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Found 6 results

  1. I just bought a 1985 Brat!! I am pretty sure the parts are the same as my ‘84 GL Wagon. I need to replace the windshield. It is the same as a GL, 1984, right? I am in St. louis, and the closest windshield I can find is in Chicago. Group mind, do you have any suggestions? mkoch
  2. I recently picked up some XT mirrors for an upcoming project and I'd like to repaint them. I'm thinking it would be simpler if I could disassemble the mirrors. Is there a simple way to get the mirror glass off the side-view mirror assembly? Can the mirror be disassembled to remove the rubber bellows at the folding joint?
  3. I had a rock thrown through my rear window last week. For the first time in a long time the Internet let me down. Very little information on how to remove and replace the rear glass on any car- never mind a Subaru. So here is my accounting of my experience. It should be mentioned that the real reason I did this is because the cost of the glass and the install fee was pretty crazy expensive. Min $650 and then $260 on top of that to install it never mind taxes. It took me most of the day to hack out the replacement glass from a salvaged hatch back, clean up the broken glass from the receiving car and glue it into place. A lot of work to be sure but I saved $900+ so, worth it in my opinion. Here is the before picture: The tools that really helped were a oscillating saw and guitar strings. Saw in action ( Look very closely for the little teeth) I used a medium sized blade on the saw. A 3/4" blade for wood. I really took my time and did not force it at any point. First thing I did was to remove the "SUBARU" bar and lights from the donor hatch. It would get in the way of the removal of the glass. I put a piece of foam to protect the glass. At times I had to lightly strap the hatch to my work table to stop it from moving. I used the oscillating saw to cut a hole for the guitar string. You have to use them like a pull saw. A handle on either side. Pull, pull,pull. I started with the largest E string and worked my way through a set of old strings, breaking them as I went. I went through almost a full set but finished with the second smallest string I had started using wrenches as handles but it was too hard on my hands so I made some wooden handles and drilled a small hole for the guitar string. I had to keep a eye out to not hack up the gaskets on the window. That being said there was some damage done to the seals. Not enough to worry about but it would have been nice to pull the window cleanly. FINISHED! One of the surprises were these plastic plugs that had to be cut through with the wire The hardest part of this project was removing the glass intact from the donor hatch. It took a long time. You have to be careful of the defrost connectors and the seal on the donor glass. I took hours. Cleaning up the urethane caulking on the glass was fast and easy on the glass side with the oscillating saw!! Like 60 seconds!!! Not so much on the car side. I would strongly recommend safety glasses as the splinters shoot into your face as you cut away the glass impregnated glass with the oscillating saw. I also damaged the paint on my car with the saw. I was not too worried as it would be covered my the glass, but it still meant another trip to the hardware store. I could not find the perfect match of paint either. Again. Not worried as it would be covered. I masked the SUBARU bar and some lights with tape. Sprayed a couple of coats of paint on the bare areas while I tried to get my seized window wiper nuts removed. (Penetrating oil and a wire brush). I was lucky to have a glass shop 6 blocks away. They sold me this urethane caulking I think that you have you use the urethane caulking in one go. The glass shop recommended that you lay a bead the size of 3/8" or 5/16". I considered taping the glass into place as it dried but It was the end of the day and the glass seemed to fit snugly. The window wiper nut held everything in place as well. The "After" Picture. I don't think you could do this job without the guitar strings or other string-like cutter. You could use other cutting devices for the caulking removal and clean up - but I really liked the oscillating saw. (I got mine at Canadian tire on sale for like $30) A sharp chisel and utility knife would do in a pinch. Just remember to take your time and don't force things and it all should work out.
  4. Driver's side power window glass is loose. The panel comes off easily enough, and I can access the track but I can't get the glass to line back up for a snug fit and stay there. Any ideas are appreciated.
  5. Am trying to buy a base model Forester (2013 or 2014) with just two requirements: roof rails and clear glass windows. No luck so far. I was told base models can come with clear glass. Is that so? However, they do not come with roof rails. If I found a base-model, clear-window Forester, could/would a dealer install roof rails for me on request?
  6. Most parts from a '79 Brat Post with questions, PM with offers. Buyer pays shipping. Just the handrail is left. VLV!!
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