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  1. To my knowledge and I don't know anything but I have wrecked 2 FWD EA81's now and both have had 5 Spd manuals in them (Both have made a new home at the crushers, it isn't really a sought after gearbox over here) so I'm guessing they are out there somewhere. Cheers, Al
  2. A: Axles should be the same. B: Reverse Lights and Speedo Cable will be plug and play. C: Personally don't know, never done a FWD swap. D: Being in the US you only need the standard EA81 clutch pedal box and clutch cable (Apparently). E: 4 Speed has a reputation as a crap gearbox but there are still plenty of them running but stick with the 5 speed. F: You will need to make a Starter Motor spacer. And work you way through any number of other little issues along the way. If you have an EA81, it would be much easier to source a FWD 5 Spd out of an EA81 vehicle than to retro fit an EA82 5 Spd. And if you are going to convert from FWD to 4WD, then yeah, you got a crap load of work ahead of you. Cheers, Al
  3. Al Zhiemer

    Help testing junkyard 5MT from EA82

    What Bennie said, it helps to paint a spline and a matching location on the housing for reference. Makes it much easier to see if it has moved. Cheers, Al On a side note, while you have access to the flywheel, go and get some reflective tape. Cut 4 thin strips, 2 about 5 mm long and another 2 at about 10 mm long. I run Ruby at 12 degrees BTDC, I've placed the two long ones at 0 and 12 degrees BTDC and the other two shorter ones on 10 and 14 degrees BTDC. The timing light picks these locators up beautifully. I've used paint before and that works well but the reflective tape makes it far easier to see.
  4. Al Zhiemer

    Brat 5 Lug Conversion

    Kuhmo, Toyo, Maxxis, Nankang and a couple of others I can't remember off of the top of my head all make an all terrain or mud terrain tyre in 14". Most of them are no longer available in some countries, like here in Aus, but are still available in some places. Interco use to also make some nice 14" tyres but I don't see them on their website anymore but you may find some old stock around somewhere. Cheers, Al.
  5. Al Zhiemer

