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  1. @twitch You still around? I sold it. . .
  2. Subarus with dual range swaps are still king.
  3. I still love my Jeep. But I'm trading it in for the new Bronco eventually. Well, as soon as the one I ordered shows up. Test drove a couple and pretty much put the nail in the coffin for her.
  4. ezapar

    Xtrek #6

    Yeah, really. lol This time it's a 21 Sport. We love it. I threw a 1 inch lift and some ATs on it. It kicks butt in the off pavement. It's seen plenty of time there. It pulls the the trailer like nothing doing. (thanks Mick)
  5. for now. . . 20 Imp Sport (mine), 21 Xtrek Sport (hers), and the 80 Zero, (My kid's first car) Some of you may recognize that one.
  6. FYI. I've seen it lately, weekend before last. It exists just as it did up until the posts stopped coming. Sitting dusty in a nice safe garage in the care of someone will put it together the rest of the way someday.
  7. The fuel pump runs every couple of hours to keep pressure in the system. That is what is killing your battery. Just disconnect the battery if you think you won't be driving it for a few weeks.
  8. Idosubaru. The hybrids are famous for killing batteries. The electric leak? Easy one. Every few hours or so, the car runs your fuel pump to keep pressure in the system. After a few weeks, bye bye battery charge.
  9. I'll just say this. I laugh out loud at folks who claim Subaru but say 148hp isn't enough. You see, a LOT of us here have been here the whole life of the USMB and are very familiar and fond of the early Subarus. We were just fine with 72hp. The 2021 Xtrek has an additional 30hp. Maybie it's time to trade up and get you some XMODE. rav-4. lol
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