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  1. Happy Labor Day! Edit: Fixed with a new Crankshaft Sprocket - see pics of damaged one below. What I'm working on this time: -2005 Outback, Automatic, base 2.5i model with EJ253, 180K - This is the MAF-based, non i-AVLS version. This is the newest Subaru I've worked on. -I bought it 2 weeks ago with a broken timing belt tensioner -the mounting bolt sheared off and very likely damaged pistons and/or valves. Shop had removed the timing covers and found the broken bolt. Owner said -'$pend no more' - and put it on CL. So, I never drove it or heard it run. -Replacement engine is a 2004 EJ251 (VIN confirmed from block stamping) - unknown miles and condition. Long-block only. - Both are EGR; '05 heads stamped Z25; '04 stamped L25. -Moved both Cam sprockets / Gears, Crank Sprocket, Intake Manifold, knock sensor, engine mounts, etc. to the EJ251 (did NOT move the cam or crank sensor - per online Subaru parts they are the same p/n). Installed a brand new T-Belt (Evergreen?? belt) - with Aisin Water Pump and GMB pulleys and tensioner (ebait Mizumo kit). Everything bolted up w/out issue. Brand new battery. New NGK plugs. Fresh oil and filter, and coolant. -The only 'surprise' to me was the newer style Crank Sprocket. I had to double-check online what alignment mark to use. But I'm 99% sure I got it and the Cams aligned correctly. I've done ~10 T-Belts on EJ-series SOHC and DOHC versions w/out a problem. - Used this for reference: - First Start: Starts up but runs really rough and smokes out exhaust. Did not hear any engine knock. I let it run about 30 seconds. Cruise light is flashing. turn if off and checking with OBD2 scanner Shows No Codes. Try it a 2nd time and same issue and no codes. - What would you Gurus check first? If I did mess up the Tbelt install, wouldn't I get a Cam, Crank or Misfire code? Thanks for any Responses!
  2. --- 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5L DOHC 4EAT AWD --- Hey all! In anticipation of a engine swap I was talking with my local shop that is insanely experienced and truly honest, fair and professional their name is Kaiju Motorsports here in Henderson, Near Las Vegas Nevada. Let me know if there any other shops out here so far this seems to be the top notch shop in Vegas. They quoted me about 17-25 hours @110/hr for a swap with a 2.2L or 2.5L, they said it would be that many hours due to all the inevitable issues that pop up with an engine swap like wiring and other mechanical hiccups. Is that a fair quote for guys who 100% know what they are doing? its not just swap and that's it they make sure it fully functional and kinks are worked out before the job is "done" also if I'm buying an engine what else is necessary to purchase? I imagine its not just buy 1 engine and that's it, I'm sure there will be new gaskets or wires or ecu i have no idea.. so what else am I looking for when "buying an engine" so I can price things out ahead of time. also let me know if swapping to an H6 ez30 is a better idea since i want to lift this thing 2 inches and make it a camper and i doubt that the 2.2 will make life very enjoyable loaded up with camping gear, they quoted about 25-35 hours for that.
  3. --- 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5L H4 DOHC 4EAT AWD --- Hey All!! I've looked through forums and other threads but cant find what I need. I might have to do an engine swap here soon depending on whether or not this engine is worth fixing. I really want to lift this thing about 1.5-2 inches and go 1 size up in tire size from 205/70/R15 to ---> 215/75/R15 My Goal is for it to be a good camping vehicle that can try to keep up with my buddies jeep. If I'm going to do an engine swap id like to have enough power to accomplish this goal without it being underpowered after the lift plus camping gear and full size spare etc... I want an easy swap, something that's pretty plug and play hopefully around 10-15 hours of labor. Im pricing out having a shop just do it for me but I am pretty mechanically inclined and I'm quite sure I could swap an engine myself with the proper tools and meticulous labeling and organizing of all the wires hoses and other stuff. For someone who has never even come close to swapping an engine, however I have changed spark plugs, distributor and a thermostat, I Imagine it would be easier to swap an engine with no experience than say replacing head gaskets with no experience, but again I have no clue, I just feel like it would be a bit less advanced to swap a intact engine and just hook up some hoses wires and bolts etc.. Let me know if I should just stop this line of reasoning and leave it to the pros or not haha. But other than that what engine would be the best option for what I want to do. Hopefully plug and play enough that it doesn't cost too many shop hours or plug and play enough for me to do it if yall think that's a good idea.
