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  1. Al Zhiemer

    Brumby For Sale South Aust

    Hhmmmm... Same problem as mine.... Someone needs to remanufacture the tailgate trim. Mines a bit beaten around but I removed it to try and save it while its in reasonable condition. Nice looking little Brumby though mate. If those rims ever go missing, I don't know anything about it LOL Cheers, Al
  2. Al Zhiemer

    Brumby For Sale South Aust

    Here ya go Beenie, here's one in your neck of the woods. https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0037-20007009/classic-cars/1983-subaru-4wd-1800-4wd-manual-wagon?spr=true
  3. Al Zhiemer

    Brumby For Sale South Aust

    Yeah, keeping my eye on it. Thinking I might have to call a mate over there and get him to go check it out for rust. My thoughts exactley about the original km's, looks clean enough. Cheers, Al
  4. Clean example. Be nice to know if the mileage was genuine. https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-60014822/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/1992-subaru-brumby-4x4-manual-ute?spr=true Cheers, Al
  5. I use a 19mm piece of pine with a hole drilled in it that the shaft will go through, once I can get the nut on, I slide the pine over the shaft so it is sitting on the hub. Put the nut on and proceed to do it up and pull the shaft through the bearings. Cheers, Al
  6. Sounds to me like you need to get in to the business of building custom gearboxs @el_freddo LOL Like I've said, time to take Ruby back to original for me... Plus, I'm getting use to the idea of a nice Ranger being parked in the driveway :-) Cheers, Al Pretty sure I could source another set of 4.44's for you for your trouble ;-)
  7. My rant on lifting... Don't get me wrong, I love the look of Ruby (Brumby) with 2" lift and the bigger tyres, we go on many adventures and she is well kitted out for it. Now I know she has her limitations but she continually surprises me with her abilities. Not sure there is anything such without a whole heap of work for the best combination from my research. 27 X 8.5 14 is the tyre size you are looking for but depending on who you talk to, as to whether or not you will need to do some gaurd trimming as well. Gear ratio's on the other hand, thats a whole other story. Ideally from what I can workout, EJ gear ratios, L series low range. Does anyone know if the EJ internals will fit L series case? Even once you've done that, your ratios are still going to be a mile out. Next solution, diff ratio changes. Needing to go from factory 3.7 to 4.11, you will need to change that in both the gearbox and rear diff, even better you would like to go to 4.44 but very hard to find and I don't think they will allow you to have the L series low range. Next is rear diff, time to rip out the R160 and bolt inplace an R180, which also seems easily achievable. This all comes with another very big but... But then the R180 requires custom CV Shafts, once again achievable but it certainly doesn''t make the bank balance look very healthy. To be honest, this is what turned me off of doing a 4" lift personally... Once again, this is all just my personal opinion. I ran an EA81 with weber, 21/4" exhaust with a sports cat, L series D/R 5 speed and about 25" tyres. Ran them fine all things considered but low range 4WD was probably about where 4WD high should of been, it certainly improved where it was capable of going but my clutch hated it and not really having a true low range I found was the biggest pain in the arse and the fuel economy was C R A P. Even now with the EJ22, sure, I've got the power to drive the 25's but I still doen't have a low range. Where I live is fairly hilly, just driving around town we have some pretty steep pulls, there are times now even with the EJ in her that I take off in 4WD low because I'm either going to punish the clutch to get going or start shredding tyres and god only knows what else by basically dumping the clutch. To be honest, I hate it, its come to the point where I'm about to return Ruby to stock trim and buy something a little more suitable for my adventuring needs and retire Ruby to the full restoration I've been promising her for the last few years. Honestly, driving on 27" tyres with stock ratios would S H I T me to tears. Sorry for the story. Not trying to talk you out of it, just my thoughts. Cheers, Al EDIT On a side note, all up you will achieve in the vacinity of 6"'s of lift over all. Standard tyres are approximately 23", going to 27" tyres will give you 2"'s of lift plus the 4"'s of suspension lift. Cheers
  8. Al Zhiemer

