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  1. If it's a Subaru radiator, it is a straight thread and metric. Not a pipe thread.
  2. Those kid of mods were never my thing, but I don't remember seeing much of anything like that. With many normal maintenance type parts NLA for these models - both OEM and aftermarket - I'd be surprised if there are any around.
  3. IF you got enough pressure and flow, you could push seals out. A broken dipstick isn't going to have much to catch the wind, unless you have the round part at the handle jammed down the tube. If it's just the metal strip, I'm thinking the air would just slip by it.
  4. Everything I have read on this forum, over many years, points to forget about the Hitachi.
  5. DaveT

    Save This Subaru!

    Oh, yeah, on that sort of road, not such a great idea. I had back road options.
  6. A walk by / run by keying, the only thing I can think of is a couple of security camers mounted so they have a good view of the car. And maybe you could get a good enough pic to help the police athch they guy. Some idiot walking by just to do that, could do it, the alarm goes of, and runs away before anyone could get there to catch him red handed.
  7. My first car I put in an alarm. Was back before boom cars were a thing, but I had a high end stereo system. I set up the arm disarm switch so that locking and unlocking the driver's door controlled it. Only the key controlled it, the buttons did not. It had some kind of tilt switch. Never had a problem with it.
  8. DaveT

    Save This Subaru!

    I pushed one further than that once, a few decades ago. Just need 2 experienced drivers. Depends on how picky law enforcement is about such things I guess also.
  9. DaveT

    Save This Subaru!

    It looks older than Loyale. The wheels and little center covers look like what my 76 and 78 wagons had. Just called GL or DL depending on the options.
  10. DaveT

    Head gasket sealant

    Mine are 4WD. My 87 was originally FWD, but I added the parts to make it 4WD from one of my retired due to rust cars. Yeah, if they had more power, I'd be more likely to get in trouble using it.
  11. DaveT

    Ea82 into 82 brat

    If I had one, I'd trade, but I skipped over that generation.
  12. DaveT

    Head gasket sealant

    Mine are not turbo. Turbo were MPFI also, iirc. Mine are SPFI. Been running and maintaining EA82 wagons since 1988. I've had several, since salt on roads in winter kills the bodies. Now that I have my house and shop built, I have more time to stay ahead of rust, etc.
  13. DaveT

    Head gasket sealant

    I would probably have bought it. Throw it in a car the next time I needed to swap. See what happens. Even if it runs long enough to reseal the original engine. But I have 2 EA82 powered cars, so if one has a bigger problem, well, it's not a huge problem.
  14. DaveT

    Ea82 into 82 brat

    If you plan on keeping EA82s running, start scrounging parts everywhere you find any. Getting rarer every week. Be ready to replace timing belts and 3 idlers [or their bearings] every 50K miles. I have 2 wagons with SPFI EA82s, and shelves of spare parts, so I'm set for a while. Having 2 helps a lot, since almost nothing is a walk into a store and buy it off the shelf item, at least around here. When one needs repair, I have the other to drive. If your EA82 is carbed, it's not a big wiring nightmare, if it's SPFI, it is just as big a job as an EJ. Or you could put a weber carb on it. The EA82 carb is a nightmare if it's not working, from what I see in threads on here.
  15. DaveT

    Ea82 into 82 brat

    I'm curious as to why that particular swap. EA81 simpler and more reliable than EA82. Iirc, you could put the SPFI from an 82 onto an 81. That would get you the slightly more power. Both EA engines have many NLA parts. Similarge amount of time and money spent you could put in an EJ that you can also still get parts for.