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  1. any chance you could use a mechanic's stethoscope or even a dowel rod or long screwdriver to the ear to pin-down the location better? my first gut-feelings were serpentine belt idler/tensioner bearings, or possibly cracked flexplate.
  2. 1 Lucky Texan

    Input on 2016 Outback

    ^^^good post, second the oil minor point but, easy for folks to overlook the cabin air filter.
  3. if it's like a squeal, could be the backing plate has trapped some debris against the rotor, or is dragging?
  4. 1 Lucky Texan

    New Member (again..)

    welcome back Dusty, there are folks here with ej22 swap experience. Someone will reply I'm sure - the recent virus issue may have some folks a bit distracted. try a search to read about swaps.
  5. some older filters had bad crimps and would leak sometimes......r
  6. could an observer in another car 'pacing' you perhaps see something? video the front corners, etc.
  7. is it less noticeable on wet roads by any chance? or on gravel?
  8. I edited my last post, el freddo is talking about center drive shaft I think?
  9. EDITED; have half-shaft/CV axle nuts been torqued with wheels on the ground? FSM says not to do that - no weight on the wheels.
  10. as a triple check, find the tooth count for your engine.
  11. check hub/rotor/caliper temps with an infrared thermometer after a highway run. is the wobble in sync with tire roation - or, 'about' 4 times faster? if you lightly touch the brakes while wobbling, can you feel pulses in the brake pedal or, does it change the symptom? did this begine gradually or after some work on the car?
  12. Pretty sure my 06 WRX wagon got a faster ratio vs 05. Maybe the 05 Saabaru was ahead of the curve?????