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  1. Picture not always worth a thousand words! Can't decipher photo. I guess I was getting at if you come up with legible part numbers first to compare yourself, others might identify something odd by numbers of both dist and your new cap n rotor Idon't believe the rotor tip touches to contact, spark jumps small air gap. What if you swap module from sparking dist to non sparking dist? Lever star off with two flat blades pivoting on dist body. Mind the tiny roll pin in hole of star that faces the flat of the shaft.
  2. jono

    EA81 lifter tick ?

    I set my EA81 hot @ 4 thou for all eight valves but that was with a 16/56 can. Think I used same for 20/60 You put it together - how werelittle end bushes? Oil grade? Frankenstein still needed to observe tolerances. Did you check? That golden hue ...only better is new !
  3. No idea why be an counters did not reduce part numbers to just one for both left and right hand drive!
  4. I had to touch it as i Had the engine out and upside down for thread repair. Immediate change and think it is my new LHD cable from Rock. It is. And 100 mm longer than RHD. No idea why Subatu
  5. Part numbers stamped in the outside of the dist body How about quote these? Are they the same numbers to begin with?
  6. I am not close enough to help, nor have I done this...but I have an EJ20 sitting in my 92 Brumby mated up to its matching awd 5MT out of a '99 Impreza. No flywheel or clutch to avoid weight and lining stuff up at this stage. This is about where it stagnated. I have measured up to see about 50 mm needs cuttingfrom tail shaftshaft 65 mm out of shifter rods. Done one. Halfway into stay support rod Experimental imental I found donor has diff ratio of 3.9 anI have MY style rear diff to match lucky i Ooh gremlins
  7. jono

    EA82 Cooling issues

    DaveT sounds like a serial head gasket offender doesn't he? What about a random cooling system leak sealer as a preventative measure? Steam out exhaustI pulled and serviced heads, new genuine HGS and still blew steam! Trusted for 25 years machine shop guy(still going today @ 71 years of age) calmed me down and handed me a Sealwel block with verbal instructions.That EA82T gave no trouble gor next 80,000 km until i pulled it for transplant. Sealwel has done some marvellous fixups for me in hg dept.
  8. And fuel hose ain't odd Subaru spec either. Fuel hoses also differ according to the grading printed on them. Efi hose thought to be more resistant to heat and chemicals of coolant duties, only in dire emergency. Not used fuel hose for coolant for 20 years !
  9. Yeah but that copper line might fracture due to vibration if not brace clamped midway. My other block has brass barb fittings. Looked at the inside of cut off hose and very crusty so cantcan't be new hose. Gremlin strike keypad again I love to use ea82 mpfi fuel hose clamps on this hose...beats those horrid wire clamps Test drive was fine but time for new hose order
  10. jono

    EA82 Cooling issues

    That hot cold heater sounds like an air lock in heater core. Do t risk killing it. I run EA81 twin core in front of my EA82T If you go for new and like a fitment challenge....
  11. Sweaty job that one. I just got lucky being able to chase my thread. Is a great cavity for mud to sit for decades. Tapping into welded u up hole would be a b1tch...too tuff a metal usually results from welding. I would try helicoil
  12. I swear it was.new old Jono stock ! Just replaced the thermostat gasket suspecting repeated unbolting of the housing for temp senders each side, caused a spray of sweet tasting green stuff in the region at unwitnessed random. Then as waiting for coolant to find its level can hear feint wet.air suckling noise. This little obscure ID hose had tiny hole just off the nipple - easy end thank Fuji Quick chop and fix Just not happy to see what looked new develop this
  13. Pro bably came of a hiace van or the like. B4 you go for 15"better study tyre size availabavailability GREMLIN!! I have 195.50.15 which are almost same NOTD as original 175.75.13
  14. Taken a few miles to get used to driving on the smaller bore up pipe. Now the power is there on tap at low revs not further up the rev range. Has made it much more tractable to drive. Somehow the loud pedal feels like it isharder to press. Theexhaust note from 2.5" system sounds tougher down low and she pulls out of corners better due to torque coming down the rev range a lot. Quite hard to make it do 80 klh in second now as job is done in power delivery by 65 Happy
  15. I hope you had a proper keyboard to punch that story out. Beside my Brumby in the shed floor is rebuilt EA82T, EA82 NA Mongrel and finally a sick EA81 that needs autopsy. Hopeyou fixed vi bration