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  1. I stripped a hun on my 1985 BRAT, for the second time! The 36mm castellated nut was at the right torque, with cotter pin. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I have the manual to the 84 gl, but the vehicle I drive is an 85 BRAT. Can I use the 84 wiring diagrams to fix the 85 BRAT?
  3. I had what seemed like front axle problems. I can drive in 4wd, but not 2wd. The video explains is all. Parking brake on, engine running, 1st gear 2wd , clutch engaged. The castellated nut just spins! https://youtube.com/shorts/yYehV4mw_lg?feature=share What th... What's the problem??
  4. The video tells the story!!! The left turn signal switch will activate flashing in bulbs other than the turn signal bulb! https://youtube.com/shorts/AtWGv5Lt3ns?feature=share
  5. My 85 Brat started and ran a month ago, then it sat for a month. I tried to start it, the engine would maybe 1/2 turn over with each try. Things I did Replace battery with a proven strong one. Clean battery terminals, and cable clamps, clean engine ground connection, clean positive cable connection at starter. I can swap parts with my healthy 1984 GL! What should my next step be?
  6. The Y piece, catastrophic converter is available from RockAuto, and the muffler, surprisingly, available on eBay. The piece between them, I guess called the “Resonator “ costs $180 from Autozone! Is this my only option?;
  7. I just bought a 1985 Brat!! I am pretty sure the parts are the same as my ‘84 GL Wagon. I need to replace the windshield. It is the same as a GL, 1984, right? I am in St. louis, and the closest windshield I can find is in Chicago. Group mind, do you have any suggestions? mkoch
  8. I am in desperate need of a 1994 Subaru Legacy EJ22 Wiring Harness and ECU in order to do a Volkswagen Vanagon Engine Swap. I have a custom made conversion kit through Kennedy Automotive out of Palmdale California that is made specifically for a 1985 Automatic Volkswagen Vanagon and a 1994 Subaru Legacy EJ22 engine. I have the transmission conversion kit and the engine and everything else that came with the cutom conversion kit except for the wiring harness. Any help in locating the part would be MUCH appreciated. I am willing to pay for shipping handling and labor if anyone can find one in decent condition. I can't find any junkyards within hundreds of miles of my location that have this car in their yards. I need this specific engine wiring harness because the conversion company has a deal with the state of California that allows instant smog certification on these specific engines.
  9. o/ I tried a bit of searching before hand and didn't come up with anything similar to my problem, and NASIOC didn't have much help other that the direction to this site. (Which I'm ecstatic about.) I bought a 1985 GL from my in-laws, I found the car a year ago and was about to buy it when they said they needed it more, so I let them snatch it up with the intent of buying it from them later on. Well, that time has come and now it's mine. They drove it maybe 2,000 miles in the year they owned it and did improper maintenance. Now it's got a dead lifter and 2 blown head gaskets. I'm not very concerned about those two issues, they're easy fix's for me. I am however concerned with my 4WD system. FWD works perfectly, it'll even do a one tire fire if I'm not easy on the peddle. 4hi it makes a ton of gearbox noise from the center diff, and it feels like one of the rear wheels locks up and just drags, all while going straight, I haven't dared to turn. 4lo makes the same noise however it seems to work just fine. I haven't really tried 4lo that much due to the fear of it breaking on dry pavement. The weirdest part of all this, is it only goes back in 2wd if I'm going in reverse. It refuses to go back while moving forward. If you've got idea's before I start cracking the box's open, I'm all ears.
  10. Hey there, I recently ordered some replacement CV axles for both the front driver and passenger sides. I measured the old ones and since they were so beat up I wasn't super accurate with my measurements. I purchased new Surtrack axles online, the number of splines matched up and the length seemed right. However when I got them at my house I compared them to the old ones and they were apx. 2" longer, I thought I would try them anyways and though maybe they will compress more with some weight and and pressure. I got one in and it is definitely to long. I can get it into the steering knuckle and through the bearing all the way and put a axle nut on it all the way and get the other end on as well. The issue is now my steering knuckle is being pushed too far out from the control arm and ball joint. Does anyone have experience buying new axles for this model 1985 GL Hatchback 4spd Manual HI/LOW 4x4 1.8 OHV? Every store online that their axle will fit and has the correct splines but they are all 27 13/32 - 27 3/8 and I believe I need something closer to 25 3/8 - 26 3/8. If anyones has any suggestions or advice it would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get this Subie out on the Minnesota streets and lakes before the weather gets to warm! Thank you.
