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Found 15 results

  1. WagonFest in Washington, wish I could go - FYI https://www.avants.com/events/2021/10-10/wagonfest-2021 WagonFest is back! Do you love longroofs? Join us on Sunday, October 10th at DirtFish Rally School for WagonFest 2021, the largest celebration of station wagons in the US, maybe even the universe! All wagons welcome! New and old...American, European, Japanese, etc. If it has a long roof, bring it! Bonus points for cargo boxes. If you don't have a wagon, you are still welcome to come to the show (there will be separate parking for non-wagons) All participants will receive a commemorative WagonFest 2021 decal. Tickets are $10 per car. Please register/pay online before the event. Only 250 tickets available. All money will be donated to the Seattle Humane Society. Pets are welcome, but please keep them on a leash. See you there!
  2. i have a 95 legacy wagon and i can drive it anywhere , im always folling my friends in their lifted pickups etc. only thing is i would like more clearance, especially with the tow kit on the back that hangs down a bit lower. i believe my friend put outback suspension on his but was wondering what the tallest or best suspension to buy would be? im looking for something that i can just get from a "pull n save" for fairly cheap and would be fairly easy to find. any ideas??
  3. Is anyone else going to STPR this weekend? i am going to be driving up fro Maryland on Friday. I will likely be camping in my Crosstrek since i didnt get a hotel this year. It might be cool to meet up for lunch or dinner on Friday or Saturday. I will be leaving pretty early on Sunday morning, though, I have to get back to Maryland to go to Boxerfest.
  4. In Shelton, WA this coming weekend. I was at the Oregon Trail Rally last month and had a great time! It would be fun to meet some of the other local members, maybe have our own little meet and greet/BBQ? Any takers?
  5. Uh hi, I drive an outback and this is my first time joining a forum ever
  6. So I've put up a go fund me and am hoping to get help from you guys! I am turning my 83 wagon into a rally car. Right now I am working on the weight reductions and the suspension. I'm hoping to participate in some races next spring and summer. It would be awesome to have a USMB rally car to get some attention to the forums. If it's allowed I will post the link below. Please tell me if it needs to be removed due to rules. If anyone could lend some time helping me with various things (Ideas on suspension, Ideas on weight reductions and drivetrains that might work with a higher powered EA81. I plan on getting most of the forged parts from RAM. Not sure about which turbo I want but will figure that out when the motor part of the build comes along. Here's the link if anyone wants to throw a few bucks towards this build. Any help at all... Even encouragement is greatly appreciated. http://www.gofundme.com/baja500racecar Any suggestions for body and paint? I am going to research bed liners and possible cover it in a rhino line... If it won't effect air and weight.
  7. I wanna do somethin like this eventually For the front, I was thinking just recreating the stock one out of much more strudy material, like some 2x2 thick wall, and working in the radius rods. I'm guessing a ej 5 lug swap would be needed for strength. Axles would be a pita. Rear would be harder, Especially since I have a torsion bar. Would just replacing the tortion bar with some hard tubing, and then recreating the rear with the same stuff as the front, and then some nice struts all around. Other ideas and input would be amazing. Need some ideas
  8. more likely than you think! http://www.lonestarrallycross.com/
  9. New Market Skills Center is hosting its annual Car Show on MAY 8th! We have decided to mix it up this year and try to have more variety. Rally cars, clean builds, and even wheelers are encouraged to attend! New market is an alternative high school. In addition to the car show we are also having an open house for our programs. If you aren't interested in the school side its totally fine to simply view the cars. Free burgers! Complete a tour book and insistently win a prize from one of many sponsors! If you would like to enter a car please call (360)470-0596 and ask about the car show. This is a student run event. Thank you everyone! https://www.facebook.com/newmarketskillscenteropenhouseandcarshow
  10. So i guess this is my pre-build thread to see peoples ideas and any possable tips reguarding the restoration phase of the brat. my brat unfortunatley needs a lot of body work. however i found a very clean 85 GL hatch that i can take just about the whole front end off of. end product will hopefully have a wrx/sti driveline (or maybe something a bit more valuable, but that all depends on if i can find it). the GL will likely recieve the brat's current driveline which would be an upgrade from 2 wheel front to 2/4wheel dual range. the brat literally has all the rust spots you would expect froma neglected brat (though the frame looked good last i checked). any tips on body repair for the rear end (in the bed and the rear sill that almost doesnt exist anymore) and people that might be selling the bed chrome for a 2nd gen as mine is in questionable condition.
