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  1. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    I made it on TV: Right This Minute
  2. SInce my other Loyale is down, I was driving the 4WD red sedan and now it has started acting up. Got a code 21 (CTS) and now I will have to chase down the sensor. Symptoms are very hard cold starting needing full pedal to the floor until if fires and keep it revved above 3K until it warms up. Once it warms up you can turn it off and it will start up immediately. Of course it picks the most embarrasing times to display this behavior, like when you are starting up to drive off the ferry and everyone is staring at you revving your engine like a jerk.
  3. MR_Loyale

    Drivers Side TB Snapped Tonight

    Hey thanks. I actually have done the timing belt (twice) but both times I removed the engine and did a front end seal and the works. I left the timing belt covers off so the next time they were due, I could see how much easier it would be . The Miles Fox videos and writeup on doing it are first class. The first time I did the timing belts, the videos weren't even available and I went to a blog post he had done on the topic. Worked great. Right now the weather is sucking and this car is FWD and I live on a hill. Normally I would have transitioned to the 4WD Loyale by now so this was Karma telling me to do so because snow is predicted. The 4WD Loyale sat 10 months and started right up. Just one reason I love the Loyales.
  4. Ok, so I am running no covers and tonight the engine just went dead. Luckily I was able to coast into a parking lot off the freeway. Looked underneath and I see the belt hanging there. This should be an easy fix on this 93 Loyale EA82. I won't attempt it until spring as I normally swap from this one (FWD) to my other Loyale a 4WD, which BTW started up after sitting 10 months! So those of you who have done the timing belt without removing the engine (without TB covers too), please give me all your sweet tips gained from bloodied knuckles and cursing like a sailor. I am old, my skin is thin and doesn't heal as easily any more. I have learned to listen to those who have come before and avoid pitfalls. Chime in folks. Happy Christmas to you all.
  5. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    Nothing has really broken on the UNO. I still daily drive it and am closing in on 200,000 original miles. But I still incorporate it into my activities, my main one being paramotoring. In a review on a cool electric folding paramotor, I wanted to animate it something akin to an Ironman suiting up scene but copying the sounds used in the movie would be a no no (and youtube copyright strike). I decide to use the sound of the automatic seatbelts in UNO in the clip. See if you can regonize the sound. It is in the beginning so if you absolutely hate paramotoring, flying and adventures in the air, you can quickly shut off the screen.
  6. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

  7. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

  8. Run your hand along the entire lens glas to see if you have a chip that is letting water get in.
  9. MR_Loyale

    Meet Ash, my other Loyale Sedan.

    I haven't updated this much since I did the trip and for that I am sorry. Yes, I did get my aircraft into my Loyale sedan! Here is the first video:
  10. MR_Loyale

    Meet Ash, my other Loyale Sedan.

    Second day of my trip from Seattle to Salton Sea for a paramotor fly in. Ash ran great, no problems with the new brakes. Headed to Salton Sea today from here. Weather is bad for flying so I will probably explore the area in Ash.
  11. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    A new video has dropped.
  12. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    It is that time yet again all you cheap bastards!
  13. MR_Loyale

    R.I.P. Ruby-Doo

    Pictures pictures would be really nice to follow along.
  14. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    I am also afraid of heights but I love the views. After enough flying you get confidence in the gear and your fear goes down. Our world is three dimensional, why only live in two of them?
  15. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    The past weekend was great for flying. I got up both days. On the second day I had an encounter with a plane. Check it out: