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    lifelong wrench and restorer. looking to restore 1987 rx turbo sedan.
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  1.  i got some pics up on a newer post. How's the safari going?

  2. shadetreemobile

    87 rx a/c parts

    I should have done that to begin with - too late now.
  3. shadetreemobile

    87 rx a/c parts

    I already had an spardnubbin change the fitting over to 134a and evac + refill system. It lasted 2 months - then blew the compressor seals. Now i'm trying to change it 100% 134a. If the condenser will take the pressure i'm good to go - as all the other parts are avail. over the counter.
  4. shadetreemobile

    87 rx a/c parts

    I'm trying to change over my r-12 system to 134a. I can't find a 134a rated condenser. What year did subaru change over to 134a? What models would interchange with my 1.8 turbo? I can get all the other parts over the counter. Also - would it be worth rebuilding my compressor with a 134a rebuild kit?
  5. shadetreemobile

    What is it?

    What is the switch/sensor/meter on top of the thermostat housing on my 1987 rx turbo sedan? It seems to meter crankcase blowby into the intake. What does this do? Control cold idle?
  6. shadetreemobile

    intake / thermostat housing interchange

    thanks for the advice.
  7. shadetreemobile

    intake / thermostat housing interchange

    i would'nt know to post a photo on a computer. It's a spider type manifold (i think) and it looks fairly simple to remove.I'm afraid i'll snap off more bolts is the process.
  8. shadetreemobile

    intake / thermostat housing interchange

    bolt already has a left-handed drill bit broke off in the bolt. I'm thinking of removing the entire intake and taking it to a machine shop. Thank for the comeback.
  9. Need help finding a intake manifold - thermostat housing for my 87 rx turbo. I have a stripped therm housing bolt that nobody can get out. As the therm housing is cast into the intake - i'll need the entire part. Does anyone know what years interchange with this motor (ea82)?
  10. shadetreemobile

    model ident.

    took it to dealer - his computer calls it an RX. i was 1 off on the vin (2 instead of a z in the 12th spot).
  11. shadetreemobile

    model ident.

  12. shadetreemobile

    model ident.

  13. shadetreemobile

    model ident.

    thanks - looks like i got some work to do.
  14. shadetreemobile

    model ident.

  15. shadetreemobile

    model ident.

    I bought a turbo 1987 4-door sedan. Vin jf2ac56b5hgz18182. Is this a rx? a gl? subaru of america says the vin is invalid. Having trouble tracking down parts and service interval info. It has 130000 miles and has no service record. Did it need a 100000 service? any info would be great.