good.
  3. HI, Yes....they are...should be able to pull that part off and sand it down. There was/is a Great Post on here that I followed. I can't recall the 'poster' but likely Search will find it or maybe on YT. I did that on mine to repair the TB and delayed AWD. IIRC, you'll want to also replace the Duty-C ...it's easy to do with it all apart and they do fail.
  4. The 1.8 isn't my forte, but I'd 'think' (!) that the ECU / ECM changed with the OBD2 implementation in '95-'96, since it did on the Legacy. Per Ebay....they did: Find the ECM harness plugs and match to the below links...the harness plugs will match the color of the ECM's. 1993-1995: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/aE4AAOSwgQ9ViZQn/s-l1600.jpg 1996+: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/UesAAOSwcJtc2yb4/s-l1600.jpg
  5. Hi Did you (not) reuse your original Intake manifold? That would eliminate a lot of the 'unknowns' - at least that's what others do....unless it incompatico w/the JDM version. Otherwise, go here for the FSM. I've not dealt w/any Subarus newer than '04 , so not any help on the ABS stuff...but if you have 0 codes before the swap, so may be those are 'phantom codes'? Older Subies were notorious for throwing a barrage of codes when really only one issue was occurring. Fix that one and the rest vanished. GL, Td
  6. Oh yeah...What I refer to (mistakenly) as the Intake Manifold /IM harness for the '90-'91 (?) had round vs square connectors (or vice versa) and maybe 2 vs. 3 connectors? And don't forget ebait.
  7. I'm not clear on what you have vs. what you need. The car is MISSING A HARNESS??? You have a turbo engine in a non-turbo chassis? Suggest you go look here: bbs.legacycentral.org It's specific to the '90-'94 Legacy with the EJ22E, including the SS/ Sport Sedan and Touring Wagon / TW with the EJ22T engine. The SS/TW were all made in Japan; the non-turbos were built both in the US and Japan (I think). The VIN of the car will obviously tell you that. I don't believe the older stuff has the VIN on the engine - there may be a serial number on the back of the bellhousing? But I can't tell you if helps ID the engine. The EJ22T has the 'cross hatching' (?) on the rear bell housing, which I believe is one way to ID it. Also, there are two ports on each valve cover vs. 1 for the NA/non-turbo. Assuming, somebody didn't just put turbo heads on non-turbo block (like me). The harness for the turbo vs. non-turbo has only a couple of differences. See this: https://bbs.legacycentral.org/viewtopic.php?t=45769 - pinout link included - You'd need to add the wiring for the turbo sensors...and source those - if not present. The ECU for the turbo from '91-'94 works in BOTH the MT and AT cars. There's a pin @ the ECU that ID's the tranny type. You cannot 'flash' the ECU of any '90-'98 USDM Subaru. Unless maybe you have access to Subaru's SSM tool? Aftermarket EM is the only option for the '95-'99 cars. The ECUs from the overseas stuff are very different and would require a lot work to re-pin to make work. There was a chip for the EJ22T ECU - but those are no longer made and very hard to find. The EJ20G ECU from the '92-'96 JDM/EDM/ADM is also VERY similar to the '90-'94 ECU pinout. It does have a few more tuning options, but those are also questionable to source - see robtune.com and look up ESL. And you're crossing the OBDI vs. OBDII AND the Phase 1 vs Phase 2 barriers, so the '01 would be a bad idea. Wiring, electronics, sensors, etc. are not going to play well - if at all.
  8. What I know 1st hand - this applies to US and Canadian models only and only the front seats: All Legacy (Brighton, L, LS, LSi, GT, SUS) and Outback (Limited, H6, LL Bean, etc.) seats from '90-'04 will interchange as will the '92-'07 Impreza/WRX/Sti and '98-'08 Forester. These will all interchange - bolt-up - between models. You may need to use your existing seat belt buckles. See below for caveats. I put '00 Legacy OB seats in my '96 Legacy L. - Bolted up, moved over the seat belt, and found a 12v under the seat as the '00 seats were power. Great upgrade, IMHO. I put '04 WRX seats in my '04 Forester - same fit and airbag connectors. I only did this as the stock were leather, and slippery as heck; the WRX were much more supportive. I put '02 WRX seats in my '93 Legacy (common upgrade) - but they sit too high, IMHO. I could adjust the driver's height to an acceptable level, but the passenger was not adjustable. They bolted in just fine. Some models had more/extra bolts on the inside of the seat frames - by the center console, but the 'feet' were all the same, if I remember correctly. I tried to put '08 Legacy GT seats into a '93 Legacy and they will NOT fit. Bolt holes don't line up. So, '05+ Legacy/OB won't fit older stuff.
  9. Who said the EJ205 is more reliable? They spin bearings and blow headgaskets (yes, I had one) as well as the next one. I'd go look on NASIOC for more info as that EJ25 is essentially the same as the '06+ WRX EJ255 (slightly higher CR), which I would prefer. If that XT has the 4EAT you'll want the displacement as the Auto's suck the life out of the turbo'd engine. I had an '02 WRX AND an '04 FXT w/the 4EAT, and it was 7.5 seconds 0-60. People w/the 5-speed manual could do it <6 seconds. RE: the non-avcs EJ20, You'll need to either use RomRaider/ECUflash or get a Cobb AP to tune out/around the AVCS...I'd check w/a tuner BEFORE you pull the trigger on that, as I'm NOT an expert. Also, a tune can help w/the crappy stock tune and performance w/the 4EAT. I don't know your budget, but if you got the car cheap and want to keep it, I'd get a new shortblock for about $2K. Rebuild your heads and assuming YOU can do the labor, you'll have a fun car for cheap. I really don't trust any used Subaru turbo engine (except the old EJ22T), plus you never know how hard it was driven/maintained. Ps. That stock TD04 is likely toast, too. Get another turbo (VF39/43/48 from an STI) as an upgrade. NASIOC has those, too.
  10. Tangent for VLSD. Avl. on '00+ 'S' trim models: All Weather Package: larger outside defrosting mirrors, heated front seats, windshield wiper de-icer, limited slip rear differential Limited slip new for 2000. (not available on L)" Per Cars101.com
  11. The CTS doesn't have anything to do w/the dash gauge sensor. There is/was a Youtube about them. Yep - should be on the passenger side - under all that other stuff. Tangent: Actually easier to access on an EJ22T as they're on the driver side. So, it could still be the CTS going bad. ...but I'd also suspect the O2 sensors. The ECU runs in 'open loop' (pre-defined parameters) when car is started and doesn't 'listen' to the O2 sensors (if I remember my tuning info from years back), and then run in closed loop after it's up to temp (ha, ha - good luck) where the O2 sensor tells the ECU what's going on in the exhaust - incorrectly if old/worn out - and could then be causing poor MPG.
  12. No offense, but Why is normal operation a problem? It's working as designed so why add a pan heater?
  13. Brrr, I say...BRRRR! Cold's coming to our 'neck of the woods' but only 0°. Oh yeah....CTS....there are TWO related parts. One is a 2 wire (?) connector for the ECU/ECM's use (the one you want) and the other is a one wire sensor (?) that tells the dash gauge how its doing. I've bought the NAPA part and it worked fine. Usually, sometimes, not always, the car will start hard /run rough when the CTS is bad - not just poor MPG. Do y'all put cardboard or some kind of shield in front of the radiator to 'keep it warm'?
  14. You can also swap from one style to another -there's a little tab on each where the wire is held in place. Depress the tab and remove the wire on both and swap....or @ least I did. :-)