  11. Hey there everyone, I have started to some work on my new 1985 GL Hatchback. I am not super familiar with Subaru motors and I have intermediate/novice skills as a car mechanic ( I know vintage motorcycles much better ) Anyways, I was removing my AC and its components and saw this and was wondering what it went to? It is all metal, it goes down/behind/underneath the driver side valve cover. There is also a bracket behind it that looks like it may have supported something as well. My questions: – What is this? – What was attached to it? – Is this something I can operate the car safely without? – Does anyone have a reference photo for a GL with this component(s) not missing? Please see photo attached, I outlined the part in question in yellow. Thanks pals.
  12. Hey guys. My 1985 GL wagon has been running pretty hot just after taking it on a 9 hour drive from Tahoe to southern CA. At first I was thinking that the thermostat wasn't opening up, and then noticed that the cooling fan wasn't turning on no matter how hot the engine was. Just driving around town it runs just below the red on the temperature gauge. Is the cooling fan not working alone enough to make it run that hot? And what are some ways to trouble shoot the fan not working? Last project completed on it was a new water pump, which was done by a professional. And it did fine on the 9 hour drive. Thanks Dewey
  13. Hello I am a newbie that loves working on his new 1985 Subaru GL Wagon. I am wondering if any of you can tell me how hard it is or if there are any special tricks to changing a water pump. The Mechanic I took it to said it was leaking in multiple places and was wanted 450 to change it. Considering I bought it for $500 I figure I should do it myself. If you have any info on changing the pump, or any manuals for the 85 GL it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you, Dewey
  14. Hello I recently bought a 1985 GL Wagon 1.8 liter 5 speed. It has 120k miles on it. I know it has some good life left in it. The previous owner didn't keep it up very well. I don't have the service manual for this car. I decided to change the transmission fluid and the oil and filter, along with the starter distributer cap, plugs and wires. The guy at the auto parts store looked up the amount of fluids needed for the oil and transmission fluid. He stated that the transmission needed 7 quarts and the engine needed four quarts. After finishing all other projects. And filling the fluids up,... It definitely seems to be way too much in fluid amounts with the oil and tranny fluid. If anyone can give me the recommended amounts for tranny fluid and oil that would be great. The oil is easy I guess, just fill it up till it's right on the dipstick. By the way the tranny fluid looked really bad as well as the oil. Thank you, Chris
  15. Greetings from the southern Sierra mountain in California. I bought my '85 Suby from an elderly gentleman for $400. Since then, it's been down muddy mountain trails, through streams, and passing brand new cars in blizzards. I've never seen a model like mine, with 4 headlights, so i'm not sure if it's been modified or is just a rare make. It still passes CA strict smog laws, and has only needed an engine head replacement 8 years ago for major fixes. I still amaze people with the spare tire sitting on top of the engine, and 4wd on-call buttton.
  16. So I'm planning on doing a ej22 swap in my wagon but there's a lot of things i need to plan out before I can do so. One of those things being how am I going to do a 5 lug swap so i can have a better suspension system in my gl, have easier and cheaper access to wheels, and also be able to lower it easier. So here is my question for you guys: Is it possible to put 95 legacy suspension in my gl and if so, how do I do it?
  17. I bought my wagon in 1995 from a new / used car dealer in North Denver. They had it stickered at $4999....IIRC I got them down to $2450 and had the car looked over by Rick (I think was his name and the owner) at CCR (Colorado Component Rebuilders) before I purchased it. I had never owned a Subaru but after moving to Denver from Southern California I saw so many around and old ones too. I went to Rick's shop with the wagon (dealer let me take it off the lot but only beacuse I was walking away if I couldn't get a machanic's opinion before buying) and met Rick, his wife and their shop dog, a cool bitch Boston Terrier. I now have a Boston Terrier as a result of meeting that dog....a very good dog. Rick looked over my wagon and he drove it around the block with me in it. Rick said, "looks decent...always keep an eye on your oil and water levels, use genuine Subaru oil filters, and don't shift in and out of 4 wheel drive while turning and you should be good to go." Now these years later the wagon is pretty stock for sure and has been through some scrapes. Back hatch from a MPFI 1985 GL-10 wagon and passenger side front quarter panel along with other bits. Alternator and AC system with bonus full time second fan and various other donor parts from a 1985 GL wagon non-turbo automatic. I have had the wagon through snow in the Rocky Mountains and even had studded snow tires for a time when I lived near Silverthorne. I can remember smiling proudly and charging past Suburbans and the like pulled off to the roadside during blizzard conditions on the I70. Since moving back to Southern California, the wagon has been out to the deserts on many camping and prospecting trips on some tricky roads...even up on high sand dunes in the Superstition Mountains just Southwest of the Salton Sea. That was funny. On a prospecting trip, my dad and I pulled up almost to the top of the dune field in my 1985 Subaru "Charger" (as I have named it) near this $70-100K massive 4X4 lifted Ford 250 or 350 (crew cab with fancy custom paint and huge tires) while they were loading quads into the bed of the truck. We waved and proceeded back down the dune because had we gone up and over the top we were not sure of the type of sand on the other side of the dune. That Ford was about to leave and there was no help for miles. Lately with the Subarus help my dad I located a placer gold claim at the end of of a long 4X4 road about 3000 feet up in the Southern Sierra Nevadas. We are getting geared up to go do some mining soon to celebrate my dad's 73 birthday....yes in the 1985 Subaru GL D/R non turbo "Charger" Wagon. So I will see if I can post some pictures I took today. Many thanks USMB
  18. Hi everyone, I had to give up on my dream of rebuilding this beauty, as I don't have the time or the skills to get this thing back to roadworthy. Also, I have a kid on the way, so off it goes. I'm sad to see it go. I know a lot of you have the skills and the ability to find the parts to get her blasting down the road again. I figured I'd post my Ebay auction here since you are the Subaru Gurus $1900, no reserve. Beautiful body, sad engine & cooling system. All details in the auction. Thanks for your time. http://www.ebay.com/itm/111544339147? http://www.ebay.com/itm/111544339147?
