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  1. Oil thickness was my thought too. Especially if colder weather is happening. I’ve personally not had an issue with mineral oil in my gearbox. Cheers Bennie
  2. By far the safest and cheapest way to do it if you’ve got a tow vehicle capable of doing it - or hire a suitable tow vehicle too. One issue is the low suspension on the WRX. You may have to get creative to get it up on the trailer, namely under the belly or the “ramp over” clearance. With my Gen1 RS turbo I have to either drive the tow vehicle’s rear end onto ramps (works with an empty trailer) or unhitch was he trailer and let the weightnof the vehicle lift the front of the trailer making a flatter ramp over angle to negotiate. Hook up again and go once all tied down. Cheers Bennie
  3. Over here in Oz that’s the Gen1 series1 grille. Cheers Bennie
  4. New O2 sensor yesterday. Now to do the temp sensor as this is my only code. Hard to tell if the O2 sensor changed anything as we’re out 4wd’n so fuel stats won’t be comparible to my usual usage. Cheers Bennie
  5. el_freddo

    XT coupe air struts.

    @Giles try partsouq.com for genuine bushes. They’re generally priced really well. But be aware that these parts may be NLA too Its still interesting looking at all the exploded diagrams! Cheers Bennie
  6. el_freddo

    New Member - 86 GL Hatch

    I've always wanted a series 2 RXII coupe after I first found out about them! only problem is the nearest place to get them is NZ and I’m a typically un-cashed-up Subaru nut Get what you can, but make sure it’s good to start with! Cheers Bennie
  7. What tyre diameter will you run - factory or Impreza? Only asking as you’ll be revving high if you retain the factory 23 inch diametre tyres. Swap that box to a 3.7 diff ratio and it *should* in theory pull your gearing back into spec, meaning better highway revs. Speedo will still be out. A 27 toothed speedo drive gear has matched my L’s speedo perfectly. I’ll be going for the same when the time comes with the brumby. I’m just not sure what model the 27 toothed drive wheel/cog came from. Cheers Bennie
  8. el_freddo

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Keep up the good work! It’s looking awesome. I would be so shattered if I found this on my guards - I’m about to look under the windscreen rubber of my brumby and I’m expecting it to not be pretty under there I missed this post - where did you get the spoiler from and do you have any pics of it fitted yet? Cheers Bennie
  9. ANY other Subaru engine has better clearance compared to an EA82 abomination in the EA81 chassis - that move is blasphemy! I’m sure there are build threads detailing this cut length. I’ll be keen to know too as I hope to be doing something similar in the future. What box are you using and are there any mods done - or are you running a larger tyre size to keep engine revs at factory levels? Cheers Bennie
  10. I’d also opt for a Subaru water pump. But that’s not really necessary compared to the Subaru thermostat. Blocking half your radiator might help a bit too. I used to do this in our snow country that’s no where near as cold as over your way! Cheers Bennie
  11. Have you checked the codes? When I had starting issues with my EJ22 up in the snow country I swapped in a new knock sensor, temp sensor (fans will run all the time if the temp sensor is dead) and a cleaned up throttle position sensor (tps). The tps was set correctly, ecu reset (removed neg battery for half an hour) then I fired her up without any issues. The Oxygen sensor could also be worth changing out for a new one too. These typically won’t throw a code, but they’re also not used in initial start up until they’ve got some heat in them so they operate properly. Cheers Bennie
  12. The bolt holes are in the oil pump housing. And if there’s a difference between auto and manual the answer could be no. I still don’t understand why the likes of the phase 1 EJ18, EJ20 and EJ22 (don’t know about the EJ25) didn’t have this little bracket if it’s such an issue - or is it an issue with the updated piston in arm type tensioner? Cheers Bennie
  13. el_freddo

    XT coupe air struts.

