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  1. Uberoo

    Lift block height

    With the dana 30 HP I was thinking of using an exploder 8.8 out back, but the more I read about it the dana 30 gets built in your spare time as an upgrade to the axle thats in your jeep.No one ever seems to want a Dana 30 HP if they are starting from scratch.I just want to build something that I can put fuel in and wheel, weekend after weekend, without it breaking.Obviously, anything will break, but I'm looking for a bit more durability than popping a CV joint every time out.Id like to think that a sub 3000 lb 4wd, with a 4 cylinder, on 35" doesnt need 1 ton axles to survive...My subarus when they were stock were bombproof, with 24" tires and ea81's, but 4X more torque and considerably heavier tires shatters that illusion..
  2. Uberoo

    Lift block height

    So I still have the BRAT. Life, the universe,and everything else have been conspiring against me on it, but I'm getting a few projects done to where I can start thinking about it again.Current plan: ej22, 5 speed DR,suzuki sammy transfercase, solid axles front and rear with 3/4 link coil suspension,35" tires as a start. I was given a dana 30 HP non -CAD front axle so I was planning to go with that, but after alot researching it I could throw cubic dollars of time/parts at it and have an axle that I have to baby on 35" tires which is not my idea of fun for a toy.If I go with a isuzu rodeo Dana 44 rear axle its 58" wms with disk brakes on 6x5.5 bolt pattern.Other than an impossible to find toyota front axle, my options up front are an equally hard to find dana 44 out of a jeep wagoner, or cut down a more common than dirt chevy Dana 44.Cutting down the axle tubes on the chevy axle is no problem its finding a magic combination of stock axleshafts that would create a narrow 44 at or around 58" wms that is the problem. I would prefer to use stock shafts just for the ease of finding spare parts,anyone have any ideas?
  3. Uberoo

    LED light bars

    My only problem even with cheap amazon/ebay light bars is there are so bright you can't use them if your not the leader on a nightime run,No one really gets pissed when you light up the back of their car with 4 55W halogen lights.
  4. Uberoo

    Wheelin video. Small clip

    It says content isn't available .
  5. Hey Dan, are you gonna run the Cupid's Curse rally?It starts a few miles away from shotgun ohv park on saturday the 10th.

  6. Hey Gloyale clean out your PM box.
  7. Uberoo

    Lift vs wheel spacers

    I didn't know where "exactly" to put this so if its wrong, mods feel free to move it elsewhere. I have a 1984 Nissan 300zx turbo 5 speed.It was a really nice car until the PO parked it under a rotten carport and then it snowed 3 ft on top of it.So the passenger side of the roof/rear hatch/ RR quarter panel got smashed along with all the glass except the driver side.$850 later and its mine.I knew right off the bat it would never win trophies at a car show so decided to turn the car into a fun rallymobile, I removed the front and rear bumpers and made lighter tubular steel ones.The front bumper also integrates a crash bar/skidplate that protects the radiator/front suspension from rocks and small children . I want to put the smallest LT all terrains on it for more traction in gravel as well much more durability.The tire size that is reasonably small and common is a 215/75/15,stock tires are 215/60/15.Problem is in stock form the tires are about 1/2" away from the front spring perches. I can address that by running a 2" wheelspacer + a small strut top lift+ minor fender trimming, or I can cut apart the front struts and weld in a 2-3" spacer to move the spring perches up away from the tire.The 300zx uses a strut with a replaceable cartridge so I can take every thing apart and get good full strength welds. I'm wondering what would be the best way to go about getting the bigger tires to fit without ruining the handling of the car?
  8. Uberoo

    Lift block height

    673 miles according to mapquest.
  9. Which way are the strut tops on a 93 Impreza supposed to be orientated when installed on the car?Is there a mark or tab that is supposed to point in some direction or does it even matter?
  10. Uberoo

    Lift block height

    I'm hoping there IS a future owner rather than it turning into a camry.
  11. Uberoo

