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  1. one thing to consider would be a head unit upgrade - you could get bluetooth and maybe a usb port, as well as other features. check www.crutchfield.com for some ideas
  2. 1 Lucky Texan

    03 Baja brakes

    can you describe or post pics of the damage? any problems during the work? brake hoses get twisted?
  3. www.boxer4racing used to carry go-fast bits for legacy chassis - dunno what they might offer for the very new models. got my Strommung muffler for my WRX from them. Very responsive to my email questions. That was long ago.
  4. sounds like Ralli-wreck amirite?
  5. yep, destroyed cyl 2 on my '78 Honda Civic - valve broke , destroyed piston top, pitted the cyl wall. I honed the cylinder, installed new piston - I drove it for a while - used a little oil. Eventually donated to Goodwill, still running.
  6. P0420 can be caused by other issues, some of which may not throw a code. OF COURSE an older car could need a cat. just that, vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks can also throw that code. many folks have had cracked/bad knock sensors that didn't throw a code. Plus, regular misfiring could explain poor mileage AND the excess unburned fuel could have destroyed the cat. the rear O2 sensor is what 'monitors' the cat, it or its wiring may be bad. Cats are pricey, never change one based ONLY on the 420 code, there are other tests that can help pin-down the problem.
  7. maybe threw a rod, that led to the belt being thrown???
  8. possible misfiring from non-oem plugs/wires possible bad knock sensor possible bad ECT sensor double check all ground connections.
  9. 6 speed trans and I guess rear diff from a spec B...+ built/tuned WRX or Forester XT engine from a wreck could be a really good swap.
  10. who's doing the work? You might post in a new thread asking for a soob-friendly shop near you. Some folks have had very good luck with doing 3 drain/fill/drive-a-little procedures on their old automatics - perhaps with a bottle of Trans-X on the final fill. (have to mention , trans fluid is checked while idling, the only fluid you check that way) it's my understanding the 207 is a real b@st@rd engine, low-ish power and difficult to source parts for. thinking of a different engine I guess...
  11. could there be a 'clocking'/phasing issue with the inner vs outer joints? I think it can make some difference in situations near maximum deflection angles.
  12. Scotty, you can take the assemblies off the car, take them and your new KYB struts, maybe boots and mounts (springs?) to a shop, pay them to move everything over - BOOM, new QUALITY assemblies!
  13. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=subaru+keyless+remote&i=automotive&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  14. Yeah, not the best link, sorry They have both full-fuction and cases, but again, I dunno how far back they go in models/technology. The replacements I have gotten came either from the classifieds in a Forum or from ebay. https://duracellremotes.com/