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  1. 1 Lucky Texan

    Best year vehicle to purchase

    dunno really, read that the early ones have a reputation for being underpowered. Maybe check cars101.com for features?
  2. sometimes, brake lines can act like a check valve, maybe the pressure bleeds-off after a while but 'locks' immediately after brake use for sometime. guys, could this be a broken axle? freewheeling while the good one does all the pulling? (but I still dunno what vehicle this is - might not be possible)
  3. some folks I've read used Marvel Mystery oil to 'clean out' stuck hydraulic lifters. just using a synthetic - cheap walmart or w'ever - 'could' eventually clean out old gunk. One of the reasons synthetic looks very dark on oil changes is because it keeps varnish in suspension better than conventioal oil. It can clean, then keep things cleaner. just some ideas thoughts on the issue.
  4. 1 Lucky Texan

    XT6 Transmision onto 3.0R engine

    I have no power mods on my WRX and zippered 2nd gear smooth - under 75k miles(but, plenty of spirited driving and rev-matched decel). Many people have lost 3rd gear in the 5 speeds.....I've read the case is weak/flexes ? that said, I think the 06-up 5spds got a little better 1st gear synchro....
  5. if it seems too big, look at a Forester - or maybe Crosstrek ? My wife is itching to buy herself a new car - maybe a Mazda - but, even though we really have zero need for 3 cars, I REALLY don't want to sell either of my cars. The WRX makes no sense to keep other than I LOVE driving it, the Outback is starting to squeak groan somehwere in the rear so I know more rubber is going bad.... plus, It's harder for me to crawl around under them....Outback is needing quite a bit of refreshing, and the WRX I know is a ticking time bomb.....
  6. hmmmmm....vacuum leak overheating it???? or , can they be 'poisoned' by coolant in the exhaust or ????
  7. 1 Lucky Texan

    Interchangeable Parts?

    yeah, read 2-3 times of folks using WindoWeld to make/repair bushings - even 1 or 2 youtube vids on that I think.
  8. 1 Lucky Texan

    XT6 Transmision onto 3.0R engine

    legacy spec B 6-speed would be awesome
  9. is this a DBW - I missed what car this is but, on older cars, you must make sure the IACV hose is connected.
  10. ABS can be sensitive to system voltage on some models.....maybe check charging system?(the other 2 may be disabled for ANY other failure)
  11. 1 Lucky Texan

    Intake Manifold Bolts

    In one test I read, 50:50 acetone and ATF worked better than 3-4 fluids sold as penetrating oil !
  12. 1 Lucky Texan

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    is it better after a battery disconnect 'reset' ?
  13. 1 Lucky Texan

    Ej22 l series vs 2005ish h6 outback off road

    Numbchux, from what I have read (no experience) sand can be challenging if you have the wrong tires or have too much tire pressure?
  14. 1 Lucky Texan

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    I gave some very wild ideas on the other forum but here, I wonder if the 'dogbone'/pitch stop bushings could do that?