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Found 12 results

  1. At highway speeds, there is a vibration, feels like it's from the front, steering wheel cycles left-right about 5 times a second. I just had new tires put on. What besides tire imbalance can cause symptoms similar to tire imbalance? mkoch
  2. Hello, Currently I have 4 rims off a 92 legacy, 14x5.5 steelies and some 23x7x14 and 23x10x14 atv / rzr tires that I want to throw on my brat. Do you think those tires will fir on those rims? Thanks, CL
  3. Hi All, I just had four Kumho tires put on our 2005 Outback. It is a matching set of tires of course, but when checking the torque and pressure about a week after installation, I noticed two of the tires (on opposite corners if I recall) say “outside”, very clearly and conspicuously. The whole experience at Pep Boys sucked, and I am reluctant to go back. I assume two of the tires are mounted incorrectly. Is this an issue I should press with them, or just let it go? Thoughts are appreciated. thanks. C
  4. As the title says, I'm curious as to what rim/tire combinations are available if you're running a stock height Loyale. I've read the Official 6-Lug Re-Drill Thread, but most of the posts on there seem to be related to cars with lifts. Pictures would be very appreciated! Thank you!
  5. I recently purchased a new twentysixteen Outback AWD, I head into the mountains regularly and have always had tire chains with me for security. I have been told that damage can occur if tire chains are used on a AWD Subaru but have not found any cautionary statements on this forum. I put new Blizzak snow tires on so I am not anticipating having any issues but I have personally witnessed a 36" dump while I was skiing and was glad I had chains to get my vehicle out of the parking lot and back to the mountain condo - the plows just simply cannot keep up with this type of snow event. Question 1). Will damage occur to the transmission or brakes or anything else with limited use of proper fitting tire chains? 2). My instinct say's to put the chains on the rear two tires, is this correct? 3). If the answer to question 1 is a resounding YES, then another idea I have if I get stuck is to simply place the tire chains laid out in front of the rear, or front, tires so that I can drive up on them to gain traction and up and out of whatever I am stuck in without actually placing them around the tires, (This however would create more traction on some wheels than others which may lend to transmission issues).
  6. So I recently replaced my passenger inner and outer bearings, seals and cv axle due to cv axle noise. Soon after I put 185/80/13 tires on, there were junk yard $10 tires. Now EVERYTIME i start out i make a burout / tire skreech sound from the driver's (left) tire. It did happen be fore the repairs. but only when going up hill from stop, mostly turning right. Question: Do you guys running the 15" wheels and big tires have this problem? tyia
  7. Hello. I have a 2002 Forester with 175,000 miles. After I drive the car for about 1/2 hour and the car gets hot, I have a problem when I turn the vehicle. No issue when I go straight, but when I turn, like going into a parking space, something starts binding. I can overcome the binding, with more power from the gas pedal. The tires are and have been good. I can not tell if the binding is from the front or rear. The binding will occur either going front or back with the wheels turned. It almost feels like the brakes are being applied, but it is not. Any suggestions, please. The car is a manual transmission
  8. How to Store Flat Tire. 1. Screw the shaft into the floor though the slit in the mat covering the trunk floor ( or luggage space floor). Insert a screwdriver in the hole present in the shaft end and rotate the shaft in a clockwise direction until it is tight. (Make sure the mat is not caught.) 2. Pass the shaft through any one of the lug holes in the wheel and tighten the wheel down with the holder until it is fully secure.
  9. I'm driving my 2013 Subaru Outback up an 8 mile dirt road to the top of a mountain where I live. I do this pretty much twice a day, to and from work to go up and down the mountain to the pavement and on another 40-50 miles to work and back. I've got Continental tires now and have had them for about one year (bought my Outback in 2012), moved up here to the Ozarks and have been driving like the above said for a year. I've got about 23k miles on the outback now, and it seems that the treads are now going and I'm getting a hole every other week from rocks etc. What with this being the case I have now been looking into getting some better tires, however am running into the difficulty of finding a good off roading tire that is in a smaller ply. I'm told all I can go to is a 5ply. I have no idea where to start, what the recommended brands are or who has the best pricing on the. Moseyed to this forum for your guys' help. Please give me some suggestions. The tire size on the car currently is 1225/60 R 17 98T. Really what I am looking to find is a good tire that I can keep longer than 20k miles. Again Please Help!
  10. Hi USMB members- I just picked up an '89 GL wagon. The driver's side front tire is "toeing out" bad. I replaced the stabilizer bar underneath as it appeared bent but it did not fix. Alignment shop won't align and says it's either arm or strut but I think they truly didn't know. I like fixing my own stuff anyway but not sure what to do on this. Will a new strut solve this. I attached a picture I don't know how well it will show the toe-out. Nothing appears to be bent or out of the ordinary on the arm. Thanks in advance for any replies/advice.
  11. Hi, I'm new to my Subaru & was lurking the other day but didn't expect to need to solve a problem so soon! I had a thump, thump that's been getting worse. Looking underneath - the RL tire had parts that should be attached & aren't. It's a 2-3 inch flat metal with pipe attached. In 1st photo, you can see (sort of) that it's sheared off a bit. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Hopefully photos can be clicked on so the details can be seen
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