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  1. Original GL owner. Sweet.
  2. In my experience, third party axles are a crap shoot. I have had some start clicking within 3 months. My advice is to buy lifetime ones and get free replacements. Last time I checked for new OEM axles from Subaru, they were $500 each and not many left in the country. I could not justify the cost so went third party which are all rebuilds I think.
  3. Check the IAC harness with a continuity meter. The pins on the connector are notorious for coming out.
  4. MR_Loyale

    What happened?

    Ummm, am I an evil person if mention to him that photos often times have GPS coodinates embedded in them?
  5. I think they do have some code to detect under and overvoltage. Last time I replaced mine the brake and charge light were solid glowing. Autozone put it on their tester and it was under voltage. I have lifetime replacements so it cost me nothing.
  6. Had to do the hood release on my car as the old one broke. I found a kebab skewer worked well to open it up.
  7. MR_Loyale

    EA82 dying

    How many miles on the engine?
  8. Did another warranty replace of alternator in red sedan.
  9. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    Well it was a relatively inexpensive vehicle and easy to maintain. I don't think I would have kept it as long if USMB hadnt been around. I didnt want car payment as I had got a mortgage. It gets my groceries just fine so I havent needed much more than that.
  10. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    What has Mr Loyale been up to lately? Check it out: UNO will get a slight modification to be the PPG hauler.
  11. I joined USMB when my second timing belt was due at 120k miles. I had the first one done at the dealer and the quoted job at 4 hours and 800 dollars turned into all day and 1200 dollars. I figured I can screw things up cheaper than that and it is non interference so I get a do over if I mess it up. Miles Fox didnt have his video series out yet but did have a blog post with a list of steps. I just followed those and it worked. My father saw me doing this and was sure I was going to mess it up. I made him sit in the passenger seat on first crank. It started right up, i did a test drive and he never gave me any guff about working on engines again.
  12. MR_Loyale

    Loyale not putting out good heat

    You can pull the hoses off the firewall and use an air compressor to pulse air blasts through it. This helps unclog the gunk
  13. That's great news. Will you please send me a small cutting of that money tree you have so I can grow my own?
  14. MR_Loyale

    Uno - My First

    Thanks. That red wagon belonged to another usmb member and we went to the Washington coast during winter to watch the storms blow in. Ash is a red sedan I bought in 2014.