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  1. l75eya

    So, I bought a GL-10.

    Well, this car got parked for awhile because the water pump went out. First the radiator needed replaced, it was leaking and just very, very deteriorated. I guess having a new radiator installed that actually held pressure lead me to the next weak link in the cooling system as about a week after I put the radiator in, the water pump went out. That pissed me off, so I just parked it and it's been sitting for a while now. In the interim time I've been driving (the spoob out of) the Loyale. What a great car that Tin Can is, I love it. I got my hands on a 95 Impreza with a 2.2 in it with only 133k on the odometer for $200 last month though, and with that, I have decided to EJ swap the GL10 because it is such a nice car. Today I got the engine and trans removed, posted up for sale in the parts classified.
  2. l75eya

    The ongoing saga of the Tin Can...

    My goodness it's been awhile. Well, plans have changed (naturally); no EJ for the Tin Can anymore, not for awhile anyway. I decided to EJ swap the 86 GL10 instead of the Loyale. The Tin Can is right at 139,000 miles now. The original engine has been out for a few months now sitting on an engine stand as I slowly reseal it. The temporary engine I replaced it with has been completely neglected through it's life and I am not about to start taking care of it. It runs good though. It will be coming out when I finish the original engine and put it back in. The original 5 speed I replaced with another and put a new clutch in. I also swapped in an entire 1985 Subaru RX sedan interior and I absolutely love it. This car is the best $500 I ever spent on a car. The rust in the quarters will need addressed soon, however.
  3. l75eya

    Moving into the 21st century.

    That was a damn thorough and enjoyable read! Congrats on the car, don't worry about the front bumper skin, in my opinion that car looks better WITHOUT it hahaha! They're not the prettiest rooa lol. I've had the pleasure of doing light work on one of these in the shop i work at. Common issues are overheating typically due to a faulty radiator cap (they apparently are very sensitive to that), and the blend door actuator failing on the passenger temp side resulting in no temp control for that side. I can't remember if these have trans coolers...might be a good idea to add one if not. Very cool reading through your detailed work, it's inspiring as a learning tech.
  4. Literally took me about 3 minutes to look up a 93 loyale on rockauto and screenshot it.
  5. Just tell them it's for a 93 loyale. They were all spfi
  6. Yeah that's weird. So no power mirrors?
  7. Yes. Pull the door panel, look for the power window motor, the connector attached to it will only have two pins. One polarity sends it up, the other way around will bring it down. Only if the motor itself isn't toast though.
  8. Damnsubaru, I'd kindly recommend that you flush out your old brake fluid and fill the system with new. Brake fluid degrades over time and absorbs moisture leading to a spongy pedal and a lower boiling point. Also, even with new rotors and pads on the front, if your rear brakes are drum and the pad material on the shoes is very thin, you will have a lot of pedal travel, so check your back brakes as well. And front wheel drive ea vehicles don't have automatic adjusters back there, you actually have to adjust them manually by turning the adjuster knob on the backing plate. Rear drums that are simply out of adjustment can lead to a low pedal as well. Hope you can get them sorted though, my loyale was like that when i got it, that was one of the first things i fixed actually.
  9. Among other speeds/rpms, yes. 106 being the highest and well...actually I really wouldn't recommend sustaining such a speed for very long. You're hovering a hair above 5,000 rpm at that point. In my opinion that's about the point where you're starting to make that motor scream.
  10. l75eya

