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03 forester with 90's model 2.2 and my 03 2.5 sohc heads and turbo

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okay, so i know that i built a low compression motor platform. My question is, do I need any type of tune to make my forester run half way decent? I have ordered part after part to piece a td04L in my forester and within a week it will be on it. Just looking for pointers to where and how I can get it tuned if it will need it. I'm not building a power house, I pull alot of weight with my forster and it does what i need it too. However I want a little more power than what the 2.2 block and 2.5 sohc heads can give me so I thought. Ehh turbo it is.

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Some form of aftermarket engine management will definitely benefit your build for best performance and longivity. 

GD dealt with Link ECUs, others on here have used other brands, many of not all seem to do what’s required of them. 



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That '03 'might' be compatible w/ ROMRAIDER and ECUFLASH, if you can find a Tuner that knows what they're doing. That's a unique setup - so might take some work to get it tuned. IMHO, really depends on how much boost you're running, whether a tune would be needed. That's also a MAP-based system (vs. MAF) and I've read those are finicky about running boost. I'd definitely run Premium - 91+ - Unleaded. 

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