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  1. subyrally

    Steep Climbs at Elevations over 9000 ft

    the only got about a 5hp bump in power when they went to direct injection. mine is a 2017 and has a whopping 148hp... i think they went up to 152-155hp with the new fuel system.
  2. subyrally

    Steep Climbs at Elevations over 9000 ft

    from my experience with the cvt trans, they seem to fall on their face if you give it full throttle. In my mom's forester and the couple of other auto subarus with the cvt, i noticed that they tend to run the best if you stay at 2/3 throttle or under. not sure how much of a difference that makes with altitude, though.
  3. subyrally

    BRAT Build Roadmap

    sounds like you have a cool project on your hands. I am going to use Raptor liner, i keep hearing that it holds up amazingly but it is a lot less pricey than Rhino liner. i got mine on Amazon a while back, going to be coating my wrx with it at some point.
  4. dang, that would have been a perfect car for my GF's little brother to start with.
  5. subyrally

    EJ22T Brat

    mine should be as fun as that when i am done. going for stage rally. hoping to have a build n/a ej253 bottom end and ej25d heads (to allow me to run the wrx harness and ecu i have for tuning purposes) and a wrx drive train.if i can ever get any progress on the damn thing, anyway, lol.
  6. i am wondering how well the twin core ea81 radiators will work with an ej25. i am hoping they can handle the demands since i dont want to have to go through too much drama with my brat when i put it on the road.
  7. subyrally

    EA82 Silicon CVJ boots

    I think ill have to get a set of these for my brat, i have to assemble custom axels for it anyway, might as well use good boots in the process.
  8. Is anyone else going to STPR this weekend? i am going to be driving up fro Maryland on Friday. I will likely be camping in my Crosstrek since i didnt get a hotel this year. It might be cool to meet up for lunch or dinner on Friday or Saturday. I will be leaving pretty early on Sunday morning, though, I have to get back to Maryland to go to Boxerfest.
  9. subyrally

    Mechanic near Baltimore?

    there are a couple shops in the Frederick area that might be able to help out. Frederick Motorsports and Foreign Auto Excellence are both shops that i know that deal in Subaru stuff. There are probably a few others, but those two are the only ones i can remember off the top of my head.
  10. subyrally

    model ident.

    Id go with gl10, from what i remember, 87 and up, the rx was the coupe. maintenance should be the same, either way. though. pick up a haynes or chiltons manual for the car and it should have everything you need to know as far as the basics go. as for timing belts, i seem to recall they had a short life span, something like 50k or so, like DaveT said. i also recommend changing cam and crank oil seals with the belts, they liked to leak in my rx back when i still had it.
  11. welcome to the club. I too have a brat that is in need of more work than is reasonable, lol. then again, I am also modifying mine as I go. Fixing any rust while also making wrx suspension fit with it. Then I will do a 5 speed swap and an ea82 swap into it. not going to be big on power, but it should handle fairly well.
  12. subyrally

    brat rear axles

    im using the rx rear diff and drivetrain. i kinda need to stick with cups that will fit on the rear diff.
  13. subyrally

    brat rear axles

    Thats why i said that the only part i was trying to reuse was the inner cups. i already have the rest of what i need for the conversion, but the inner cups i have from my rx are rusted. i can probably get by with them until i can find another set, but i dont want to have them on there any longer than i have to.
  14. subyrally

    brat rear axles

    this is good to know, I need to replace the inner cups that came off of my rx when I stripped it out. it appears that they sat in water when in storage and got pretty nasty looking. and of course, it was the only part I was trying to reuse from that axle. I am going with wrx suspension and hubs on my brat, with the drive line from the rx, so I was looking at playing mix and match with the axles to get everything to work together. thought I might be in trouble since I couldn't find rear axles for sale anywhere...
  15. subyrally

    Life without Starlink

    all the subscription covers is the on call services and satellite radio. everything else will work fine.