    Rusty axles grrrrr

    Actually that 4wd bit is a good idea. Lock it in 4wd and take a couple tight pavement turns, let them axles bind up real good. Maybe a couple screechy hops. Sure won't sound or feel good, but it's going to put more force on that axle than you'll ever be able to. I get em' out with a big chisel and a sledgehammer, but that's a lot easier to do with the car up on a lift than working on the ground with a jackstand. That's what I do when even the air hammer won't get them to budge. Something I've seen other guys in the garage do is use ratchet straps to pull them out. I've never tried that one. Seems a little sketchy for me, but it works for them, and no injuries yet.
  11. And that is completely false. I've never bragged, simply stated curiosities and facts, and I never *ever* drive at high speeds in dense traffic or in inclement weather. 13" tires may be cheap ($106 for 4!) but they are not very good at slowing down a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed, or at maintaining that very tiny to begin with contact patch they have with the ground when the ground is wet. No thank you, I have too much life ahead of me and too little metal protecting me in that car to do something dangerous like that. Hitting 100 mph on an empty stretch of highway while doing a 220 mile drive late at night though? Yeah, I'll do that. Cruising at 90 on a sparsely populated interstate? Yeah. I think maybe you're just thinking that I'm hitting these speeds while surrounded by rush-hour traffic and whizzing past school buses and zipping in and out of all four lanes? Because that's not the case, I assure you.
  12. Okay, so where should I start? The tires are Sumitomo 175/70/13s that I installed myself about 7 months ago. The tires were manufactured in 2016. They have a speed index rating "S" indicating they are guaranteed safe up to speeds of 112 mph. I have never exceeded 112 mph on them. They currently have roughly 12,000 miles on them and I rotated them four months ago when they had about 8,000 miles on them. The balljoints were done last month. The inner and outer tie rods were replaced last year The shock absorbers were replaced about 3 years ago and new coil springs were installed up front at the same time. The rear is still riding on the original springs. The sway bar end links are good. The control arm bushings are good. The motor mounts were replaced about a year and a half ago. The CV axles up front have been in the car for about 3 years. They came from the automatic loyale I mentioned in my post, and were installed in that car new about 5 years ago. I re-balanced the tires when I rotated them. Each lug nut is torqued to 75 ft/lbs with a Snap-On 1/2" torque wrench (that cost more than the car!) Each tire is inflated to 35 PSI Like I said elsewhere, I am a mechanic, I maintain my car, I know every nut and bolt on my car(s). I would never drive a car if it were unsafe at ANY speed (that it is capable of driving). I'm not trying to impress anybody, I'm not trying to show off, I'm not trying to advocate dangerous behavior. If you don't feel confident and comfortable driving your car at fast speeds; dont' do it. Please. I have absolute confidence in every aspect of my 24 year old car because I have had it on my lift and I am the only person that works on it. You go ahead and judge whomever, however you want to judge and decry whatever actions you feel justified in doing so, you're absolutely free to do so. I did *explicitly* state, however, that this thread was not to be taken as any type of indicator as to how somebody should drive on an interstate. That being said though, I'm not sure when the last time you drove i-78 in NJ, but I happen to drive it regularly. 90 mph is the average speed, believe it or not. I've had dump-trucks flashing their lights at me in the MIDDLE lane (because no trucks in left lane) to get out of their way, and I've glanced at the speedo and I was doing 90. Let that sink in. If you're going 55 mph you're asking to either cause an accident, or be in one. When traffic is congested, people are doing 70-75 mph and tailgating each other (while I hang 5 car lengths back because I'm not stupid) and zipping in and out of each lane trying to creep up in the jam. When traffic is light, people are doing 75-85 mph and that's typically where I'll be hanging out in the middle lane doing 80. When traffic is practically non-existent everybody is doing 90+ and I've been passed while doing 90 by people that made me feel like I was standing still. You're simply not wrapping your head around just how fast people drive on the highway in my region. Is it legal? No. Is it unsafe? That's debatable (Speed has never killed anybody; becoming suddenly stationary is the killer). Do you have to condone it? No! If it just so happens to be your job to scold others and falsely presume certain conditions (Mismatched, old tires....), then congratulations, you've done just that. I'm not trying to create waves here and I love and respect this community and all those involved in it because I've always admired just how well mannered most people on USMB are, but I will not remain idly silent while somebody is creating false scenarios pertaining to me. I'm surprised this thread hasn't become locked and I'm grateful, but I'll also completely understand should it be. Respect and warm regards.
  13. Didn't you drive it home after that?