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  1. I disconnected the idol air control valve & started the car...idling at 1300 rpms & surging, plugged it in while running ...stopped surging rpms went to 1600 & started surging as car warmed up...stopped surging when it reached normal temp. still had fast idle. I'm going to remove iac when I find a replacement gasket, having a hard time finding one. Thanks for your help.
  2. Now I have fast idol & it starts surging as its warming up. Idol drops to 1500rpms after it's warmed up. I cleaned the throttle body, which may have been a mistake.I'm throwing codes P1507 & P1133. When I turned on the AC it started surging & if I run the rpms up to 2000 it starts cutting out.Past 2000 it runs fine.I think 1133 is the front oxygen sensor & P1507 has something to do with the throttle positioning. Someone please help me.
  3. Thanks. I think I did it that way, but I'm going to check it again. I won't be able to get to it till the weekend, so till then I'm driving my wife's '86 gl sedan
  4. I'm back...I replaced the broken belt and I had a bad idoler pulley, which I also replaced. (This time with dealer parts) The cams turn okay so I timed it with the belt (all lines at 12 o'clock high) and I tried to start it; it fired on 1cylinder, one time and the engine sounds like it's too advanced, like on an old v8. Checked timing again, and the timing marks were off so I retimed it. Cranked the engine over with a rachet & the timing marks didn't line back up, like it's slipping. Any ideas? or am I doing this wrong? Any help is appreciated.
  5. I'm hoping someone's familiar with the Granite Falls, Washington area. I might be forced to take my car to a shop, in Marysville, or maybe Arlington. I'll have to have it towed so Seattle is out of the question. Does anyone know a reliable mechanic in the area? I've never relied on someone else to fix my cars, so I'm kind of paranoid, about it. If there's more to do than the timing belt, do to lack of a garage, I'll have to take it to a shop, where I'll be at their mercy.
  6. Thanks, will do. I haven't had anyone else work on any of my cars, before so I'm a bit paranoid.
  7. okay, so here it is; I've got a broken timing belt; after 36,000 miles, but it was an aftermarket belt, so maybe I got what I deserved. Since this is a close tolerance motor, is there a way to see if the valves are bent, without tearing it all apart? When i put the belt on, I replaced everything, so I shouldn't have to do it all again. I don't have a garage, so I've been looking into repair shops, but I can't find anyone that I trust or can afford to do the work. I can do the work, and have done it before, but it's hard to find a day that it's not raining.
  8. I got 5 codes; some of them repeat themselves. Here they are : P0340, P1130, P1133, P0340, P1133. I don't know if the repeats mean anything or not. I've tried to find the codes. I thought that I read that someone posted them, but I can't find them, if that's true. So anyone that has an info would be a big help. I forgot to say that the exhaust had a sweet smell to it, before the engine quit running. When I replaced the timing belt, I replaced everything. That was done at 80,000 and now it has a 116,000 miles. Thanks, in advance for any & all help. ~Myles~
  9. I borrowed an Actron AutoScanner. from a guy I work with. I'll hook it up this weekend and hope to find what's going on and pray that it's something I'm capable of fixing.
  10. I doubt that it's the timing belt. I changed it three years ago and have put around 27thousand on it. The engine is turning over fine & when I turn it over I can smell fuel. I do have a smart phone, a Samsung note3 android. I'm looking into it now. Thanks for the quick response. I'll keep you posted. ~Buzzcon~
  11. About a month ago, the engine light came on, gas mileage went down and today, going down the highway the engine quit running. I could smell fuel, but the engine won't start. It turns over, but it won't start. Anyone have any idea as to where I should start looking. I don't have a reader. ~Myles~
  12. Good idea, about taking the seat out. I've layed upside down and twist-o-flexed for so many years, it doesn't occur to me to remove the seat.I do notice a tighter fit, these days. My cars must be shrinking. Granite Falls is about 60 miles northeast of Seattle, at the Cascade foothills.
  13. Thanks to everyone. It's an EA82 and it's not on the steering column. Thanks for the pic. As soon as it stops raining I'll go out and see if I can find it. I've pulled the bracket off so I could see better under the dash, but there was nothing else connected to it, but I'll check around the area. Thanks for the help; I'll keep you posted, or keep whining and begging; whatever seems appropriate after I check again. I agree with rdweninger about the concrete mounting block, It would be much easier to locate.