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  1. broken tripod joint catching/releasing? parking pawl failure of some kind (there was a recall for that on some Gen2 cars - check cars101.com) is the trans pan dented? tires all the same? (identical brand/size?) is it original trans and rear diff?
  2. 1 Lucky Texan

    What Do Other People in My Situation Do?

    You may sell a lot of some lower priced items, but if they are bad, they won't necessarily be returned because the customer must pay return shipping.
  3. you want OEM or from whoever makes them (Denso?)
  4. It was charged on July 23rd. I'm unlikely to use a stop leak, too soon for that. is a leak that takes 5-6 weeks too slow for the 'sniffers' a/c techs use sometimes?
  5. could a diesel block be used to build a more reliable turbo gas engine?
  6. I did change the o-rings at the comp. Have looked-over the hoses at the crimps. Again, I had a perhaps anomalous vacuum leak, but my 'pro' didn't find anything severe so, he charged it, used dye at my suggestion. Maybe tonight or this weekend I can be more throrough looking for dye. comp may still be pulling in but, it won't be long before pressures are too low for that. It stopped cooling. $$$ is a little tight right now so, if I can find the leak, I'll repair it myself. If not, going back to the pro I guess....
  7. several weeks ago, I gave up working on my WRX's a/c (wouldn't hold a vacuum - but I admit I may not have closed-off the center line on the manifold) and took it to a pro. He couldn't find a leak, charged it. I asked about dye and he put some in, worked for many weeks, now, it is blowing hot again. So, hoping i could spot a bad hose or leaking connection, I checked around tonight with a UV light. No 'smoking gun' really. there are small spots under and around the compressor. The low pressure port cap is bright, but I figure the tech put it back on with dye on his hands. No big blotch on a hose or near comp. or firewall connections,, didn't see anything on brief look around the condenser.... How common would a compressor failure be and could it dribble-out spots around itself?
  8. I've read that valve lash should really be checked on a 200K+ H6, exhaust valves stretch. Checking is not too difficult, making changes to the adjustment can be brutal...
  9. any chance you had a little water in the tank? Condensation on plug wires? maybe cracked IACV hose?
  10. you might find a used trans with half that mileage.
  11. 1 Lucky Texan

    The journey has come to an end...

    we test drove an element back in the early 2000s, I didn't care for the frt-to-bk 'pitching' it did. Maybe they improved them later?
  12. original transmission? there was a recall for broken parking pawls - but starting in 2001 I think. mightbe time to check car-part.com for a trans....
  13. 1 Lucky Texan

    Suspenstion Questions

    while you're back there, check the diff mount bushings. not long after I bought it, I had Subaru SPT 'Pinks' put on my WRX. About 3/4" lower and about twice as stiff as stock I think. Dunno if anything like that is still available....