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  1. ezapar

    The Unofficial "How to Lift your Impreza" Thread

    Folks don't like that the tire sits forward. But. When it up travels, it goes right where it's supposed to. In the middle of the wheel well. I learned this from Jeep guys when adding adjustable trailing arms on my TJ. Made perfect sense to me.
  2. ezapar


    You can stay here again. Make it so bro.
  3. ezapar

    Seatbelt Chime

    It might even be in your settings on your head unit.
  4. ezapar

    Seatbelt Chime

    There are easy videos on youtube on how to go about killing that chime. You can also turn off the beep when you set or turn off your alarm.
  5. ezapar

    Wheel Bearings

    Yep. ALL Crosstreks blow their wheel bearings at right about 21,345 miles. lol Keep your 2005 car. lol
  6. ezapar

    XMODE in the snow.

    I'm absolutely impressed. XMODE snow hill climb
  7. ezapar

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    A little snow drone vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJWq8xzjpUo&t=9s
  8. ezapar

    Valve spring recall

    Yes. Subaru recall Here's the best way to tell if you're affected. https://www.subaru.com/vehicle-recalls.html?fbclid=IwAR2vy0i7HzJq1lO2eQ8kaG0WqiXtaHnGQ92y_Dd12RLit12wJGPAdnxO0-0
  9. ezapar

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    I totally love my Xtrek.
  10. ezapar

    Steep Climbs at Elevations over 9000 ft

    That's still really funny to me. Folks who think that clearly never had any older Subarus. EA81s are a whopping 82 hp from the factory. The ever loved 2.2 only put out 135 hp. They say they barely bumped the hp for the 2018+, but I swear mine's much faster than the first gen Xtreks that I've owned.
  11. ezapar

    CrossTrek Review

    Here's a great place to get the answers you're looking for. Crosstrek Forum When you buy one, come look us up. We have a local group of owners that just passed 250 members. PNW Crosstrek Owners on facebook.
  12. ezapar

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

  13. ezapar

    Wheelin video. Small clip

    No, it's unavailable.
  14. ezapar

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    Hanging out with the Xtrek gang.