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  1. Looks pretty cool anyway Just put the two inlets close to compare Sorry to those who got thinking twin turbo EA82
  2. FerG has got me with his coil grounds through its bracket. There is no coil body grounding in wiring diagrams I have. Having pulled an oil filled coil apart never found any connection to the coils housing. However, years ago a mate mechanic could not start a points based ignition car until I came along and put the coil in its bracket and mounted it where it belonged. Yep, brackets have that mean looking bent tab that looks to dig into coil body on some vehicles, so yeah I thought oil filled coils needed to be earthed, until same mate proved theory not necessary with another car another time Confused??
  3. Steptoe

    Engine swap for Brat.Doable?

    Ritchie, I have a 99 Impreza EJ20 in one of my Brumbies for sizing up at std height. No problems but the turbo variant with coil over plug....need to at least disconnect engine mounts and raise to remove coils and plugs
  4. I'm not looking ...I have an EJ22 sealed in a box, an EJ20 in a Brumby, coupla ECUs and messy cut to bits looms all going nowhere while enjoy the 12 years of collecting and tinkering - my AWD ea82T Brumby i may sneak back later to look
  5. What about the fact the torsional difference on the engine when in reverse compared to forward. Is there an intake duct between engine and body that might be cracked and that crack seals with regards reverse torsion but opens up and goes lean in forward torsion. Makes it very cheap
  6. Steptoe

    Engine swap for Brat.Doable?

    It does not hurt to explain that the chassis rails may start out wide at the front but taper down narrower towards the firewall and the engines may be flat but not square for the rear cylinders the one on the left is further back than the one on the right So the clearance issue for the rear of the engines is on the left. We right hand drivers have our heater tap down on the rail nearby I run EA82 in my Brumby and have about 3 mm clearance in this spot thanks to gentle rail taps and filed off the flute on the rocker cover. Currently EA82T for the ease of conversion in component match up and torque in same ballpark of EJ22. Having blown away a Foz EJ20 I now think my EJ conversion will go 2.2 or 2.5 Another thing to consider is if you are or have planned suspension height changes because this single change affects the answers people will have for you - as I learner prior to EA82 conversion. Many said required chassis cutting but turns out may be correct if you have a lift. Then one day I saw in the flesh a std height ute with EA82T and no chassis cuts. Also been in an STi EJ20 motivated Brumby, also std height (& brakes!!) its chassis rails just had some massage and maybe behind the scenes portapower to increase the width
  7. Steptoe

    Engine swap for Brat.Doable?

    " A few custom bits will be needed" means fabricate or source a previously lived custom fabricated
  8. Steptoe

    Engine swap for Brat.Doable?

    Just the engine on the drawing board or its transmission as well?
  9. Steptoe

    EA82 Control Arm Bushings

    Am I missing something? I clicked on the eBay link for rear bushings above a few posts and pictures and describes 8 Bushes 4 Tubes Surely only one tube and two bushes per trailing/ transverse arm? Only one arm per side Looks like kit does two cars?
  10. Are you tapping into manifold vacuum or ported vacuum off a throttle body? Can't see how it would run without any vacuum
  11. If the cables are crudded up they may be slow or sluggish to release at the end that matters. I would have suggested earlier if I read this...try flip the clip and cable end at the caliper before blame the caliper itself. The caliper is overhaul able . But tricky if in a hurry. Two stages to overhaul. Just the piston side is easy enough. The handbrake side I have done with success and that satisfaction that comes with that. Special tool was a 4" G clamp and ceramic tiling tile wedge and grease made for the job
  12. Steptoe

    Space saver rim sizes ?

    The factory mags were thirteen but the space saver spare 15". Going to respray my silver 15" space saver rim to satin black and discard the 14" thing
  13. Steptoe

    Windshield Replacement

    I have broken laminated screens from EA82 trying to remove what were perfect. Practice on a few broken ones first. There are several handyman level tools. The pros use Fein tool like vibrating seal cutters
  14. Steptoe

    EA81T boost sensor location?

    Just not factory on the Brumby or non touring wagon
  15. Steptoe

    First time weber start up

    An 8 year+ belt As pic looks you got belt off without removing stuff like covers. No covers? Exposes belts to more elements to deal with for reliability. And HELLO Jeszek !