  4. I need to replace the engine in my 2010 impreza outback sport. What are my options? What engines from what years of what models could I fit in this? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am looking at a 1997 Outlook 2.5i that needs the motor replaced. I am looking for a project to do with my 2 boys. I want to put in a turbo charged engine from a WRX. I have not seen information about this. is it possible? is there more to it than dropping in the engine and connecting the tranny? is there electrical systems that need to be changed? If there are other posts that answer this question, please guide me to them. Thanks, Scott
  6. I'm swapping an ej20x into my legacy, and I'm curious as to what motors I can use parts off of, I'm having trouble finding much aftermarket parts for it. Any help is appreciated
  7. I have an 87 XT and an 86 BRAT with an EA82T and an EA81 respectively. If either of those motors dies on me catastrophically I'll have to do an engine swap. I know most people seem to like dropping EJ engines into these cars, but I would like to make them both diesel with subaru's EE20 diesel engine if I can. I know that its physical dimensions will work as it is slightly smaller than an EJ22. I was curious if anyone knows what kinda of transmission mods I'd have to perform?
  8. I have good bug eye body I want to bring back to life with a 99 foresters engine. Looking for advice on the swap and if it's even all that compatible.
  9. Evap/egr system is bad enough to make replacing the efi with the weber look like a good idea, but how's the ea82 to rebuild when its time to do so? Are any of the newer engines candidates for transplant/drop in instead of rebuilding the ea82? By the way, thanks for all the help I've gotten so far from your forum.
  10. I have recently purchased a 1996 Subaru Outback with a 2.2 liter EJ 22 engine that I know very little about. so far I have replaced the clutch and the axles and just in time to blow a head gasket . So in lue of just getting another car i have decided to turn this car into an ultimate adventure wagon, ntm b4 I blew the head gasket it had quite a few problems with lack of power and failing gages . at this point i am ready to put a new engine in the gal and do a complete overhaul . being that i am not a mechanic and i have a limitted budget, I have a lot of questions. first of these is; what can i do to achieve 250 hpaw with a 2.2 l engine ?
  11. Can I just transplant a 2001 2.5 outback engine into a 2005 2.5 outback or use 2001 heads on the 2005 block? 2005 has a good block ,but bad heads. 2001 had good heads and block, but needs head gasket job and is a rusting body.
  12. Hey Everybody. Long time no write! It's been too long since I posted anything.. Busy with work and things. You know the drill. In the next week or so, I'll be performing the EJ20 swap in my 05 Forester. My engine has over 180 miles, has oil leaks, including the rear main seal, and has some really nice piston slap. If not for that last thing, I'd fix the leaks. I have some long distance driving coming up this spring - Death Valley for one - and I simply don't ant to get stuck somewhere with a blown engine. I decided an engine swap is the best solution. I tried finding another EJ25, but those are impossible to find, so a JDM EJ20 is on its way. I'm aware of the various thing that need to be swapped over from the old engine - cam and crank sprockets, sensors, intake manifold - but I have a question. Is the timing belt different between the two? I recently changed mine on the 25, and it would be nice if they were. If they are not, what car should I order from. All of the auto stores order according to vehicle, and since the Forester only comes with the 25, I know from previous experience I won't get the right part. Also, I'm curious how this swap has gone for others. I've read that the idle is smoother, but you do lose a bit of torque on acceleration. I can live with that.
  13. Hey everyone! So this is my first post, and I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge is VERY limited. Here's the jist of the situation. I have a 1989 Subaru GL wagon that was given to me as a graduation present. He has been serving the family dutifully for years now, but is getting a little tired. I plan on spending the fortune I'm sure it will cost to get the dual range transmission fully rebuilt, but the engine is still lacking. Anyone who has owned this car knows that it really deserves to be a diesel. If nothing else, it's severely lacking in power, especially with the Toyota steelies that are on there right now. I have heard that people have put WRX engines in this car, and am wondering about the feasibility of that, versus other engines. I don't need an insane power boost, and I definitely want to keep the transmission. Like I said, in a perfect world I'd love to make him a diesel, but I realize that may be impossible. Thoughts? Suggestions? Has anyone tried a Golf TDI engine? (I realize that it would be a deviation from God's greatest gift to man, the boxer, but it might be an interesting project).
  14. My 03 Impreza rs recently blew its 2.5l sohc engine. My question is, would I be able to direct swap a ej254 Dohc 2.5l engine into my car without having to buy a new wiring harness, exhaust, ecu, etc?
  15. My 03 Impreza rs recently blew its 2.5l sohc engine. My question is, would I be able to direct swap a ej254 Dohc 2.5l engine into my car without having to buy a new wiring harness, exhaust, ecu, etc?
  16. My 03 Impreza rs recently blew its 2.5l sohc engine. My question is, would I be able to direct swap a ej254 Dohc 2.5l engine into my car without having to buy a new wiring harness, exhaust, ecu, etc?
