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  1. MR_Loyale

    Meet Ash, my other Loyale Sedan.

    Second day of my trip from Seattle to Salton Sea for a paramotor fly in. Ash ran great, no problems with the new brakes. Headed to Salton Sea today from here. Weather is bad for flying so I will probably explore the area in Ash.
  2. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    A new video has dropped.
  3. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    It is that time yet again all you cheap bastards!
  4. MR_Loyale

    R.I.P. Ruby-Doo

    Pictures pictures would be really nice to follow along.
  5. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    I am also afraid of heights but I love the views. After enough flying you get confidence in the gear and your fear goes down. Our world is three dimensional, why only live in two of them?
  6. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    The past weekend was great for flying. I got up both days. On the second day I had an encounter with a plane. Check it out:
  7. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    I had done a mini version in 2014 at the time I had the case split on my 5MT from my 93 Loyale. I updated it and added some more narration.
  8. This writeup may help you visualize.
  9. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    New segment on the channel, product reviews ! First one just dropped. Check it out!
  10. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    Working on some now. I am always interested in guest appearences too if you are willing. Your years of experience would be great to share in the channel.
  11. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    Well I finally did it. I created the Mr Loyale youtube chanel to document my Loyale repairs.
  12. MR_Loyale


    My Loyale is my DD because it is reliable and inexpensive. Going on 25 years driving the same car and still love it. This was purchased new for a DD role and fulfulls that role for me. No car payment is its best feature. The new stuff looks fun, not ruling it out. If they ever make the nanny gadgets standard only then will I rule them out.
  13. 92 Loyale, the pipe between the muffler and mid-pipe separated because the PO had it together with a rusty U bolt. There is no flange (PO must have hacked it off) , just two raw pipes that were connected via a U bolt. The muffler is in good shape and the pipe feels solid. I do not have the welding gear so I am deciding if I should either take it to a muffler shop or just buy the replacement from mid-pipe on back. The replacement is $256 https://www.ebay.com/itm/90-91-92-93-94-Subaru-Loyale1-8L-Muffler-Exhaust-System/190286893017?hash=item2c4dfb8fd9:g:vLMAAOxycSdRzq5H. Suggestions?
  14. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    During the last week of August I had a chance to revisit some of the old places I went on my trip in 2014. Specifically I was in Montana and the West entrance to Yellowstone. I still drive Uno daily as my commuter and am looking at a way to fabricate a paramotor carrier for him. I was in Southern Idaho for a paramotor fly in called "Tie Yer Own Fly In" at Henrys Lake Idaho. Here is my video: Henrys Lake Fly In
  15. MR_Loyale

    1992 Subaru Loyale yay? Or nay?

    Factory speakers or aftermarket add on? The reason I aask is on my 92 someone put in speakers using pointy wood screws that pierced the harness and blew fuses.