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  1. Good thread dig from 2016! Maybe they’re stuck on the side of the road somewhere with a jammed gearbox waiting for help? Cheers Bennie
  2. el_freddo

    six speed?

    It’s bigger in diametre from the pics I’ve seen, and probably longer than an EJ 5 speed. It could be the same length as the 4wd 4spd box come to think of it. Google some images and check it out Cheers Bennie
  3. el_freddo

    Possible new owner

    *Yawn* Boring!! Seriously though, you need to go with a vehicle that will meet your needs and that you’re confident with in purchasing. Don’t buy a car in the evening as the sun sets, paintwork unless really really bad will look ace... until the sun comes up the next morning. My dad did this and while the car was good the paint had many imperfections including swirl marks from a sander used before its last respray All the best in your purchase Bennie
  4. Yes you can if you keep the connectors. I can read the codes on my sister’s Gen3 Liberty using the plugs. Nothing has changed in that department for the early OBDII, later gear may have changed but I’m not familiar with that. I’ve also been told on good authority (auto sparky mate) that OBDII Gen2 stuff is much easier to cut down than the OBDI Gen1 looms. Cheers Bennie
  5. Performance/Budget right? Cheers Bennie
  6. Broken timing belt means engine won’t run until the cam belt is replaced (EJs <95 models), or for 95 and up models, internal repair work and a new cam belt are sorted. If you break a timing belt and have momentum to keep the engine rotating, it won’t “feel right” compared to the same feeling you get when you turn the key off. I hope that makes sense. If it’s just the fuel pump, I reckon you dodged a bullet. Get that cam belt and all idlers replaces if it’s due for replacement. Cheers Bennie
  7. @GeneralDisorder - mate, I really enjoy reading an insight to the way you think as a business in terms that are best for the customer/client’s back pocket. I’ve never had to think this way and I can see now where some of your “short and sharp” comments come from. @Numbchux - I agree about the carrier bearing comment. I broke the carrier before the centre bearing let go on one shaft! I still don’t know how that carrier bracket broke, other than some awesome off-roading action! I’ll be looking into this further when I get a chance. And I’ll add a spare uni joint to the spares kit too. Cheers Bennie
  8. GLF5 models are what had the 5 speed front wheel drive box. You will find them in the coupe and possibly the hatch. Make sure the L series gearbox is from a carb fed model as these units have the same diff stub outputs as your MY. Cheers Bennie
  9. I’d replace the igniter and the coil. A dead coil will kill the igniter. Ask me how I know... Cheers Bennie
  10. Thanks for verifying @GeneralDisorder It’s always “best practice” to get a whole car for a conversion. This way you have everything you’ll need other than a short list of incidentals. Unless you know what/how you’re going about the conversion, a whole donor vehicle is the go - then you can sell the bits you don’t need to recover some costs. Cheers Bennie
  11. Thanks for that, I’ll have to find out if they have those part numbers available over here. And don’t you need three uni joints for a Subaru driveshaft since they’re usually two piece or fitted with a centre support bearing? I know I need three for mine... Cheers Bennie
  12. Yep, totally doing this to my L series tail shaft. @Numbchux What uni joint did you use as a replacement? I didn’t see any model or part number reference in your thread. Cheers Bennie
  13. The ‘95-99 harness will IF you have the matching wiring from the intake manifold and possibly the intake manifold itself too. Cheers Bennie
  14. Go the 5 speed. Do a search for a how to guide. This has been done plenty of times already. If your ‘83 is front wheel drive only and the 5spd is 4wd you’ll need to mod the rear to fit a rear diff etc. this involves sourcing a 4wd rear end setup - K frame and swing arms and a fuel tank with the divot for the rear diff. Of course you’ll need a rear diff and drive shafts too. Any 4wd MY will be compatible. Biggest issue is making captive nuts for the diff moustache bar mounts if they’re not already there. Cheers Bennie
  15. el_freddo

    Ignition cylinder

    Try this fella? Cheers Bennie
  16. In reference to FerGloyale’s “driveline” term. Certainly not a driveshaft/halfshaft. Cheers Bennie
  17. el_freddo

    six speed?

    That’d be a fifteen speed Cheers Bennie
  18. The ignition relay from memory is a brown relay and will be with a second relay (fuel pump). As for their exact location I’m unsure, but I’d reckon it’s above the driver’s kick panel mounted either on the firewall or more likely on the inner side of the dashboard. Unfortunatley I can’t help much more than that. A google image search might give you an idea of what to look for. Cheers Bennie
  19. el_freddo

    Distributor Troubleshooting?

    The spark from the coil, is this with the engine turning over or by triggering the coil manually? I’m only ask because if you’ve got spark at the coil with the engine turning over, this indicates that the module is doing it’s thing. The issue lies between the coil, dizzy and four spark plugs. My guess would be a dud coil lead. If you’re triggering the coil manually you’ve got a working coil and the issue is most likely the module. Do you have the little four star trigger wheel installed correctly? Cheers Bennie
  20. Expect to be shocked when you remove the glass. Bubbles or any hint of rust means is much worse under/behind the glass. Prepare to see rust holes once the windscreen is removed. It’s best to remove the dashboard before attempting to weld up any holes etc. This way you can protect all the wiring by covering it before you start any welding. Dad tried repairing my sister’s L sedan and almost set all the wiring behind the dash on fire! He was very lucky it didn’t go up good and proper!! Cheers Bennie
  21. I so wish we got the RXII over here! I would’ve totally had one years ago!! Keep up the good work. That lip/air dam will look be interesting to see once it’s finished Cheers Bennie
  22. el_freddo

    1990 Loyale 4wd 5 speed Turbo

    Yeah mate neat ride. Got any further details to share? Cheers Bennie
  23. Nice L Jeff! Welcome to the forum! Cheers Bennie
  24. el_freddo

    Gen 1 Brat Short Lift

    A properly built lift kit should not put any extra strain on the factory components. Putting oversized tyres on the other hand, will put extra strain on the factory components. The extra strain comes in when you do silly things like a 2 inch strut lift only. Do a 2 inch body and suspension lift and you’re still at factory angles on the drive shafts. Cheers Bennie