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  1. Zip Tie

    Sticker removal

    Thanks for the ideas. I tried some of these but it's almost like its baked on. It's no longer a sticker and more like a thousand little paint chips. I have a rubber wheel at work I'm going to try. Maybe put a bunch of goof off on there and let it soak then hit it with the wheel.
  2. I got a new 4WD sticker and cannot figure out how to get the old one off without wrecking the paint. Any Ideas?
  3. FerGloyale thank you for sharing your knowledge and not just shouting about how much you know. I'm not having any problems with the coil, was just wondering if an after market coil was produced and if it had positive effects.
  4. I thought it was a simple question that didn't deserve to be belittled. I'm sorry if I upset anyone. Saying that "the coil already does a perfectly fine job and changing it would do nothing" would have been the end of the thread, and would have answered my question. Instead I was berated. There are other forums, I guess I'll give them a try.
  5. Well General"mental"Disorder I never said I was a master mechanic or knew more than you. So, if you're feeling that attacked buy my question you can go stay with one of your girlfriend's or at your mom's place until you calm down.
  6. Yeah, wow, guess this is a sore subject. This is my first Subaru (grew up working on Toyota's trucks, which do benefit from a hotter spark) so I have some simple questions. Didn't realize that subaru had it all figured out. Sorry, I'll think twice about asking them on here next time.
  7. Does anyone make performance coil packs for the 1.8? I have a 1.8 mpfi in my 91' 4wd loyale wagon out of a 93' Impreza and was wondering if there was anything out there besides stock. I've done some poking around on this site and other one's and haven't found anything about this.
  8. I put new NGK plugs and wires on. I ran sea foam through a tank of gas and some in the oil. I ordered a new coolant sensor. If that doesn't work then it's a new cat.
  9. I have a 91' loyale with a 93' 1.8 MPFI swap. It failed California smog the other day. It passed at high RPM, but failed at idle. I hadn't noticed it before but it has a slight stumble at idle (vacuum leak?). I sprayed a whole can of carb cleaner trying to find it. Nothing. Doing some reading on other possible causes i found that the coolant temperature sensor can cause the engine to run poorly. Anyone have any insight into this issue?
  10. So I traced the wires from the electric fans and they change color a couple times but end up being the yellow and green wires going into the floating relay block. I replaced the 20amp fuse and the drivers side fan started running without the key being in on. The purple wires do go to a relay with yellow wires. Maybe ac fan.
  11. This might help. Where are the 4wd vacuum lines?
  12. What do the gray and purple wires coming out of the relay block in the spare tire well go to? I reconnected the gray one. I can't figure out where the purple one is supposed to go. There is a purple wire on the passenger side against the firewall that goes nowhere....Also, you said it looks like the vac lines for the 4wd are disconnected. Where are those?
  13. Nope (not yet at least). It's running just fine. I checked under the power steering pump and it's a 1.8. The oil pressure isn't working though. I replaced the sender unit and the gauge goes all the way to 85 with the ignition on but drops below 0 and stays there when the engine is running. Oil level is full on dip stick. What could be causing this?
  14. I picked it up on Saturday (drove 6 1/2 hrs). I had been told the fuel pump was out so I started diagnosing from there. Battery dead. A little starting fluid and a battery jump (could hear the fuel pump running) and drove it home (6 1/2 hrs) under its own power. It needs a tune up, brakes bled, interior cleaned and new door weather stripping. I'm in the process of completing the first three. Any ideas where to get weather stripping?