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  1. i honestly cant remember if i still have that or not... once the 5 feet of snow melt i'll let ya know!
  2. Well... gonna get back to this old pig, its been sitting for 3 years now and looks pretty sorry. anybody still on here?
  3. looking back on this thread... really want to get crosstrek wheels for my leggie
  4. Good idea, i don't want to cause a bunch of thread-clutter!
  5. Actually plans changed, can't bear to get rid of my truck and i can't exactly tow it behind the bus. so now I have a cabover camper that i'm mounting on a flatbed trailer. going to strip all the fugly aluminum siding off and re-side it with wood, as well as box in underneath the bed for storage. i could make a new thread if anyone would be interested!
  6. forgot to mention, in my mind i think it would be possible to replicate the 22b front clip on this legacy... am i talking out my rump roast here?
  7. Got a good deal on this 99 legacy, has a 2.2 (hole in the block) and a 4eat. want to go lower (on the cheap), but first i need to find a 2.2 or 2.5 short block for a reasonable price. Not much to see here yet, but it will hopefully have either an n/a frankenmotor or a turbo 2.2 here soon, as well as an option for full manual mode on the 4eat.
  8. fantastic mate! the thought of buying a house is and getting a 9-5 job for the rest of my life depresses me, so i just figured to hell with it i'll skip straight to the good part of life.
  9. it'll be a slow build so dont get too excited
  10. thanks guys its not bad at all, its powered by a ford 390 with a dual fuel setup, runs on either gas or propane. i will probably sell that setup and get a nice edelbrock carb honestly. somebody swapped it to a 5 speed trans as well which is nice. the roof was extended so anybody can stand up and still have plenty of headroom, even me at 6 foot 4. mostly watertight, got a couple broken panes in the scissor door right now. already registered as an RV too so i dont have to mess with that hassle. ive been drawing up blueprints for a while now, it will have a shower and bathroom inside as well as a kitchen, bed, table, everything necessary in a house. oh and im designing it to be completely off grid, self sustaining power wise. i usually dont post what i paid for things but im proud of this deal, $400 flat.
  11. thanks! yeah its all of those things and more. i call it rattletrap
  12. I've recently decided that i have no desire to buy a house and live in the same place for years and years, i'm a wanderer, im poor, and i refuse to go into debt. I'm sure some of you know about the tiny house movement, and i am a part of that. i am picking up this early 70s Ford short bus to build into my house. I know this is the wrong type of forum for this kind of build but its the only forum that isn't totally full of keyboard warriors and people that feel the need to be negative about everything. Hope somebody gets some entertainment from my antics!
  13. Hey Guys, don't know if any of you remember my 78 brat that i built a while back. still have it and still plan on keeping it but for now i got a new little daily/project. 1981 VW rabbit with the 1.6 diesel and a 5 speed. gets 50mpg in town all day long, im picking up a turbo for it here soon. I've tried the VW forums but they are mostly negative, i remember liking this forum really well so here i am!
  14. too far for me or i would...
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