    You work fast Giles!! As for suspension bushes - I’ve always used Nolathane (schpelling?) bushes. They’re the red polly bushes from memory. I go for the three piece units for ease of fitment once the old metal “cage” of the original bushes are out. Since doing the rear bushes in Ruby Scoo back in 2008, I’ve has to do them again in 2016 after many many kms and off-roading trips! So I’m happy with them! Cheers Bennie
  14. @sparkyboy - any words in the form of a description as to what’s actually happening there? Got a new project? Pulled the EA82 turbo for an EJ20 turbo?? Putting an EA82 turbo in??? Too many questions raised. Cheers Bennie
  15. el_freddo

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    You should do a google image search for “Settlement Creek Racing” Scroll down to see the pic: https://allevents.in/griffith/subaru-brumby-race-car-on-show/169638510505561 In action: Epic build! Cheers Bennie
  16. el_freddo

    XT coupe air struts.

    Holy Cow Giles - Looks MINT.... until you showed us under her dress! I'm so glad we don't have salt on our roads over here!! All the best with the resto, it looks like it'll be a long haul. I do love that colour though! Drop a link in here to the build thread when you get one started! Cheers Bennie
  17. el_freddo

    New Member - 86 GL Hatch

    Ok, I'm going to do two things here - 1) warn you and 2) do what I've just told sparkyboy "off" for. So the warning - be careful with the bug! I'm up to 4 subarus now - my beloved L series (the $500 special - see below for further details), my brumby (daily) and two Gen1 RS turbo libertys (legacys, one going, one "being worked on"). My L series is the slightly modified one. First mod was a welded rear diff, then an EJ22, then lift (dropped the welded diff as it got me into plenty of trouble with the EA82), "a few" gearbox mods, snorkel, rear cargo storage area (up to mk2). Anyway, here she is in all her glory after about 14 years of ownership, 10 years with the EJ and 9 years with the lift: And with my brumby (brat) - just after swapping the rims to the Scorpion 5 spokes Lov'em!! The L gets pretty loaded up for offroad when headed out for a weekend or a week! Cheers Bennie
  18. el_freddo

    New Member - 86 GL Hatch

    @Scoby4wd - awesome score there mate! Look after that one! If the mod bug hits get something else to mod!! @sparkyboy - mate, love your enthusiasm, but you’ve bombed in more photos of your rides than what Scoby4wd has!! We’re all proud owners here, but if we all did this we’d have difficulty finding those with the new rides! Cheers Bennie
  19. el_freddo

    XT coupe air struts.

    Third party hosting site is the way to go You stoked with it? Cheers Bennie
  20. I’ve heard of some Aussie members modifying the all plastic VT commodore unit to do the job in the brumby. Unfortunatley I don’t have pics, nor have I seen any of this mod. Cheers Bennie
  21. If the miss doesn’t sort itself out with new plugs and leads I’d then be looking at the coil pack. Swap the cat just to be sure. I reckon mine is gone by now, it’s had a few too many knocks when offroad... Cheers Bennie
  22. el_freddo

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Yeah fair enough. I’ve done my firewall back down to the rear suspension including the wheel arches etc. I had everything out already - gearbox and the front end. Can’t remember why I had the front end out, gearbox was out for a rebuild so I did the paint work while I was there. Cheers Bennie
  23. el_freddo

    FJ1600 Question

    Looking good Astro! Cheers Bennie
  24. Correction, one of the worst automatic transmissions is the three speed. I haven’t heard anyone call the four speed auto one of the worst transmissions out there. Someone might be able to chime in here, but it might be possible to get the TCU re-programmed to run better as per your requirements. As for your swap it’s not just a simple transmission swap, you’ll need the matching TCU, wiring and somehow make the ECU and TCU talk together. Cheers Bennie
  25. I’ve also heard of ppl using the MPFI temp sensor too. From memory they adapt the SPFI wiring to the MPFI sensor. I hope it’s as easy as replacing this sensor! Cheers Bennie