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  1. daveT's suggestion is pretty good I think, get an engine from car-part.com , MLS headgaskets and new timing belt system components.
  2. all 4 new tires? all tires must be the same size/model/brand and near each other in wear. Will the car perform smooth, slow tight circles on dry pavement? no jerking/binding?
  3. even here, I miss it as much in winter as in summer. I drove an '81 Honda Civic wagon for over 10 years with broken a/c (no money to fix during those year) - not fun in August....but I survived.
  4. You might investigate a propane/butane mix. From what I have read, not as dangerous as it 'sounds'.....I mean, you have 10+ gallons of gasoline in the car anyway.
  5. that's the classic symptom of the 'cardan' joint (u-joint) on the steering shaft going bad. To prove it, spray some light lube or even PB Blaster on the joint to see if it (temporaily) gets better.
  6. Subaru TSB or some such once spec'd the Subaru Coolant Conditioner (relabeled Holt's RadWeld leak-stop) for a generation of cars. That could be the stuff the mech spotted.
  7. the backfiring through the intake sounds to me like the timing is still off.
  8. not a summary, but quite detailed; http://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/66-problems-maintenance/49537-p0420-diagnosis.html
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