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    Well first of all, I am not a spammer. I have completed 2 successful EA to EJ swaps in a loyale and also a GL. I just love the simplicity and the sound of the Subaru.
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  1. Scooner

    EA82 to EJ22 in progress!

    I just replaced my dual port exhaust with a single port uel header, I can cut my old flanges off and send them your way if you want? I also wanted to ask and or advise you on what motor mounts you are going to use. Keep up the good work!
  2. Scooner

    2014 Legacy turbo and transmission swap

    Trade it in and buy a WRX or STi?
  3. What year EJ22 did you swap in?
  4. Scooner

    The reason for my "alias" scooner.

    Hey everyone, I'm still around and have found most of you on facebook. I will update later
  5. Scooner

    Lifting the 79 wagon

    Awesome looking project, just curious as to why you need an EJ22 flywheel?
  6. If my girl wouldn't be caught dead driving the 87 I sure as hell wouldn't let her drive my STI! Haha nice looking bumper either way bud!
  7. So rock auto shows two different part numbers for front left and front right calipers between the years of 1979 and a 1980 BRAT. What the hell. Shouldn't the calipers all the same on first gen GLs?
  8. Yeah, I'm just going to buy two brand new ones and be done with it. Plus, brakes are pretty important.
  9. Thanks dudes, I'm not concerned about performance so to speak because i am leaving it all stock I was just thinking gen 2 calipers might be easier to get haha. Rock auto has a left and right for only $52 each but I've noticed a trend with them if sending parts that aren't correct. So we will see!
  10. First I want to just say, the stock calipers on the front of the first gen BRAT have to be the dumbest design I've ever had to deal with on a car. Awful. Secondly, I found the passenger caliper is completely frozen and the drivers one is rotten (the rubber and seals) do any of you guys know of or have done a different brake setup on these using the stock rotor/hub assembly? Maybe calipers from a gen 2 would work? If all else fails I'll just order new calipers to replace them but just wondered if a different cars would work? Thanks everyone!
  11. Scooner

    The reason for my "alias" scooner.

    Here's another shot of mocking them up using jacks. Still need to mount my KC lights.
  12. Scooner

    The reason for my "alias" scooner.

    Indeed it has been swapped, best thing that can be done to a loyale/gl! I finished the swap right after Jan 1st of 2013, been running strong ever since. Although after I took the car mudding (previous pictures) the alternator went out, was spinning and just stopped producing any voltage. It's amazing how terrible these EJ motors run on low voltage!
  13. Scooner

    !RESCUED! 1980 Subaru Brat

    Where the pilot bearing goes.
  14. Scooner

    !RESCUED! 1980 Subaru Brat

    Been awhile since I've worked on this garage relic but finally getting going on it again. I pulled the engine to get a new clutch kit on, gaskets and that sort of thing. Then I found that the pilot bearing had LONG ago been destroyed and just the bearing race was left. Took forever to chisel out but I got it. You can see what's left with the new one.
  15. Scooner

    The reason for my "alias" scooner.

    Worked great to attach to the bottom of the engine cradle there, and there were welded nuts on the top side so I just had to drill holes in the tube and put a 2.5" 8 mm coarse thread to bolt it on. Of course it's welded to the bumper. I have been wanting to do this for a LONG time!