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  1. Did you answer to question if carbon brush is in underside of cap?
  2. Do you know how to test coils between the two screw terminals, then tower and post? terminals
  3. Err.. that's right loyalty swap...forgot that detail So to recap..the gist is you swapped in a Hitachi electronic.distributor in place of a ND electronic and can't get spark to plugs unless you change back to ND? ND was not points was it? Points coils usually get 8 or 9 V via ceramic resistor, with need ful 12 and exclude resistor. JIYDK
  4. It's an Impreza engine crossmember cut down to mount to engine stand for a more stable engine Dolley or maybe even as a double decker storage thing
  5. There must be some good ones of these improved aftermarket ones floating about wrecking yards or Subject enthusiasts no longer loved or cared for. Just the module no need for the entire dizzy contact me or my also known as Jono
  6. My alter ego Jono wants if cheap enough in working condition
  7. In case anyone knows of a wrecking yard or just plain has these kicking about
  8. I swear the change from. 87 onwards 41mm orifice turbo exhaust cross over up pipe to the first series 85/86 35 mm pipe last week has increased the accelerator pedal 'spring' tension!
  9. New L clutch cable genuine close to $100 from Subaru this year. Really need the extra leverage that the L pedal crank gives.
  10. I had an spfi, an mpfi spider and a non spider mpfi to play with and could only ever achieve 0.4 to 0.5 V change through entire closed to full throttle positions. I needed the modern accepted ranges of 0.5 to 4.5 V for my application and ended up getting a new adaptable unit to fit up I think my sub units worked in reverse or I was working wires in reverse
  11. 20 mm brass for EA81 and 82. Three per head. Dunno if ea71 the same? And GDs socket suggestion ...use socket that fits inside the cup and that is where to belt it. But loose fit socket of you might get socket stuck as it shrinks snug tight. I think it is 0.15 mm larger than nominal hole size to stay jammed in over all the expanding contracting going on
  12. I have used non genuine head gaskets in one or two EA82 and no problems at all with their service. What I do find is every genuine HG I have used, the retension after start, op temp then cool down.... absolutely no extra torque was needed , whereas aftermarket took some varying amounts of extra torque to get to spec. Wait for damaged gasket to be replaced ...if only for me. I have copped a few damaged gaskets from the US. Such a PITA !!
  13. it is your " while many modern synthetic oils are not going to play nice in an older engine" that keeps me with what I know. I am curious as to what synthetics are known to not take bat and ball home with our EA82's though and are the benefits noticeable? Extend oil change intervals etc
  14. EA81 distributor modules tend to give warning signs before leaving you right in it
  15. Good work. Hate to think what the postage would be if you ordered elsewhere in America where they seem to start at US$100 for an envelope ! Rock will be kind to you Bennie