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  1. A couple of pictures might help.
  2. DaveT

    87 rx a/c parts

    If it is still working, except for refrigerant, its much easier to go on ebay, get a couple cans of r12 and keep it stock. Better performance also.
  3. The IAC is a cylindrical thing on the front of the throttle body. A hose ells out of the air boot, goes to the right, turns 90 degrees down onto it. Screws.hold the IAC valve to the throttle body. It is weird that it was idling high before, and now is more normal. I don't recall the spec for idle with a stick shift.
  4. The one full revolution is as mentioned above. Tighten the crank pulley bolt is another way to think of it. I don't think it would mattter, it's just to get the drivers side belt to the corectangular position relative to the passenger side belt. After a short test fire, I like to re set the tensioners, because the belts invariably walk into the positions they want to run in, and get a little loose. But this wouldn't effect idle speed like you are experiencing either. A couple degrees of timing is pretty subtle. Also, you cannot get an accurate timing reading unless you connect the green test connectors, as the ECU is adjusting it.
  5. I've been running EA82s since 1988. Not once has replacing a timing belt changed the timing enough to matter at all. The idle screw is the last thing to touch. Never had to turn one of those either. Something else is wrong. Vacuum leak. IAC valve. Bad wire or connection. CTS. Does the CTS you have match the specs for resistance vs temperature of an OEM one?
  6. DaveT

    Transmission prints.

    Factory Service Manual has all of that. Might get lucky on ebay, or if someone in here has one, or a link.
  7. DaveT

    Help with running issue

    #1 thing to check - timing belt procedure. Did you turn the crank 1 full turn between installing the 2 belts? #2 double check the plug wires. When it runs, is it really rough? Either of these will cause this, really hard to start, won't idle, runs like crap, no power.
  8. These have a child safety "switch" Look on the edges of the door when it's open, above the latch mechanism for a small short toggle lever. It should be up for normal operation, down does not allow the door to be opened from inside. The window, could be in the relay / control stuff, or a broken wire in the cable to the door.
  9. DaveT

    Axles in loyale

    If it's only the boot, clean, re grease & reboot. Even if it makes a little clicking on sharp turns, you are better off doing the same. OEM are NLA , but keep your eyes open for used OEM ones. The ends are painted dark green. Aftermarket are junk, don't waste your time. More parts for these models are NLA also, so be ready to be creative / stock up on parts when you come across them / have a backup car. The link below is not a direct answer to reducing the heat from the cat - it is a side effect of my redesigned exhaust system, however. http://www.dynahoedave.co.nf/exhaust.html
  10. Also, get a pressure plate and the throw out bearing and the pilot bearing and seal.
  11. It's ok to be new at this. Is it spinning 4000rpm while in gear and not (or slowly ) moving? Means Very different problem/s from spinning 4000 in neutral but not having power to climb hills.
  12. Got a chance to measure. Probably not. The Forester lights are bigger diameter.
  13. Are you saying you can get high rpms in neutral, or that the engine is spinning and the car is not (or barely) moving?
  14. Does anyone know if the fog light kit is the same? At a casual first glance, they seem to be the same. Lights and control stalk for the steering column.