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  1. I could definitely see a shop not wanting to waste time trial fitting aftermarket hoses of questionable durability.
  2. 1 Lucky Texan

    Backroad Beater

    take care of your cooling system, tires, and timing belt system and you should be good for a long time!
  3. 5 days,,,,, that should be past the monitors completing . Still, you could have other maintenance to 'catch-up' on. Keep an eye out for issues and maybe scan for pending codes in a few more days to be sure. anyway, fingers crossed.
  4. could be they used a 'generic' photo but, could have also been a disappointment to get the wrong shape completely. I have had to trim a coupla aftermarket hoses too.
  5. 1 Lucky Texan

    Newbie from Kentucky

    some WRX aftermaket stuff may fit on the car so, should be able to make it corner flatter and tighten-up suspension. Car likely needs struts anyway so, line-up some springs and other bits for it. sounds like you might want a slight lift??? although pricey, rims can add a lot of personalization to a car. make sure to keep your tires all the same brand/size/model/wear to protect the AWD. Keep the cooling system in top shape and make sure the timing belt system has been properly serviced with Japanese parts. overheating, mismatched tires and broken timing gear will kill a Subaru quickly.
  6. I think I bought a Lisle similar to above in the past, lol, can't remember where I put it....no teeth though, everything is better with TEETH lol
  7. 1 Lucky Texan

    Radiator repair/advice

    fantastic - please share the name and location of the shop, could help someone in th future.
  8. 1 Lucky Texan

    Radiator repair/advice

    ^^^ superb and succinct explanation. Was any other work done? maybe check the parts list for coolant system parts. But, impossible to definitively lay blame on the shop.
  9. ^^^ yep,I was gonna say fuel, and maybe ATF - but, it depends on the actual polymer used.
  10. changing the 2-3 largest hoses preemptively makes sense to me as you might severely overheat before getting off the road. Ths smaller ones likely give you enough time before you go dry so, unless they are easy to get to and inexpensive, might just wait until they leak. Of course your personal situation makes a lot of difference on this type decision. If you rely on a 15-20+ year old car for critical transportation or long distances driving alone,etc. , you would want to address ANY issue that could strand you. maybe even carrying a starter, alt. and fuel pump even......plus tools lol! and repair tape as mentioned, JB-Weld, and other similar repair gear would be good to have with you.
  11. if you can't match it, as an emergency measure, see if you can make a bigger 'loop' with straight generic hose. Smallest 3/4 circle that doesn't kink. Tie/support it out of the way with some cord or zipties strung together.....? like this ____(
  12. well, maybe the FSM has some guidelines for testing sensor signals - could be that the actual sensors are OK, but a wire is broken or a pin is pushed back in a connector. Testing resistances from the ECU's connector and comparing values with the FSM could locate the problem. If the car was OBDII, live data would be very helpful. Maybe someone else knows how to get live data from a '93. If the car also struggles to rev past 5K at idle, maybe try a squirt of raw propane, or starter fluid. maybe the fuel pump is weak????
  13. coupla wild ideas; when you were monitoring the sensors, how did the engine temp sensor look? ? also, is this the first year of DBW? could this be electronic throttle problem?
  14. how does it run immediately after a battery disconnect reset? If badly, look for something 'physical' like a clogged exhaust or 'dropped' valve. If better, could be a bad sensor or sensor wiring....
  15. knock sensor needs attention. I wouldn't rule out partially clogged exhaust. Vacuum gauge might show that.