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  1. It's been a minute since I have posted here! Recently got my 82 wagon back and have been loving every second of it!
  2. A couple of my recent photos of my 1982 GL wagon
  3. Kevint143

    The Blue Bandit

    Awesome I'm picking up a set for my wagon.
  4. Kevint143

    79 Brat in Vegas

    Just sent him a FB message asking what he did and what it needed things I remember off hand is he put a couple new axles on and put a weber on.
  5. Kevint143

    79 Brat in Vegas

    Ok then I know the kid that owned it before. He was about 16/17 and it was his first car. Needed more work than he could give it.
  6. Kevint143

    79 Brat in Vegas

    Did you get that yellow one from a kid in Vegas? I some what am social media friends with him if you did
  7. Kevint143

    1982 Wagon

    So update on the wagons vibration. Got the axles all squared away. I made a rookie mistake didn't realize that I had the transmission nubs opposite of the axles so the hole for the roll pins were not lined up. I'm assuming by some stroke of luck I forced the pins in the holes and they sheared off. Got those all lined up and 75% of the vibrations went away. Everything from the front end is smooth. Those that suggested just drive it to see if the tires have flat spots were spot on. After about 10 miles or so vibrations went away 90% of the time. The only time I have vibrations is at 30-35mph. I checked the drive line and it has more play than I feel a driveline should not at the ends but when I grab it and lightly move it you can hear metal on metal clanking. So I'm thinking that last bit of vibrations are from that. I have the drive line from my first gen brat before I waste time and see if it will fit does anyone know if 79 brat drive lines will mate up to a 82 GL wagon?
  8. Kevint143

    1982 Wagon

    Just thought this was a fun photo of my boy and his new favorite car
  9. I love the similarities between my forester and GL
  10. Kevint143

    1982 Wagon

    Whoa glad I checked. I was bored so jacked the wagon up today and noticed the pins that go into the axles/stub on the driver side was sticking out a bit and checked the otherwise and it was gone! Is this a problem anyone else has had? I've installed axles before and never seen this. They didn't slide ride in either had to tap them a few times to get me in all the way. Any better solution than those?
  11. Kevint143

    1982 Wagon

    Yea gonna do suspension bushings and some other stuff before I take it into a shop for alignment and balance. Probably get new tires before hand. I have a feeling the worn tires have something to do with it too.
  12. Kevint143

    1982 Wagon

    Got the axles in and did a test drive to the store. Still a slight vibration around 35mph and up but better than it was. I'm assuming it's because I should probably take it in for an alignment.
  13. Kevint143

    1982 Wagon

    Went and ordered new axles today so pulled the old ones to get ready for the new ones tomorrow. I love that this wagon has zero rust!
  14. Kevint143

    1982 Wagon

    Untitled by Kevin Talley, on Flickr quick start up and rolling around