    Lift block height

    If it wasn't for bad luck Id have no luck at all.
  12. Do to a series of events I no longer have a place to work on my offroad 78 brat project so I need to sell it.The final plan was to run a tube front end that would hold the engine and hang the fenders off.Then after that it was gonna have a solid front axle with 4 links and 35" tires to start with.So right now everything forward of the firewall has been cut off leaving just enough of the original structure for one bolt to hold the fenders on.I welded in some tubes into the floor to give a strong place to mount suspension to.Out back the bed has been chopped 17" and currently a ea81 rear suspension is mounted and installed to give 7" of lift.The rear fenders are cut out enough for 31" to have full travel.The plan out back was also a solid axle with 4links.I know its not much to go off on but it also comes with a phase 1 EJ22+wireing harness, a suzuki samurai transfercase,a dana 30 HP front axle and a whole bunch of various subaru parts as well as a couple of extra doors. Pics are in the thread "lift block height" but I might be able to get more up to date pics on a lunchbreak or something. I just want someone who will finish the brat rather than scrap it.I dont want to see it scraped because I've worked on it in some way for the better part of 3 years and I dont want to see that all that hard work turn into $20 at the scrapyard.
  13. Uberoo

    Lift block height

    So I went to the winter wonderland gambler 500 and got in a lot of trouble.Long story short my gambler is stuck on the side of a mountain and it will stay there until someone removes it with a piece of tracked equipment.I'm out $1200 for a tow bill that the only thing happened was they told me the truck would be impossible to get out,and in exchange for paying for this my mom told me my projects have to go out of the garage.So the brat is for sale to anyone who will continue my work on it.It will be on a trailer soon to go to its new home with one of you or the scrap yard by next week.It goes with a bunch of parts for it, couple extra doors, an ej22+ wiring harness,dr 5 speed transmission,dana 30 HP front axle.I dont have a title to the shell, but I do have the title to another 78 brat and its complete dash comes with the car.Not sure if its the same where you live but around here they just check the dash vin. It has a ea81 rear suspension under it set up for 7" of lift,and currently no front suspension.
  14. yep.Snap ring at the bottom. rubber bearing cap up top. "some hammerage" blew the plastic shear pins.Ended up having to push out the lower bearing to get the shaft out with the collapsed shaft,and a deepwell socket on the steering wheel nut,and a hammer.Apparently the japanese engineers from mazda and subaru must have went to the same school because both steering shafts are almost identical even being made 10 years apart. only difference is the mazda shaft is a permanent piece of the steering box while the subaru is splined to go into the u joint. Now to go assemble the crossbreed steering column.So cross pollination between various japanese carmakers seems to be plug and play for some parts,but I'm pretty sure that when I introduce some american V6 DNA into the RX7 that I am gonna have to make sparks happen.
  15. So I'm putting the front suspension from a 93 impreza under the front of an 83 mazda RX7. The stock rx7 suspension is relatively weak when rallied,Parts are hard to find, and it uses recirculating ball steering for the ultimate in imprecise steering.The impreza suspension on the other hand rally is its bread and butter,parts are cheap and plentiful,and it uses rack and pinion steering, in addition to that it is only 1/2" wider than the rx7 WMS. The RX7 uses the above mentioned recirulating ball steering box that has the steering shaft as part of it.Then a tube slides over the steering shaft to allow it to be mounted in the car.I would like to keep the interior of the RX7 looking relatively stock so I would like to use the RX7 steering wheel and combination switch.The easiest way to do that looks to be to take the steering shaft out of the impreza column and put it in the "column jacket" from the mazda. or at least use the lower part of the impreza steering shaft and connect it to the upper part of the mazda steering shaft.So I am wondering how to I get the steering shaft out of the impreza column without destroying it? I have the parts out and I can set them side by side but before I but out the cut off wheel and mangle the impreza column if just wondering if there is a quick way to remove the shaft for the column.