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  1. I have no help, but there is a LR in the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy that has no starter and no parking brake....leads to some interesting comedic moments.
  2. "it's more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow" "Stand on it 'til you smell stink!"
  3. some folks use a ladder to rig a way to support the gate - be careful regardless of how you proceed.
  4. ask here, , over at www.subaruoutback.org, at NASIOC, maybe evn the forester and legacy forums. Put a WTB (want to buy) in the classifieds. But finding a 15" wheel will be a challenge I think. The new rims might come with rubber so....just depends on what's around. Maybe check Ebay too. shipping will be crazy expensive unless local pickup or a meet-up is possible.
  5. dang! I do have a low opinion of radiator packaging - but limited to 2 experiences. But that is p!55 poor handling right there.
  6. I've also read the gasket must be OEM, metal type - not paper WP gasket. others will correct me if I'm wrong
  7. if you can WARM the bolts, maybe even just a little, then spray with your penetrant of choice, when the cooling starts the interface may pull penetrant inside.
  8. so, didn't even last long enough to zipper the teeth off 3rd gear huh?
  9. If the Baja FP is like the OBW, could be a 'cap/o-ring' problem on the bottom of the pump assy.
  10. starter may just need solenoid parts
  11. Maybe NASIOC would be a good place to list it. Some WRX swappers there I'm sure.
  12. they do seem to be on Amazon - 19 to 25 bucks. Could be an easier return process if you receive a dud. Also, more reviews to dig thru....fyi
  13. sometimes, I throw ebay items into my cart and wait a few days - about 20% of the time, I'll get a message offering a lower price.
  14. I once poured 1 and 1/2 quarts of oil on the ground changing oil on my dad's truck. Jumped under there and put the plug back in, went to the house, "dad, we're gonna need more oil! mom, can you get oil outta this shirt!"
  15. I've read that a 'hub tamer' type tool, for use on the car, is often preferred. Maybe rent-able?
  16. you seem very experienced but, the usual question for posts like this is, are you checking fluid trans level while idling?
  17. consistent misfires will often cause the CEL to flash. Your manual probably says not to drive the car if the CEL is flashing. Too much unburned fuel going into the cat. conv. can ruin it. highly unlikely to be this pair of clogged injectors - though occasional use of injector cleaner shouldn't hurt anything.
  18. if the codes are consistently in pairs like ; 1 & 2, OR, 3 & 4, that points to a possible coil problem because of 'waste spark' sharing of coil output. cetrainly oil on plugs or cable ends or bad wires, etc. could be an issue.
  19. @GeneralDisorder would his engine be a candidate for a Killer B oil pickup?
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