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  1. so. if you have a link to an e-resource of the 9.99 made 2.0 EJ20 ECU I will be a little closer. If only the loom did not look so fat ! looking at each plug there is not so many wires as first thought, just how the rest of the wiring loom for the car merges under tape n stuff ....
  2. jono

    Dash light problem

    If you can , measure the Volts at the battery before another alternator goes in. Should read 13.8 to 14.2 V. I have found many on their way out only read 12V and work fine if used daily. leave them a few days, batt flattery .... Mind you, one alternator I bought at great expense, only after its warranty expired, did I find it still only put out 12 V !! This is why I bought my next reco from Rock. Cheaper and cant easily go in and abuse them ...h a ha
  3. Think the others are headlights. So very familiar pulling this car apart....so much MY/EA81 construction about them. My hat goes off to the guy who got impreza dash into Brumby. Whole thing is three inches wider!
  4. whoops, bit late. Engine, box and diff are now out, but I think I can remember a lot of the loom stuff so labels it will be Found two relays, one pink plug, other blue plug, suspect they are ign and pump relays as the other pair of relays have a third relay in yellow plastic housing and think they are lights. Gonna put the front bumper on the market - hey it almost makes a car look like a wrx ! Just the little orange vents up front - $50 each plus postage ! Maybe I could just fit the engine back in ?? Still got power windows working. Both up and down are handy at the moment. Snaffling all the alloy to cash in Fun ?? I have such sore fingertips. I think this body is gonna get the tambox disposal method, cut it up into manageable bits for the trailer to avoid disposal pick up fees
  5. No one knows? I used some fuel cleaner and just let it work its magic as it idled and revved on the spot through the day. Gave it one new plug just in case. Much better, but problem still there occasionally. Engine is now out for storage. Car to be parted out
  6. Try precision international for rings Bennie They supplied some Japanese made rings for my EA82T review last week. Actually before re-ring bores best be inspected for heat spots show up as round blemishes in my case Cast as opposed to chromoly for best bed in, though chromoly will last better if you can bed them in rev better too Every re-ring I have done I have used a flexible and splashed lots of Kero ( not ya wife!) about then handy Andy scrub clean before rebuild. Never a drama. Flexhone flexhone get it right !! Only once you have rings measure gaps in bore top middle and lowest point. Race engines use bigger gaps and is all worked out on per bore inch
  7. I would buy another just to tinker with burning thing you lost Maybe drop same down a rental car intake :evil:
  8. Here in Australia we had a guy use dealer supplied cleaner , so intent on trying it as soon as he got it used it in the street. Stalled the engine never to start again due to dealer stuff not being snake oil, dissolved carbons and gunk, then because could not be burnt off got stick up valves/guides Poor thing was towed home, stripped and parted out. This was by an intelligent and thorough guy who could possibly have taught engineering given his abilities. You would kick yourself if you took anyone's advice contrary to finding it before start up. Are you sure it went in and not lost below outside engine intake?
  9. Well, done more than look at...I bought it...this series in wagon has always been a favourite of mine and thought deep about registering it ...then had recollections of Project Cheap Grief circa 2006. It was a GLTA intended only as a donor for turbo Brumby project but ended up keeping it in the road over 8 years and extended its 188,000 km !Ife another 110,000 km This delayed the outstanding project at hand...so, to sort its miss ....not compression, possibly original lead or coil causing stuff. One black plug and overdose of fuel cleaner fixed that and much of the miss. Replaced one China made Bosch plug with Russian Bosch plug..seemed to improve. First Bosch plug I have bought in over 25 years. Might try some Denso if I get motor in an MY body. Engine is out now staring at this wiring loom after near jack hammering HVAC stuff out of the way. This needs a big bench, a diagram and no disturbances ! Yeah, put an EJ in it ....so much work in it !! Dealer confirmed 3.9 rear diff. Has been serviced by same dealer for half its life, other dealers for another quarter and just a bit let go lately though still engine services kept up
  10. Must be best starting point having driven the donor home instead of pulling bits in a wreckers yard full of weeds, mud., dust and dog poo Happy finding donor GF8 RX Impreza has full dealer service history for 80% of its life. New belts tensioners and water pump @ 200.000 km Poo load of wires at the ECU for just four cylinders !! Just like liberty/legacy donors the entire dash and HVAC needs come out first to get the loom. I just want to identify the powhite from ignition to ecu and the earth wiret. Erk. Not as simple as Just put an EJ in If only the ecu loom metwith the engine plugs and few wires to fuel pump and ignition and your off Third loom lucky this timeStarted with ej16 and loom years ago. Birds nest. Chucked the lot ! Also pulled ej22 and loom. Bundled up somewhere half stripped This one is gonna go but not in a month of weeks Just so many wires seem to ho nowhere near engfunctions of ej22Figuree this GF8 will be same Not into cut down service as this budget will be tight or I will just go EA82 high comp or something So who can give fown experience what to look for, test and tag as I pull this loom ? I essentially need to get running on petrol beforI snip a pump wire and hook up the propane found with the other looms once start pulling wrap and snipping wires out becomes a mess Not wantmess to transfer
  11. Can you do a compression test before fiddling with valve clearances? Tell us what firing order you have checked.
  12. Maybe contact supplier . Aftermarket fuel tanks...what next !
  13. This is actually third EJ I have got now, but only one running as it is a complete unadulterated car and not just a donk Came with a bonus miss #2 plug is black, all others pristine porcelain 200-205 psi in all four HEI plug tester shows spark bug with some delay .? Tried two dmm on 20k scale and got no change to the 1 on screen. But same on #4 lead ! Being new school is there a different method and resultant reading for these original genuine e leads? Any helpappreciated. Meanwhile might try one new spark plug just in case
  14. More than one fpr ? cannot think why ..... maybe the extras are dampers not pressure regs ? Ebay is full of adjustable fpr with gauge/ Rock also do them for mpfi and turbo which run at about 36 psi