  19. So i guess this is my pre-build thread to see peoples ideas and any possable tips reguarding the restoration phase of the brat. my brat unfortunatley needs a lot of body work. however i found a very clean 85 GL hatch that i can take just about the whole front end off of. end product will hopefully have a wrx/sti driveline (or maybe something a bit more valuable, but that all depends on if i can find it). the GL will likely recieve the brat's current driveline which would be an upgrade from 2 wheel front to 2/4wheel dual range. the brat literally has all the rust spots you would expect froma neglected brat (though the frame looked good last i checked). any tips on body repair for the rear end (in the bed and the rear sill that almost doesnt exist anymore) and people that might be selling the bed chrome for a 2nd gen as mine is in questionable condition.
  20. i recently purchased an 85 GL hatch and i found this in the engine bay. how bad for the axel is this? im rather inexperienced in working on subarus unfortunately.
  21. so i have a 1985 subaru GL hatchback, and the clutch blew. due to the variety of setups subaru made for that era, i have no idea which clutch to buy.its a ea81 with a 5 speed front wheel drive transmission
  22. So, i have a 1986 Brat GL that i recieved as a gift from in the family that is in depressingly sad condition. the engine runs, but has a phenominal time starting up, havent seen any problems with the tranny and 4 wheel. recently my mom was driving it and one wheel seized from a bad bearing(all 4 are since replaced), there is the all too common wheel well rust in the bed, both fenders and the hood are beyond repair and need to be replaced. drivers fender has a dent that interferes with the door and has rusted into its bent form, the passenger fender was attacked by a bear (not joking. both on my brat and my brothers outback legacy, the passenger fender got bit and bent out). and the hood has an odd bit of rust in the under frame of it. irrepairable, and i have no idea how it got there . interior is also in sad condition, but i dont need to type out annother paragraph on that. Now, in a random stroke of luck, i found a 1985 GL hatchback (2 wheel drive) that is the same generation body styling . and the even better thing about it; NO RUST . it lived in arizona all its life so it has the standard arizona car accessories such as; the awesome faded paint look, that is now a matte finish also. the oh, so, popular cracked dash and just overall rubber parts dry rotting. so my question is, just how much of the GL am i able to transplant into the brat? considdering the brat has been a New England car for most, if not all, of its life, i want to eliminate as much rust as possable. fenders and hood are a must, but do the doors match? windshield? i will upload pictures soon side note: i dont have access to my brat at the moment, due to it being on the opposite side of the country, but im going to get it this summer
  23. Hi All, This is Andrew here again. I am still trying to tackle this bogging out issue. My Brat runs really well when its not warmed up, but once it is warm it losses power when moving from a stopped position. I have completely rebuilt the carb and at this point I am pretty much done dealing with it. Its the stock carb and I am thinking its time to replace it with one of those webber carbs. Does anyone have a link to the carb that will work with my 1985 Brat 1.8L? As always, thanks in advance for your support and help. Cheers, Andrew
  24. I recently acquired a 1985 Subaru Brat. I want to install the rear jump seats which I have but I'd rather not put anyone in them without having a roll bar. I don't know everything about Brats. Does a 1985 4 speed manual even comes factory with a roll bar? I was wondering if anyone has one or how/where to get it made. I'd rather it be original if it had one but when ever I search any for sale sites there is never a roll bar for a Brat.
  25. Hey whats up guys, I have a 1985 brat 4wd and im in the process of rebuilding the carburator. I thought i had a dcz 328, but when the rebuild kit arrived i realized the gaskets dont match up. I searched around but cannot find a straight up answer as to which carb i really have and which rebuild kit i need. Id rather not waste more money on kits i cant use, can anyone help me out?
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