    Where to source l series axles

    Repco or Autobarn... Same spoob different packaging, they are pretty much all made by "Protex" or thats what you'll be given in general. I've had fronts in for over 15,000 kms with a 50 mm lift and no problems so far. Check Fleabay, sometimes can find them on there (Protex brand) cheaper if you have the time to wait but I think Repco gave me the best deal in my local area. Regards, Al
  9. Yep... Welcome to the world of working on 30 year old cars that have been abused for the majority of those LOL Do yourself a favour and go and get a good anti sieze to put on the bolts befor you reinstall, makes your life so much easier in the future. I find also that if you have the time, trying giving them a good spray with some possums piss a couple of times over a few hours before you start trying to remove them. Good luck
  10. A side project I have on the go at the moment is building a trailer. I was given a trailer tent that suits a 2130mm X 1220mm (7ft X 4 ft) trailer, my plan is to build a trailer out of a L series rear suubframe I have laying around. I like the idea of using this for several reasons... A - Stud patterns are the same. B - Wheel track is simular to the Brumby. C - Build it light weight and to suit my specific needs/requirements. D - Independant suspension. E - Gets a bit more crap out of my shed that I've been keeping for some unknown reason. F - Because I enjoy stuffing around doing this sort of crap LOL The general plan for the build is in place, there are a few points to still workout, like an electric brake conversion but I think I've got that sorted now. Now I guess my question is, keeping in mind I will be keeping the L series rear coilover strut set up, do you think the suspension will be capable of supporting a trailer with a maximum load rating of 750 kgs (1650lbs)? Not that I think it will ever get anywhere near that weight but thats my maximum weight limit goal. Regards Al
  11. Al Zhiemer

    84 GL Brat Fuel Tank

    Without sounding sarcastic... Yep... Good luck with that. Apart from a complete custom tank, only choices are to clean the old tank or source a good secondhand unit. Sourcing a good secondhand unit is probably the best option if yours is seriously rusted on the inside as well. You will become very capable of the remove, recondition and replace technique with these old girls and find yourself with an extra one or two cars laying around for parts. Which is a shame because there are better quality cars now being scrapped by those of us in the quest to keep ours on the road. Regards Al
  12. As for the dash, youtube "Flocking"... Have watched a couple of videos on dashes being restored with this method, although it doesn't leave a vynil finish and more of a felt/suede finish, the results do look good and can be a DIY project. And for a few hundred dollar investment, it is a cheap way of restoring your dash. Regards Al
  13. Al Zhiemer

    Bright Idea?? Dumb Question??

    @Numbchux - Thankyou, that is the sort of info I was seeking. At that rate, it really shouldn't be hard to wire this in. Regards, Al
  14. Al Zhiemer

    Bright Idea?? Dumb Question??

    @el_freddo - Yeah, clutch and brake switches will have to be mounted but thats easily done. The drivers side already has the auto up/down feature with the switch that is mounted in the door. Not really interested in converting the passanger side so it does it as well. And yeah, I hate blanked out switch panels as well, hence why I still have two switches that do absolutely nothing LOL Cruise control has been removed from a 1999 Liberty but it has been that long since I looked at it, I can't for the life of me remember how the cruise control combination stalk functioned. Pretty sure there was a seperate on/off switch, then i think you pulled the stalk to set/cancel and then operated the stalk in one direction to increase speed and then in the opposite to decrease the speed. Its a pretty basic setup and I would imagine that it only takes a positive or negative signal to make it do what it is supposed to do. Thanks for the info though people. A little more research is needed and some time sitting down with the system and having a bit of a play is in order here me thinks. Regards, Al
  15. Someone out there with a bit more electrical know how than what I've got might be able to answer this. When I converted to electric windows, I also installed the center console that has the control panel for all four windows. Now obviously I'm only using two switches and figured oneday I might come up with some genius idea of what to do with the other two switches. So... Here is either my genius or my stupidty... After doing the EJ conversion and keeping the required parts for the cruise control, just incase I could figure out how to make it work, which I think I may have solved but will require a bit more research yet. As we all know, space inside for mounting things is a little bit restrictive and I hate cutting up plastics. So, here is my question... Does anyone see a way of being able to use the two spare electric window switches as my controls for the cruise control, I know its not as simple as it sounds but here is my thinking. Window Lock - Possibly Cruise On/Off, depending on how the system works Left Rear Up - Cruise On Left Rear Down - Cruise Off Right Rear Up - Set/Acc Right Rear Down - Cancel/Dec I know I know... There are probably far easier solutions to this but I just like the idea of at least using those couple of switches for something or removing them, this at least gives me somewhere to mount the switches and keep a nice clean factorish looking install. Any ideas before I go and spend a few more hours on research? Besides why bother going to the effort... Because I can, thats why, I enjoy stuffing around nutting these things out LOL Regards Al