  17. I have a 2003 2.5l Impreza rs that recently blew its sohc ej25 engine. Would I be able to direct swap a 2.5l ej254 dohc engine without having a buy a new wiring harness, exhaust, sensors, etc?
  18. Hi there, I'm looking for advice on doing an engine swap for my 1998 Subaru Lancaster which has just blown a head gasket for the second time. As the car is still in good nick and repair or professional engine replacement would cost as much as the car is worth I'd like to make a project of swapping another engine in. It would need to be complete/long block due to the head gasket issues. Which engines would be a direct swap for my car? It would be a DIY job with help from more knowledgeable friends, at the moment I want to start looking for engines and putting together cost estimates. Cheers
  19. Just bought a 85 brat 1.8 5 speed I want to put the motor & trans into my 79 brat. Anyone done this? Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  20. Hi ultimate folks, I'm am towards the end of a '96 ej22 swap into an '84 GL wagon. I currently have the ecu and harness draped across the engine bay with what I think has all of the proper wires grounded and hooked up, but I can't seem to get spark. My question is, does anybody have a checklist or know off the top of their head a list of connections that are required for spark? For example, I don't know if the ignition switch wire should be grounded while cranking or needs 12 volts or some other combination. I have a custom ignition setup, so there aren't any relays yet, just raw wires going everywhere, and I run the starter by just touching 12 volts to the switch on the starter and the new fuel pump. Sorry for mistakes, I'm on my phone. Thanks.
  21. has anybody swapped a 2.5 engine in a 2009 Impreza. my boy blew a connecting rod thru the top of the engine. I just ordered a used engine and I am going to swap it myself. Is there any pit falls I should be aware of ? I have swapped many engines in my time but never a Subaru. it is an automatic, can I pull it out of the top, or dose it need to go out the bottom. looks like I can bring it thru the top. Do I need any special tool's for the job? Gas line tools. trany line tools, is there any thing special about how the tranny mates to the engine? ac tools or can I just pull them off to the side. look like I could lay it all over the fender. How long should it take start to finish? Thank for any insite. Bug
  22. New member and its great to see all the support for these amazing vehicles! Anyhow, I have a 1986 DL original motor, trans, everything. It's a bare bones subie with power nothing, no AC, 4 speed, front wheel drive, front wheel e-brake. Like with everything else, the motor has slowly tiring over the years and I'd hate to get rid of it. Horsepower is the grail of this quest and how to go about a motor swap, suspension upgrade, etc. I have no idea what type of motor/suspension products to procure, what to look for, how to start, and of course, I'll need to upgrade my metric wrench set. Suggestions are certainly welcome. Thanks!!
  23. Hello. I bought a '97 legacy L automatic car. Not knowing that aperently the manual cars are lacking the EGR system. So needless to say I have a CEL I need to make the auto ecu communicate with the manual motor. How can I get the car to work without EGR? First pic is my car second I found online of what it should look like
  24. I have a 95 legacy with a good 2.2 eng. This car is an automatic. I want to put that motor in a 96 legacy brighton wagon that has a 5 speed. The exhaust ports on the heads are different; 2 hole for 95 engine; 1 hole for the 96. I know the At engine has a pressure valve?? for the Automatic and this is not on the engine that is bad. can I just swap these motors striaght up and move the exhaust Y over to the brighton? Will the ECM in the 96 recognize the 95 engine. Looking for some seasoned advice, thanks!
  25. I've been working on swapping an engine from a 99 legacy outback (manual transmission) in to a 98 forester (automatic transmission) I finally went to put the engine in the forester today and noticed the one of the studs on the engine wasn't protruding through the transmission bell housing. So I looked over the old engine I had pulled from the forester and noticed that it only had two studs on the engine whereas the one from the outback had four. After many creative searches and reading many threads I had decided to see if anyone in this community of knowledge has any light to shed on this for me. This seems like an uncommon configuration for the studs on a EJ25 as most pictures I have see only have the two bottom studs. So can I pull the stud from the engine and just use the old bolts off the forester as I was planning to do? If so how do you remove the stud? Are they any other weird problems that I am likely to run into and should gear myself up for? It seems like 99 was a magic year for the EJ25...... Since I am writing this up I had one question regarding the lining up of the drive plate with the torque converter. Is there an easy way to line up the bolt holes or do you just have to guess and then move the drive plate by rotating the engine. I have it lined up now, and I doubt it will get out of line when I pull the engine, I'd just like to know if there was an easier way in the future. This is a picture of the engine I removed. I did find a picture of the an engine with the stud configuration like mine.
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