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  1. golucky66

    Steep Climbs at Elevations over 9000 ft

    On off roaring with any of the new CVTs, the ECM basically cuts power to the wheels for some stupid reason. You can try turning off traction control, but that only helps so much. It's unlikely it's an engine lack of power issue, and more of the computer not letting it be under full load.
  2. I've seen that exact thing on a 15 Outback Limited. I honestly have no idea why it does that or if it's normal or not. All I k ow is that every time that car comes into my shop for an oil change. The screen has that.
  3. Unplug the solenoid and sensor. Remove 4 bolts and it's off. Super simple.
  4. If you're concerned about it, replace the AVLS gasket. Get an OEM one or a metal style aftermarket. 5 bucks or so and it should take you 15 minutes or less. They leak over time.
  5. Wider tires to a point have less traction in snow because there's less weight per square inch on the tire. But just because the rim diameter is bigger doesn't mean the width is. My 18' Limited Crosstrek has 18" rims and the width is nearly exactly the same as the 17"
  6. Did you bypass the heater core yet and drive it?
  7. Bypass the heater core. Restricted heater cores can reduce coolant flow to the back side of the t-stat not allowing it to open.
  8. If you only run the external cooler and not through the radiator it will take the transmission significantly longer to warm up especially on the cold days here in CT. These transmissions don't typically have an issue were they fail due to them being overheated (excluding the SVXs lol) so running an external cooler doesn't really do much but hurt fuel economy due to the increase in warm up time. The transmission fluid going through the radiator actually helps warm up the transmission with the heat transfer from coolant.
  9. highest mileage FB engine i've seen is 140k miles, and haven't seen a bearing failure yet.
  10. You can do the HG in the car without removing the engine. Any shop that specializes in Subaru's that do high quality work will more then likely remove the engine to do it. It doesn't take any longer in the grand scheme of things, and you can to a much much nicer job or prepping the block surface, cleaning out the bolt holes, and over all doing the job. Typically the plate in the bell housing should be resealed because they start to leak around the time of the HG failure. If you want the very basic "just replace the HG" yeah 1.5-1.7 is reasonable. But a complete job resealing the engine, New timing components and belt, water pump should be about 2.5k depending on location.
  11. Manually close the latch on the hatch. Just push it in and it'll click. Car will think it's closed. Then when you want to close it. Hit the switch on the latch, it'll release it (just like opening the hatch in the first place) and you're done.
  12. In my experience on a 2004 and 2006 Baja Turbo (same engine basically) they run around 197 F cruising. And upwards of 212-214 stationary until fans kick on and bring the temperature back. While 100 C might sound scary because water boils at 100 C. Remember it's coolant, so the boiling point is already higher naturally. And the pressure in the system (~ 16 psi) raises the boiling point even more. Now would 230+ F start to worry me, oh heck yeah. But cruising at 95 C (203 F) i wouldn't worry too much personally. As for why the fans come on at 95 C, I'm not to sure. What brand thermostat are you running? It needs to be an OEM or OEM style. Most aftermarkets don't open properly on these cars. And what temperature is it rated to open at?
  13. You should consider and look at the new Ascent. It's got a 5k towing capability and multiple reviews of launching boats on paved and unpaved (dirt/mud) and the ascent handles both terrains fine.
  14. He needs to monitor the A/F ratio sensor and downstream O2. Until he does that you have no idea what's going on inside the combustion chamber when it's acting up. It is rich, lean, or correct?