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Found 7 results

  1. I broke the exterior trim piece located below the window on the liftgate on my 2014 Forester. I have found a new part but don't know how to successfully R and R the broken piece. All hints are very welcomed. Thanks Steve
  2. I have a 2014 Subaru legacy and I love it, but id like to get some more power out of it. I have a very limited knowledge of upgrading cars, but from what I've researched and been told I think the best way to achieve the 350-400hp I'm looking for (and staying under $4-8k) is keeping the current engine and rebuilding it with forged pistons, turboing the engine and swapping the transmission. I've also been told I might need a new intercooler as well, but I haven't gotten any professional advice yet. Does this sound like a terrible idea? And what do you think the cheapest/best way to get more power in my legacy would be? Would really appreciate any advice!
  3. Getting ready to change the oil for the first time on our own (the garage I bought it at did it for free the first time) and we are confused on the .1 quart. How much is .1 quart or can we just do 5 quarts?
  4. I have a 2014 Legacy, the winds were rough last night and on my way to work I ran over a tree branch and it bounced up and scratched the side of my car bad. What is the best thing to fix the scratches???? It's blue.
  5. I’m in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and if you know the Parries, you know we get some cold weather. It has been -20 Celsius or less for a week now and I’m having some real issues with the warning lights on my dash. I have 2014 Forester 2.0XT with Eyesight and a factory installed car starter. After a night of cold weather I will, of course, try to warm up my car using the Subaru installed starter.. but it won’t work. It doesn't want to start the vehicle because the computer is displaying the following warning lights: Check Engine, Hill Assist, AT Oil Temp, ABS, Vehicle Dynamics System, Pre-collision braking system off and Lane departure off. I took the car into the dealership last year and presented a photo of the dash (because these things never seem to present themselves when you have a technician standing next to you), they agreed that it was strange and replaced the wiring harness. This seemed to do the trick; however, at this point the overnight temperature had begun to improve as spring was on its way. Now we’re into January again and I’m faced with same issues. I don’t want to be a super big baby about it, but I paid the extra money to have a car starter installed (because I don’t have a garage) and it just won’t work. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue as me? Or, do I have to just suck it up and face the fact the car starter only works in the summer, and that the warning lights are just another reminder that the winters on the parries are brutal.
  6. New 2014 outback 2.5, engine makes humming.woo,wooo,wooo, jet engine sound at exactly 3700 rpms, goes away above or below 3700 rpms.will also make the sound in neutral. Dealer could not figure out. They started checking other cars on the lot and they all do this. They had me meet with Subaru engineer and his legacy 3.6 made same noise. They cannot tell me what this is only that it is a "normal characteristics " very disturbing. Anyone ever heard of this? anyone experience this with outback or legacy 2.5 or 3.6? Should I be concerned long term w/car?
  7. So working in sales as I do, I get to play with all of the new Subarus. Generally it's a lot of fun, and of course being around Soobs all day makes me happy! But I would just like to shine some light on the brand new Forester that was released this year, as it has exceeded our expectations both for sales numbers, and in terms of the capabilities and fit-and-finish of the vehicle. Now I don't know if any of you guys have had a chance to drive one of these bad boys, but the XT models are astoundingly fast, they combine a turbocharged version of the FA20 2.0l Direct injected engine (originally marketed in the BRZ/FRS/GT-86) with a Lineartronic CVT, with the turbocharger being a twin-scroll unit. They also incorporated a transmission setting that Subaru has named "X mode" which essentially mimics a 4WD low setting at speeds below 30Km/H. It also includes a hill descent control feature. Subaru has managed to squeeze 250 HP and 258 Lbs/ft out of this 2.0L engine, and due to the powertrain setup and the reduced weight (CVT/Xspd auto/manual) the Brand new forester gets fantastic fuel economy as well! It is my personal opinion that the brand new Forester actually holds it's own pretty well against a WRX! it may have about 15 HP fewer, but the two vehicles have similar weights. Now this is where it gets interesting. If you have ever taken a look at acceleration graphs, you know that geared transmissions are curved and taper off at higher Rpms (if that makes sense) the beauty of the acceleration afforded by the CVT is that your acceleration is completely linear. So in theory, the more consistent acceleration actually gives the Forester a leg up on higher-horsepower geared-transmission vehicles. Then combine that with a drive-by-wire throttle and engine management that controls the ratio of throttle input to fuel output (Allowing it to increase fuel delivery in the "Sport# mode), and you have one fast codswalloping machine. Anyway, I hadn't noticed anyone talking about this awesome addition to the Subaru line-up, so I thought I would start a conversation on it! Who remembers Battlestar Galactica? I mean come on, look at that maw on the front of that Bad boy. Anyway, if anyone is looking to pick up a new Soob, definitely give this one a try. The world was demanding a brand new updated Forester, and Subaru answered quite defiantly by releasing an absolute monster. So, lets talk Foresters!
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