  11. so, as my topic says, im going to be modding my brat into a little rally beast. Im already looking for needed replacement parts such as hood, fenders, grill, rear bumper, etc. mostly cosmetic. but im still planning out the major modifications. One of the first things on the long list of modifications and repairs needed is an engine (well..actually an entire drive system, but engine being the focal point) for the much needed increase in power. im thinking the system from a late 90's impreza; ej25 motor, manual transmission, awd. actually, let me take a step back and just lay out the basic overall idea for the project. basically i want an every day driver that i can also go play in the sand with . cosmetically i want it to look like a factory soup up. very simple black body with white accents. mechanics is a who different story. im going to be building it for aggressive offroad use, so a small lift and slightly larger tires is in order. and an engine with much greater power; more specifically torque. any ideas on what engine or what vehicle to steal the drive system from? or any other ideas or tips? i will post pictures shortly, but considering im not in the same state as my brat at the moment, i only have pictures from earlier this year
  12. Hey everyone, I am starting to prepare for rallycross. I own a 1990 5spd Loyale with an EA82. Car is stock except for Spectre cone filter, fitted to a MAF adapter(3"). Also, the drivers seat is a stock bucket seat from a Nissan 240sx, with rail adapters I made here at home. I also have mudflaps which are custom made. SO, I have a few things to do before I believe this car is ready to go sling mud around. Before anyone says anything, I am aware that this car isn't a "race-ready" vehicle, nor is it really typical for any sort of motorsport event. From what I've read about rallycross, it's about having fun and getting the car out there, not being fast and competitive. Thats what i'm looking for. I don't want to destroy the car, I want to go have fun. I have no problem driving conservatively on the track, and i'm confident that my car will do fine. I'm not out to build some badass screaming turbo race car.. I want to take a virtually stock car and improve my abilities, along with getting a feel for basic motorsports. I would assume everyone on here sees what I mean, but still, I feel like I have to say something. Alright, here is what i have in mind that should get me ready to go play. CAR -Battery tie down(i have none) -set of good tires -relocate AWD button to dash and get aftermarket shift knob -put on skidplate -fire extinguisher -straight pipe with cat ITEMS TO BUY -approved helmet -gloves -SCCA membership -gas can -tarp -jumper cables Questions: 1) Will my aftermarket seat be a problem for the inspection? Custom made adapters had to be made to make the seat fit in my car. It's sturdy, and not anything completely ridiculous. The seatbelt works and is positioned correctly. Other than what I have said, does anyone have any advice or recommendations for me? I would really appreciate it. I'm new to this, obviously. I'm a huge rally fan, and I live in the Pacific Northwest. I'll be participating in Sports Car Club of America events. I'll upload pictures of progress. Thank you guys!
  13. Hey, my buddy and i are looking at getting into rally here in the future and would like to get a good starting point for that, now this fellow says that there is an exhaust issue that causes a lack of movement, which sounds odd. Either way, let me know what you think, we'd like to be able to drive it home and drive it till the 1.8 dies and replace it with a 2.2 or a 2.5. Here's the link. http://eastidaho.craigslist.org/cto/3868283402.html
  14. Expect video and photos, if any body is interested. If anybody is in the Alabama area. The info can be found at http://www.alscca.net
  15. HI GUYS !!!! i'm new here and my first question is, how can i raise my 1984 Gl Wagon another 3-4 inches to allow for a rugged rim/tire combo? is the best option a lift kit? and whats the best rim/tire setup? keep OFFROAD in mind when answering (snow, mud, sand, water...) the pic of the Subaru below is the GOAL !!! so please help. i've seen posts and discussions regarding "ozified" and "scorpion subaru" lift kits but when i search these, it seems they're no longer being produced or don't exist !!! thank you -Mr. SIX9
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