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  1. zukiru

    The reason for my "alias" scooner.

    Yeah photobucket changed the app do it wouldn't work on my iPhone. What a bunch of idiots.
  2. zukiru

    Rebuilding tbi?

    Take it apart. Change rubber bits and gaskets Theses are the parts to the kit It's all held together with screws. I've not done the subaru yet but I have done a conquest tsi. Which is more complicated looking and was pretty easy.
  3. zukiru

    88 XT6

    Nice car!
  4. zukiru

    My new XT6!

    Right now, just fix it and drive it. My other XT is getting an ej22t.
  5. Only car I ever had a wheel loosen on was the 2wd XT. And since I check for play and slop often I caught that early enough
  6. zukiru

    My new XT6!

    California car. Zero rust. Needs head gaskets done.
  7. zukiru

    My wife's Subaru XT Turbo

    Looking good!
  8. zukiru

    my 88XT GL project car.

    Hell yeah. That looks great!
  9. zukiru

    my 88XT GL project car.

    I don't think ill need the chrome stuff. If I decide to get rid of them (which is likely) you can have dibs. Planning a much smaller tire and some fender flares most likely for the turbines on the xt. Or I'll lift the loyale and stuff them on there with some all terrains.
  10. zukiru

    my 88XT GL project car.

    Oh my. I had no idea the turbine wheels were so. Large. And the loyale is tired of workin to pay the bills.
  11. "user Gloyale can not recieve new messages" so I'll just leave this here: just shopping and see you make some under the name high guys? I looked and all I found ona a site were the lift kits. just interested in pricing and shipping quote to 35044 thanks Drew

    1. zukiru


      adapter plates....

  12. most importantly keep it clean and new. I'm using the basic 75 90 gear oil we keep on tap at the shop for rear diffs. you can run ATF for 500 miles or so to clean things up. mines a Loyale and an XT but the internals are basically the same.
  13. zukiru

    my 88XT GL project car.

    Bought ej22t. So excited!
  14. You can do a clutch. It's time consuming and will require patience but you can do it! In sure there's several how toos around this site.
  15. As far as whether you bent it I couldn't say without looking. To replace it you'll have to pull the transmission back out.