    Random oil burn/plug foul

    It could be valve stem seals, usually the first sign is blue smoke on start up, unusual for valve stem seals to just collapse like that. Even when parked on a level surface, it should still blow some blue smoke. If its an intermittent issue, it may be worth popping the rocker covers off and checking that one of the valve stem seals hasn't moved the next time it happens. Have you tried parking the opposite way around to see if it affects both banks of cylinders? Does it do it when parked on any angle with the left side lower than the right? Has the engine got above normal operating temp? Cheers, Al
  6. Also check out Recoil Thread Repair kits, I prefer these over heli-coil. I find they give a far more secure thread when finished. Sound like they are very similar to the ones DaveT mentioned. They are a great spark plug repair if it ever strips out. Just make sure you have them seated properly because once they are in, they are there to stay. Learnt this the hard way. Cheers, Al
  7. And yeah, they came of a Toyota Hilux. Apparently they'd only been on there far a couple of weeks, which I could believe seeing the condition they are in but once again, its an unknown. Cheers, Al
  8. @jono Have studied tyre sizes until I'm blue in the face. I'm looking for more of an off road tyre which means having to go bigger, will see how these Maxxis wear and ride like and work it out after that. If they prove to be ok and they keep bringing them into the country, I'll stay with this tyre combination as I really don't want to go any higher in lift or tyre size. Only time will tell. Cheers, Al
  9. WOOHOOOO SCORE!!! Since deciding on eventually changing to 15" rims in the future, I decided to give up on the search for tyres for the time being but I did need something a little bit bigger as the 175/65X14 just weren't going to cut it anymore with the lift. Off to the wreckers this morning to find a descent set of tyres on the cheap. After searching the entire yard for anything that may have been suitable and finding nothing, I was about to give up hope of finding anything. Walking back out the gate, I noticed a little shed of to the side with tyres in it, never been in there and figured there probably isn't a thing in there for me, they all looked larger 16"-18" car tyres and 4WD tyres. Now, I'm fairly well known at the wreckers and pretty much well have free access to everywhere, in I went just out of curiosity for later reference more than anything else but low and behold... BINGO!!! Found a nice set of Maxxis 753 in a 185R14 size, almost brand new and manufactured in the 36th week of 2017 so still a new tyre and well with in date. For $150 and access to the tyre changing machine, I handed over my money and said I'll be back a little later. I knew these tyres were out there but avoided them because they are a light truck tyre, makes it a heavy tyre and usually a lot stiffer sidewalls which has its good points and bad but for $150, I'm pretty sure I can make do with them for awhile. Cheers, Al
  10. Also, had a little epiphany this afternoon. I remembered this afternoon that the adapter plate that sits between the inlet manifold and the weber carbie is dodgey as. Won't mention the reputable company that I bought this from here but let me just say that I have notified them of a crap product, first one the threads stripped out of with minimum tension, second one the stud holes didn't line up and this one is well... Anyway, the problem is that if you don't position the adapter perfectly when fitting and make sure it doesn't shift when fitting the carbie, it leaks water. Pretty sure I got this right but stranger things have happened. The gasket also seems to be awfully moist as well, which is a little unusual and would explain why there is so much steam as its going into all 4 cylinders. Thinking I might need to check this before I go to far, really don't think its the problem but its worth a shot before I pull the motor out (I got side tracked on Sunday tearing down the other 2 motors I have). I dragged out the spark plug thread saver kit and have repaired that this afternoon so I can check the carbie fitment in the morning and give it another go. Fingers crossed. Cheers, Al
  11. Don't even get me started on bloody tyres!!! If I had of known what I know now I would have just built a 3" lift and be done with it. It seems that it won't be long until 215/70 or 75X15 is going to be our only choice if we want a descent all terrain or mud tyre. Another reason I'm now glad I grabbed the 4.44's and stuck in the shed for later reference and all the more reason for an EJ swap. It seems the manufacturers at this stage aren't going to bring in any more 27" tyres, in the not to distant future, the Nankang all terrains will be our only choice (how long for is an unknown) and they are nothing more than a glorified road tyre as far as I'm concerned. The Kuhmo's are a very limited stock and reports are, they will no longer be bringing anymore in. We maybe able to do a group buy but I still don't think there would be enough of us wanting them to make it worth their while. @pease004Other than splitting the box, your choice would be custom made shafts. Custom shafts have good points and bad, these are the top of each for me. Good - You can get them made as strong or as week as you please, your options are only limited by the size of your bank account. Bad - Something goes wrong, it isn't a simple case of going to the local parts store and ordering an off the shelf unit and if you are in a remote area... That could be an issue. If I went custom shafts, I'd look at getting a spare made up at the same time just for those emergency situations. Especially if you are looking at travelling into remote areas. Cheers, Al
  12. I'd like to build a similar box to yours, I could just get away with AWD for what I do but things can get pretty muddy around here pretty bloody quick and Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island are my playgrounds so I think still being able to have the 4WD option could be handy. And yes, putting in a front LSD is on the cards. A rear LSD would be great as well, will tackle that problem when I work out how to get the R180 rear diff I have sitting here mounted in to Ruby. I haven't had a close inspection of the two diffs side by side yet, there doesn't seem to be to much difference in physical size so hopefully it should fit without to much difficulty. Oh yeah... I cheated when it came to mounting the centre bearing, not that I ended up having much choice with the wreckers being closed and for some reason the circuit breaker on the house kept throwing out when I tried to weld the "L" series bracket into place. And its definitely not a MIG problem, its a two month old Cigweld 185 Multi-Process welder. Think I might have finally pushed the electricals in this old place to their limits with all the welding and fabrication work that has been going on around here lately. So in the end I fabricated a bracket out 25mm X 50mm box section, I cut the box down the middle of the 25mm side, leaving 50mm X 50mm X 25mm square on one end to bolt the centre bearing to. The other end I left about 300 mm long, drilled and tapped 4 holes into it and bolted it in through the floor. Personally, I can't ever see there being enough twisting force placed on the centre bearing to ever twist the floor or pull the bolts out. I would have preferred to use the "L" series mount but it wasn't to be in the time frame I had and lets face it, its not as though the "L" series is a really strong design either. Maybe when I paint her I might fill the holes in and place the "L" series mounts into her then when she is upside down just to give it a clean finish. Cheers, Al
  13. I'd like to go all wheel drive oneday, even went and checked out what was supposedly a vortex 5 speed with a lockable center diff, which turned out to be FWD only, rather disappointing to say the least ☹ But to be honest, far to much work involved for me at the moment with my limited resources... Unless of course you are offering to build me a box Beanie?? LOL Yes... EJ will be great! Have been looking for awhile now for one, it has pretty much come to the point of having to rebuild one before installation. Nothing but high mileage vehicles around here. For other reasons, I was hoping to do it the other way, get the fabrication side of things done and then rebuild it while the engine bay gets painted. I had a plan to paint her the new (10 yr old now probably) Mazda red with factory style AgQuip stickers but done in a charcoal, grey and black colour scheme. These days I'm leaning toward painting her back to original. Still not sure which way to go there yet either. PS pump is a piece of cake to remove and head gaskets can probably be done in vehicle as well or throw a can of head gasket sealer in her and hope for the best but I guess if I do it this way I can pick the best bits and hopefully get a reliable engine for awhile LOL Cheers, Al
  14. Al Zhiemer

    Help testing junkyard 5MT from EA82

    Definitely makes life easier to have the 5 speed shifter and linkages. The 4 speed 4WD range selector could be modified to work easily enough, you have to cut and lengthen this one anyway if you want to keep it looking factory. A short length of round bar with one end flattened out and drilled so you could get the pin in at the gearbox end and then weld the other end at the appropriate spot to the 4 speed linkage. Jobs done. Cheers, Al
  15. Yeah, done on a proper keyboard. To do on a phone/tablet, it probably would have been put in the to hard basket LOL Hope I've fixed the viabration as well, haven't been able to give it a descent spin up to tell for sure so at the moment, it's a case of still having all my appendages crossed that this hasn't been for nothing. Hope you enjoyed the read. Cheers, Al