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  1. always check and refresh ground connections on older OBD cars. possible dead spot in TPS range less likely would be a timing belt slip....?
  2. maybe pinched wiring harness somewhere - in the gaiter/conduit from body to hatch? related to original collision?
  3. hmmmm....maybe pull and compare plugs to see if a single cylinder is the problem and which one? maybe a 'dropped' valve guide or?????
  4. I had a mystery noise for almost 2 years - turned out it was one of the bolts from after accessory belt change - I hadn't tightened it. there's a product called Chassis Ears that might help with difficult noises.
  5. likely underhood on an 04, I think earlier models had it on the charcoal canister? 2 wire connector and 2 small evap hoses. maybe near strut tower/firewall? I saw some folks mention it could be near the alternator? sorry, that's all I got from quick search.
  6. more searching online seems to point to the purge valve; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP5gPigl6NQ
  7. lol, not like I know what any of the results would mean.... between the purge valve and the evap 'drain' valve (connected to the carbon canister) the fuel tank should not have any pressure differential with ambient air so, I think the air moving effect you get when removing the cap 'could' be a clue....?
  8. try a squirt of starting fluid immediately - when it's running rough? at least we'd know if it was fuel-related...? or, next time you feel it would fail, do a few OFF to ON (not START) key cycles. wait for a 3 count at ON, then go to OFF, back to ON, 3 count, etc. - quickly. That runs the fuel pump and should fully pressurize the rails....? you said you can detect a little air movement...wonder what would happen NOT at fueling, but say right now you removed and replaced the gas cap? would it start smoothly?
  9. First time we went to CoSpgs in the wife's Outback, it was weird to park between 2 other Soobs. Here, (back then), that could never happen. Up there, there are as many Subarus on a city block as in a zipcode here.
  10. eh, the debris thing is a stupid guess really, imagine how much anything like that would slosh with normal turning/braking....
  11. the cap/o-ring problem is not too bad to inspect for, I just dunno if the Forester's design is similar. I may not know exactly what the issue is here - but can't help wondering a coupla things; suppose the input of fuel is disturbing some debris in the tank that collects on the 'sock' - but temporarily ???? any whooshing of air when the gas cap is loosened/removed? and sense if air is moving in or out? I'd be tempted to try 2-3 tankfuls with Techron (maybe seafoam?) or similar gas treatment, maybe some odd check valve is sticking somewhere???? maybe scan the ECU and see if a code is pending?
  12. pull plugs when it's cold - before any start attempts, see if any are wet with fuel. maybe cylinder wash-down is part of the problem?
  13. manufacturers consider something like a quart in 900-1200-- miles a problem. A qt in 3000-5000 would not meet warranty-levels of concern I don't think. you might try a new PCV valve. You might send a used oil sample to Blackstone. maybe a leaky injector is diluting the oil or ????? but 750, yeh, you could call SOA, explain to a regional rep that you already documented a concern in the past, and now experience a very high level of usage. Maybe you can get another test done but, at this age, who knows what Mother Subie will do??? I'd prepare myself for disappointment.
  14. plug looks good to me - minimal residue. I realize it is xtra work, but axles are L-R exchangeable, then, if the turning noise moves with the axle, that should exonerate the diff right?
  15. if you go down 25, and if you have time for a 'side trip' take 12 out of Walsenberg to Cuchara, then to Trinidad. awesome scenery.
  16. Akro, if you decide to replace the trans, do a search of the forums and internet about seating or retaining the torque converter. If it slides forward, it can cause issues when bolting in the trans. Possible cracked hydraulic pump.
  17. yeah maybe the switch or the 'button' on the pedal? some models have an issue with the button falling out...my brain doesn't recall what generations have that lol
  18. Dave mentioned wires, you say the car has been sitting, you should look around for rodent damage I think too.
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