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  1. cts: lovehorsepower.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47&Itemid=63
  2. My normal 1st thing to check (including the TPS and IAC) is the CTS/coolant temp sensor as it can exhibit these symptoms. Sounds like it's running rich? The CTS doesn't always throw a code. Note: Don't confuse the gauge sensor w/the actual CTS sensor that tells the ECU what's going on....Google it if unclear.
  3. No turbos in the US from '95-'01. This is the EJ25D engine in the '96-'99 Legacy GT, LSi, Legacy Outback, SUS, '98 Forester and Impreza RS.
  4. I was thinking stuck parking braked due to cold, but that doesn't explain smoke???
  5. wtdash

    1996 Legacy L Turbocharged

    Sold car 2 years ago. local kid bought it, hooned it, and now HG need done. :-( He texted me last month to ask what HG I used (EJ22T).
  6. HI, I kinda went thru this exercise w/a WRX (yes, I made the mistake of buying an Auto-equipped WRX - Can you spell LAG?). I looked this up HERE. Not exactly yours, but may worth a read.
  7. The lid for the fuses under the hood ID's the fuses. As does the cover for the fuses under the dash (for Legacy @ least.) Also,Google found this: https://www.autogenius.info/subaru-impreza-1992-1998-fuse-box-diagram/
  8. ^+1 Check fuses - if it was 'trashed' likely blew 1 or 10.
  9. ^EG33 may be longer than the EZ? Found this on here, per Emily @ CCrE: EZ30: Engine lengthEZ30 = estimated 445mm = 17.5" - but assuming this is w/OUT the crank? And a very informative EG33 site i came across.
  10. That Subaru w/that EJ25D and w/those tires would be a 'GT' (non-turbo) in the USA. They should be fine, but MIGHT rub on the back strut spring perch. Also, your MPG and quickness (0-60) will we be negatively affected...a bit. Got any mates w/a REX (WRX)? Those should be 55's, too. Could bolt-on to test.
  11. Manual button won't apply on the '95+ models. ......My mistake on that. I know I've got it to work on the '95-'98 models, but can't recall HOW. I had a '98 OB that I had to diagnose. I found this, too- "EndWrench" was Subaru tech support for USA mechanics (I believe). They published a bunch of articles that had inside info. Used to be a website which is no longer online, but this site 'captured' many of them: http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/--Articles--/--Endwrench--/Files/
  12. I'd read/try this, too: https://www.surrealmirage.com/subaru/trans.html Specifically for the Gen 1 ('89-'94) Subarus, but supposedly works for Gen 2 ('95-'98) too - which are both considered Phase 1. The one you posted states it should work on Phase 1 & 2, which I find doubtful?? I didn't compare the instructions.
  13. Just a little different option...Michelin recently released more versions / sizes of their Crossclimate - avl. thru TireRack - in the US. Top-rated by CR. They are $$ as in $$$. Wanted to put them on our '18 CR-V, but couldn't justify the $1K when I could buy a set of dedicated snow tires AND Wheels for <$400 off CL. But run 'em year-round and get 75K tread life.