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  1. not sure I can help much but, to be clear, it now cranks but won't start? fuel pump is odd in that, it runs only for a very short time immediately after key on, to fully pressurize the rails. You should be able to hear it. If you don't, there could be a bad relay somewhere.....then I guess it starts-up again sometime after starting. tank has gas in it right? no problems with fuel gauge reporting accurately?
  2. overfilled refrigerant can cause a hooting noise. This time of year, a/c is still used for defrost. Was it serviced recently? you could try turning the comp. off next time you hear the noise. If the intake filter 'box' is not seated at the bottom where the tabs fit into slots, it can make a whooshing sound. any codes stored?
  3. 1 Lucky Texan

    Stuck rear axle.

  4. I suppose the UP arrow could be just for factory installation? Otherwise, I thought it was for star adjuster direction for brake adjustment. But seems too large and why the whole plate??? light socket access??? what does the back look like? just flat?
  5. did older Subarus have a rear brake adjsuter cover plate like that by any chance? kinda reminds me of the direction guide embossed in the rear brake shield for ebrake adjustment.
  6. 1 Lucky Texan

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    scanned it. Like so many of these type videos, the use of different tires for the 'test' almost alone should invalidate it. If they were all BRAND NEW cars, I could see bringing up complaints about the tires delivered with the cars being part of the 'complaint', but, really, this should use the same tire across each brand. (and probably, if you know you're going to be on sand, wouldn't dropping the tire pressure a little be advisable? did they?) I do think, in addition to having a great AWD system, the Audi driver may have had the best approach to driving that section. So, could be driver-influenced. Not sure it's quite as damning for Subaru as it looks, but I have no real experience driving in those conditions.
  7. 1 Lucky Texan

    CV joint play?

    someone else with more knowledge may have a quantitative answer but, rear axles seem to be extremely robust and long-lasting. May have read of a failure once in over a decade of reading about Subarus across 2-3 Forums.
  8. does the fuel return line go to a jetpump like in newer models? maybe it is clogged? (I'm ignorant of older models, just asking)
  9. Amarillo really gets the worst of bothtemp extremes. Plus massive amounts of wind.
  10. I didn't want to indicate we see 75 degree swings in one day or that other places don't have variable weather. Rainfall can vary a lot, we get tornadoes, hurricanes on the coast. We are not subject to strong earthquakes at least! It's certainly fair to say most Texans are ill prepared for snow, it just isn't common or long-lasting here. But it's the freezing rain (black ice) that can be really bad. where my MIL is moving too (now we just have to wait on a facility-required TB patch test) is generator backed-up so, if we do lose power here in the future, we could go hang with her! yeah, I mentioned my little community (Pantego) has wel water, it is full of magnesium and salt. It is potable, just tastes bad. For drinking water we use a countertop RO unit (aquatru). My wife wanted us to get a whole house filter unit and I told her, if it was just a matter of filtering-out salt, Saudi Arabia would be a jungle. Whole hose RO is just crazy for anyone but ultra rich. (there's a town in west texas that has RO for the entire town!!!) It doesn't seem to be too much salt for 'selected' landscape plants and lawns, no point in RO for flushing toilets, bathing, etc. WE may add an undercounter RO when we remodel a bathroom. That would get me outta making ice cubes in trays cause we can pass the RO water thru the wall to the fridge. The area is getting FEMA water and some other services from NGOs. I just was raised that my first duty to those in need was to try not to become one of them. One less family in line for assistance if I can properly prepare for emergencies. Brus, numbers look good on that filter - couldn't determine if cryptosporidium is specifically filtered out..... maybe it's listed in one of the certification standards? sorry for the major thread hijacking lol!
  11. 1 Lucky Texan

    Is my master cylinder bad?

    no brake fluid disappearing or dripping? is this model like some later ones where corroded hardlines might let bf 'pool' on top of the fuel tank or something?
  12. 7 days is really miserable. a few folks around here had 4days+ . Gens and house back-up system sales will skyrocket I'm sure. covid exacerbated things, then, you've got much less-prepared road treatment/clearing in TX. Ill prepared generating plants.....crazy. Roads are bad AND power-cut grocery stores tossing out refrigerated food, can't process credit cards/check-out w'ever. How do you boil drinking water in all-electric home with power out? Never thought I'd see ALL 254 counties under winter storm warning. about as close to a Black Swan event as I want to get. It will likely surpass Hurricane Harvey as State's most expensive disaster. Some very sad stories coming outta this. 11 yo died from hypothermia in his home with his family. Apt building burns and FD can't get water..... I know people want to do a lot of finger-pointing. And hopefully some lessons will be learned but really, no one can be fully prepared for everything. If you made drivers wear helmets and stay under 35mph - there would still be traffic fatalities.
  13. I dunno, but, maybe try a batt disconnect reset? is the defrost setting selected on hvac? maybe try a setting without the a/c comp.? just some easy things to try....
  14. yeah, -2*F official, could have been 1-2 degrees warmer at my house of course ? we have extremely variable weather, you pick most any day in winter and look at the difference between record high and record low numbers - frequently 70+ degree spread. for today? record low (1939) = 18*F record high (1996)= 95*F tomorrow L (1963)= 19* H (1996)= 93* we feel extremely lucky, other than low water pressure for a coupla hours, we did OK in my 55 yo house in my tiny enclave with its own wells for water. Never lost ac power or gas and it seems we managed to avoid any plumbing damage. I double insulated the hose bib /sillcock w'ever on the north side. We had filled a few conatiners w/xtra water. Charged-up MIL's portable O2 concentrater batts. I also have an inverter that uses my lawn equipment batts that I charged. We could also get in the car and run her oxy for a while on 12V, but, we were preppared to call 911 in case we needed O2 tanks. You know, just tried to prep as much as possible beforehand. Sure wish we had gotten new windows installed (still have single pane 60s style aluminum) but covid and presence of MIL shut down that project (and some others.)
  15. -2 here a coupla days ago, probably near 70* today. my sinuses don't know what to do with all the pollen switching back and forth!