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  1. you checked the dipstick while idling right? and no confusion with the front diff stick on the other side? (right side)
  2. belt likely intact (though, I wouldn't reuse it of course) the toothed idler probably puked its bearings or seized.
  3. no oil on the plugs or plug wire boots? consider scanning ecu for pending codes.
  4. good call on the coil think, surprised that wasn't it. plugs NGK right? how are the wires? will they swap front to back to test? OEM plug wires preferred if you swap those. hope it isn't a valve issue.....
  5. if the overflow is milky/dirty, take it out, bust up some ice cubes and put a coupla handfuls of the biggedr chunks in the bottle and shake the 4311 out of it. Try that a coupla times if the filth is stubborn inside.
  6. try running with the gas cap off/loose? that might condemn or exonerate the evap system.
  7. running premium fuel? even so, you may need some octane booster.
  8. look on the right side of the rear engine bay, lower and further back than the ATF stick. No need to idle the car like for ATF. Just pull and check level. If you decide to drain/fill, wipe the metallic sludge from the drain plug magnet. Hopefully no 'pieces' are on there. I think you you need a T-70 Torx bit IIRC.
  9. drive thru very high water? it can flex blades forward....
  10. 1 Lucky Texan

    Ej22 poor fuel consumption

    some folks have had knock sensors go bad with no code. bad temp sensor maybe could cause rich running with no code? maybe 'disturbed' exhaust system now has a little blockage somewhere?
  11. I just fixed my WRX's shifter for the same issue. You either need a new trunnion/shift u-joint, or new bushings in it. I put poly bushings in mine from TIC (Turn-In Concepts). I also upgraded the support rod front and rear bushings with Prothane parts. And I Upgraded the shift handle bushings. Found a youtube video that helped and had a thread here with suggestions from others. It was a fiddly process but I am glad I did it.
  12. does it smell like diff fluid? maybe someone made a mistake and put diff oil in the trans?
  13. electrical power demand also increases as the brake lights come on - maybe pull their fuse or their bulbs to troubleshoot that idea?