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  1. ezapar

    CrossTrek Review

    Here's a great place to get the answers you're looking for. Crosstrek Forum When you buy one, come look us up. We have a local group of owners that just passed 250 members. PNW Crosstrek Owners on facebook.
  2. ezapar

    Subarus at the Rubicon?

    I have a Rubicon if I ever want to go back to the Rubicon. My Xtrek will never make the trip, here's as close as it will ever get to it. lol Xtrek on the rocks
  3. ezapar

    Subarus at the Rubicon?

    Here's some old school Subarus stuff. Youtube vid.
  4. ezapar

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

  5. ezapar

    Wheelin video. Small clip

    No, it's unavailable.
  6. ezapar

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    Hanging out with the Xtrek gang.
  7. ezapar

    Crosstreks! lol

    Good times with locals.
  8. ezapar

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    Out in the woods having a good time.
  9. ezapar

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    Yep, why not.
  10. Car enthusiasts, not knuckleheads wanting to rev and peel.
  11. I can't argue about light on down the road. But I have a set of cheapo LEDs on my Jeep. They use 17 watts each or something, They run off of the stock switch and wiring, rated for 55w. When I go night wheeling, they are SOOOO much brighter than my halogen headlights on bright. The night becomes like daylight. But they are floods and not beams though. I didn't take into account the reflection on the conversion.
  12. See, now those are good points and worth listening to.
  13. I appreciate your comment. But we had a discussion about these while we stood around and the guy who put them on his car loves them.
  14. I went on a cruise with several Crosstreks and saw these in action last weekend, was very impressed. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KFBPDAA/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 He had them on his 2015 SE.
  15. ezapar

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    Well, I sold the white one and bought a 2018. Better car.