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  1. DaveT

    Front strut

    By about a half inch, IIRC.... Older GLs, that were essentially the same 86-87 - the 4WD front struts had adjustable height, the perch could be adjusted over about 1" of range. If you search long and hard, you might find those, but they also probably will cost more than the typical in between the extremes aftermarket struts. Those are pretty hard to find also.
  2. DaveT

    EA81 oil pump replacement

    They are NLA. Only chance is to get very lucky and find one on ebay, or someone on a forum like this who is done with that engine style. Or machine one from a block of aluminum. Use extreme care getting the old one out.
  3. DaveT

    No power to my ignition coil

    A good locksmith might be able to make a key. These old cars are a challenge to keep running - you have to diy, or have big wads of cash when you find someone specialized enough to want to touch them. Collect spare parts, make parts, etc...
  4. DaveT

    New brat owner needs help!

    I much prefer the factory service manuals, but I got them when the cars were only a couple years old.... Now, you have to watch ebay, and these forums for anyone deciding to move onto newer vehicles.
  5. DaveT

    No power to my ignition coil

    The ignition switch is the one turned by the key. The switch part is inside straight in from where the key hole is. I am not specifically familiar with the 82s. But the coil hot side (+) side should have 12V with the key on with anything older than 1994 Loyales anyway. The (-) side of the coil is switched by the points, Electronic ignition, or the ECU depending on what system they used. Do you know the engine type? It's a number on the bell housing, like EA71, EA81, EA82
  6. It could be done with small relays. And a few diodes.
  7. My 86 FSM shows the toe and camber adjustments using the 3 bolts. They do interact. I got lucky when I corrected the toe on mine, didn't have to fight with a bunch of interaction. Yes, they don't move much, but apparently, they have a noticeable effect. With them as far out as you have, you don't have much to loose trying to adjust them. They are a pain, you have to pull the tire off to really get at them. At least get the bolts freed and anti siezed , then start trying to get the angles set. I can try to scan the page tomorrow.
  8. The ride height might mess with that some. In your pic of the wheel, it looks like it's leaning in at the top, that's opposite of where mine are, unless I have a really heavy load of stuff in the back. [I have mine set on the highest notch on the rear shocks] Worth checking the bushings too. The big tube that all the rear suspension bolts to - make sure it's not rotted out.
  9. I had a thread / post about this, and a rig to DIY. The only adjustment is the 3 bolts on the trailing arm.
  10. I was only thinking of the wagons, I edited my post, don't want anyone confused.
  11. I am pretty sure - for wagons only - 86 through 94 are the same. Drum brakes, rear, 4wd vs fwd no difference. Somewhere before 86, they were not auto adjusting, but the difference a hole in the shoes, and a couple of other parts. I never compared the cylinders.
  12. Look for loose connections?
  13. Interesting. Thank you. I have some stuff to read and watch....