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  1. Only California has 8. The duplicate, I don't know. The link only goes to a "select part" kind of table, no way to tell. 86 could be carburetor, or possibly SPFI, I don't know exactly when they changed. I had an 86 carb, and an 87 SPFI. Sometimes it is easier to use the "contact us" link and let them sort out what they are looking for.
  2. My 92 had those annoying seat belts. They were always flakey. My 93 has them, but they still work. When they get flakey, I'll install a set of pre automatic lap belts, I saved from a 1990. Yes, you want to try to find a FSM or scanned pages to download, as they have very complete schematics.
  3. DaveT

    What's with Subaru AC?

    Some of the old R-12 systems are pretty good. Just a guess, maybe less worried about MPG back then, so rhe A/C might be sized more for cooling than efficiency. A/C is a few HP load, so it is noticable on a small engine.
  4. I stumbled across something in my FSM whilr.looking for something else, that might explain the 7 vs 8. The FSM list showed a 7 vs 8 depending on 49 state vs CA.
  5. DaveT

    Front 4WD Strut

    There is a thread somewhere about fronts, that even had pictures and part numbers for replacement 4WD style fronts. I got a pair with the info. Too long ago to remeber now the details.
  6. DaveT

    Fuel Pump issues

    IF the FPCU was powered while wet, especially with water that came through a rusty area, it will need to be cleaned washed and dried before it can even be troubleshot. water with ions conducts. If there was voltage between 2 pins for any length of time, corrosion [electrolysis] happens. Not in minutes, but longer = worse. Even without power, the contamination could cause malfunction. Bypass for testing, for sure. It is good to have something kill the fuel pump in the event of an accident that shuts down the engine.
  7. "Crank angle sensor" is the distributor / pickup that on an older car would have been the points. 12 has nothing to do with your trouble. 61 probably not. I've never seen this code. Weird idle problems i have seen with NO codes - failing CTS - coolant temperature sensor - the 2 wire sensor on the lower thermostat housing. This can cause all kinds of weird drivability problems, as the fuel mix isn't correct for the engine temperature. Broken wire to the IAC valve, or dead / stuck IAC valve. idle air control valve. If this is the problem, you can maintain idle with careful application of the gas pedal, and still drive. The fusible link burning up is odd. A short in the alternator output could burn it out. All of the other loads on that link are fused at much lower amps, so those fuses should blow before the link. Other possibility, is alternator output totally out of control, pushing out full power - but I've not had the link burn out from that, just over voltage, which I regulated by turning on and off accessories to avoid frying electronics and the battery until I got home.
  8. DaveT

    Fuel Pump issues

    I would need a factory service manual schematic to try to troubleshoot. I only have 86 and up.
  9. DaveT

    Factory A/C

    The bearing should be replaceable. Not a bad idea to get a part number off of it now. If getting back on the road quick is an issue, get a spare.
  10. DaveT

    Front 4WD Strut

    The original older OEM 4WD struts have nuts on them that let you adjust the height about 1" At some point, they dropped them. 2WD are fixed at the low height.
  11. Don't know if I can find a part number. There were 2 variants of A/C I am aware of, if it is an EA82 engine. One, the compressor is closest to the battery, the other, the alternator is closest to the battery.
  12. Yeah, we are just going to have to get more creative to keep these old ones running as time goes by.
  13. You might have better luck in the newer forum, since what you are dealing with is an EJ engine problem. It probably has little to do with the body it is installed in. Outside of checking all the wiring involved with fuel and the throttle body, I can't say much else. I've never had an EJ.
  14. Starting to seem like a common 30yr old part to fail...
  15. I have a dual range transmission that needs a home.