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  1. jono

    speedometer lag?

    check, lube or replace the speedo cable is the easier option of my two suggestions. The second involves getting speedo head out and checking how clean or gunked up its little cogs are and find a white lithium grease (if you did not chuck it out Jono ! ) to apply to the small white nylon cogs and shafts
  2. jono

    Electrical question

    would be a valuable learning for us all for someone to do this to a donor vehicle to then do an autopsy on all electrical components
  3. Wondering if the DOJs fell out then settled back in taking account of fact the camber kit allows up extra 14 mm each side .right be dreaming DOJ out ??
  4. but it was tar and had just gone over a 20 KPH speed bump at about stop or 10 KPH, came and went, came and went within 200 metres just looked at wheels and tyres - look OK recent work has been shimming the caster bar to correct for the camber kit in the Brumby and today - well , this is BLISS The brake pedal squeak that returned after a decade or more on this pedal box, pulled pedal box apart to encase the brake pedal spring in rubber tube where its inside sat on the outside of the pedals tube and greased it all up - then adjusted brake light switch to activate it sooner than it had but as for this weird thing, felt as if I'd run over a thick slippery snake ??
  5. jono

    Ej22 into xt

    did you need to space between any mounts or cross members to fit the EJ22 and clear the underside of the bonnet ? Looks very clean and tidy Does the bonnet release work ? I'd love to see a pic of the EJ in the engine bay ....
  6. Although not really built to sustained high revs with only three main bearings I drove mine like it loved to rev so rev the ring out if it in held second below Drive when going up this hills and just hang on and concentrate on road safety and engine temps
  7. Think only the turbo models had this u channel shaped heat shield along the bottom where exhaust pipe was just a bit below
  8. A proper measure would be to tolerate it until temp gauge suggests it is at operating temp as that is where it will be used most then see if happy with idle speed and engine behaviour and drivability Work backwards from there. You could check with face book crowd and be told to fit a Weber It may help if carb is spotlessly clean outside so you can inspect for worn out linkages or holes linkages connect to ...
  9. There is no non metal parts in our hydraulic lifters ...I thought there were rubber Vinton seals or such. I have a set of Mizpahs reconditioned units and they won't even tick when gauge pressure drops to zero! Too such oil over the level mark can cause aeration of engine oil. Does a change of oil help? Use a pre drop cleaner first
  10. Any old silicon type both sides of gasket let set for a day and maybe use a torque wrench as well as check flat and squareness as said above. I love factory gaskets for the turbo engine in this location. Look for black sooty deposits for the leak
  11. jono

    STOLEN 1988 Subaru GL Wagon

    sad to read this. don't give the bandits credit for even thinking of doing anything with it other than use if for getting from point A to B worst thing finding suspected stolen car dumped is being told by police it has not been reported stolen - report it and get the word out in your community
  12. An autopsy will be interesting on the pipe. Current engine supposed to be low km import but must be getting harder to believe after 30 years. Even when they were 20 years old was hard to believe and still cheaper to rebuild one back then than buy unknown import. Had one with orange sealant and new head gasket. Never in now 35 years seen a true import come in so touched and it revealed 50% compression loss in one pot but was still smoothest strongest EA82T I have driven ...no one would detect that blow by ...
  13. Great. Kids on fb should learn how to search forums for quality, lasting input
  14. And that would be where the contributor was confused and did not check facts before posting. Thanks Carfreak
  15. If you venture over to ausubaru.com.au and search posts by Tweety. He did a ripper set up on his trike after he gave up on super charged then spfi. Be easier to fit a universal tps andkeep spfi