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  1. I recall reading about some lines made from a cupro-nickel alloy?
  2. Dorman sells a box of 20mm washers but, yeah, you could just buy a several next time you're at the dealer too. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001SNRGAA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. 1 Lucky Texan

    1991 XT6 won’t idle, runs rough

    if a few sprays of starter fluid calm it down - that would point to fueling.
  4. On my WRX I run Kumho ECSTA ASX or ECSTA 4x .
  5. if the bearings for the toothed idler are failing, that could be a source for magnetic debris too.
  6. I have read of some negelected engines having gummed-up oil control rings. Might cause low compression?
  7. I dunno, wondering if examining the plugs might give a clue? maybe a cylinder is misfiring and a plug would appear different than the other 3 ?
  8. sweet ride! Make sure to get OEM or Japanese parts for the timing belt system service.
  9. many of us would use Valvoline MaxLife trans fluid in that car. I did. It's Dex II/III/VI w'ever compatible.
  10. rear bushing on the lower control arm can knock/thump.
  11. downstream (post cat conv) does nothing related to a:f or other parameters related to the engine's performancein that car (pretty sure only the H6es may use that sensor for a:f corrections). It is a 'nanny' for cat conv heating-up properly. hopefully, someone with more experience will replay but one thing you might do is, in a new thread, ask for recommendation of a soob-friendly shop near your city. Someone may know a good independent mechanic.
  12. many folks have good luck with the Subaru Coolant Conditioner (repackagaed Holt's RadWeld) ONLY one bottle, ONLY install per directions.
  13. hmmmm....OK, next time it's cold/prone to exhibit failure....try cycling the key several times, from OFF to ON-wait for a 3-4-5count, OFF-ON,wait,OFF-ON,wait, then OFF- Start. If there's leak-down of pressure in the fuel rails, that should correct it and maybe starting will be better? wonder what the plugs are like? proper NGK or some oddball type? just trying to eliminate some 'problem areas'. any stored codes?