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  1. I went through the hole in the rear cargo floor area and squeezed the clips out. They are not easy to get to. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. I guess this piece was loose and my toddler found it and removed it for me. The white pieces spin. So is there a position they need to be in? How do I get it back on?
  3. Here's another picture of the impreza rail. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. This is the rail on the other side of the impreza seat. No flat bar to mount to, it attaches with that bolt in the top of the pic.
  5. I've done the reading on the process of the seat swap from kdixey but I'm a little confused looking at the bottom rails on the impreza seats. I'm seeing only one bent rail that I can attach the loyale rails to. Am I missing something right in front of me?
  6. I'm glad I found this thread. I've been having this same problem with my 91' 4wd loyale. I've just gone through and replaced the front rotors and pads, inner and outer tie rods and ball joints, sway bar bushings, tires balanced and had the alignment done and it still shakes the steering wheel when braking! I did notice the other day that the steering wheel doesn't shake while i'm turning and braking at hwy speeds, but it sure does when i'm going straight. I can also feel a pulsing in the brake pedal when turning and braking though. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. el_freddo it looked like it had been dropped on the ground during removal. The oil pan was dented in and the drivers side head had deep scratches. Even the junk yard dude said he was gonna talk to his guys about it. I want a EJ22 for more power going up the long hills.
  8. I went and looked at the junkyard engine the other day and it is beat up. I'm gonna pass. The reason I want to put a EJ22 in is I have a 40+ mile Highway commute to work through the mountains with a couple hills that are about 7 percent grade. The EJ18 just seems to struggle with the hills. It also has to work to go above 65 (but this is my first subaru so I don't know if cruising @3500 rpm is standard).
  9. I've got a 91' Loyale with a 93' EJ18 in it. I want to put a EJ22 in there but I am having trouble finding on for sale in my area. I found one the other day at my local junk yard that they said came out of a 95' legacy and it has 270000 something miles on it. They said compression was still in the acceptable range. They're asking $350 for it. If the compression is still good should I just get a gasket kit and timing belt kit and call it good?
  10. Zip Tie

    Sticker removal

    Thanks for the ideas. I tried some of these but it's almost like its baked on. It's no longer a sticker and more like a thousand little paint chips. I have a rubber wheel at work I'm going to try. Maybe put a bunch of goof off on there and let it soak then hit it with the wheel.
  11. I got a new 4WD sticker and cannot figure out how to get the old one off without wrecking the paint. Any Ideas?
  12. FerGloyale thank you for sharing your knowledge and not just shouting about how much you know. I'm not having any problems with the coil, was just wondering if an after market coil was produced and if it had positive effects.
  13. I thought it was a simple question that didn't deserve to be belittled. I'm sorry if I upset anyone. Saying that "the coil already does a perfectly fine job and changing it would do nothing" would have been the end of the thread, and would have answered my question. Instead I was berated. There are other forums, I guess I'll give them a try.
  14. Well General"mental"Disorder I never said I was a master mechanic or knew more than you. So, if you're feeling that attacked buy my question you can go stay with one of your girlfriend's or at your mom's place until you calm down.
  15. Yeah, wow, guess this is a sore subject. This is my first Subaru (grew up working on Toyota's trucks, which do benefit from a hotter spark) so I have some simple questions. Didn't realize that subaru had it all figured out. Sorry, I'll think twice about asking them on here next time.