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Found 12 results

  1. Can someone please tell me which knuckle will interchange with my legacy outback wagon I have a 2000 legacy wagon but they don't look the same or at least the brakes and stuff are different. Also the 2000 is non abs and the 99 lobw has abs.
  2. Hello all, I am relatively new to the world of cars and I am in the market for a new one. There is a very nice 2000 Subaru Legacy B4 for sale and I am interested in it. My main question was is there anything I should particularly look for that normally goes wrong with this year/model of Subaru. I am an Automotive Service Technician Student in my first year so I will have plenty of time to work on it my self and do most repairs my self as I make my way through my course. it has 160k km on it and is priced at 4,400 CAD. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Hello! I think I finally found the right forums in arriving to this site. I've been buying Subaru wagons since the late 80's. My first was a '79 4wd, had an '84 (?) GL... Whatever. Owned 70s, 80s, 90s, & now 00s. I got a gen1 '00 Impreza OBS wagon and I frikin love it. I got a Manila envelope w/ repair receipts that wasn't titled "Subaru", it was titled "2000 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport Wagon" even though they never had other Suby's(!). I knew it was going to be OCD perfect, all in chronological order and extensive. I was right. Anyways, stoked to be here.
  4. Hello, I need a replacement trans for my beater, a 2000 Outback. The OEM trans is one MY only and impossible to find at a reasonable price. The trans code is TY754VCACA. I don't care if the gear ratios are different as long as the axle ratio is the same as the rear, 4.111 and it fits. Does anyone have any recommendations that will fit?
  5. Would like to hear any experiences and thoughts on owning a 2000 ( or similiar) Subaru Impreza RX Manual Non-Turbo? Found one with about 223,200 kilometres on it for $5000, modded with wrx spoiler,rims, bridgestone tyres and twin tip muffler I know absolutely nothing so the more information, the better would like to learn about the engine, clutch, how reliable etc etc just tell me anything, just enthusiastic to absorb any information . Will be using this as a daily- highway driving- thoughts?
  6. So today I replaced balljoints in my 2000 forester. The old ones were a pita to get out but with a little heat and some motivation from a 3# sledge they gave in and came out. I was thinking everything was good...cleaned up my mess and started the car to test it out. As soon as i shifted from park to reverse there is a loud humming/grinding noise sounds like its coming from where the axles meet the differential. I did have to do some beating, pushing, pulling and a lot of cussing to not only get the old joints off but I also had a hard time getting the stud part of the bj back into the hole on the a arm. It makes the noise going into any gear and I also noticed the "AT oil temp" is lit up on the dash. Before I saw the light my first thought was while I was in there messing with it maybe i pulled the axle out a little ways and now the splines arent matching up? I didnt think I was putting that much pressure on it plus i never even messed with the pin holding the axle on but Idk. After seeing the at temp light now Im lost because prior to this Ive never seen that light or had and kind of sound or issue. The light came on within 30 sec of the car being started so idk hot it would get hot that quick but idk. Its dark here now so tomorrow my day is going to consist of taking it back apart and trying to diagnose the problem. I did some searching and didnt really come up with anything so I figured Id ask around here and hopefully get a few opinions and possibly a starting point. It just seemed strange to me that I didnt have any problem until I did the ball joints. which shouldnt have affected anything but the...ball joints?? I also forgot to mention that when I try to shift back into park theres a grinding noise like trying to shift a manual without the clutch and it only stops when i turn the key off but when you start the car the noise isnt there until you try to shift out of park. This ******* thing has me baffled! Anyways like always any info or help is greatly appreciated!!
  7. Hey all from Spokane, WA! Im looking at getting my first Subaru And i found a guy wanting to sell his 2000 Impreza OB sport. Problem is, he says in the messages we have sent back and forth its a 2.5L but i havent found definitive evidence of an '00 OBS with a 2.5 liter. Iam new to Subies but like most of my interests i research the crap out of it before i buy. Am i misinformed or does he not know the difference maybe?
  8. My oldest just bought a '93 2.5 RS 4-door and he loves the way it corners. I still love my 2000 OBS. I've had it since it was new and it's hard to believe it is 15 years old now. Still runs like a champ. We are having a little oil-changing party today.
  9. I'm looking to replace my busted drivers side fog light. every outback I have found in the salvage yard has the drivers side glass busted on the fog light. I'm looking at Ebay and also at other Subaru products and considering trying to put something newer in the hole. I'm wondering if anybody has the dimentions for 2000 and newer lamp with and without the bracket to see if it is a close enough fit to make it work.
  10. I have this strange problem, when i drive down hill and let go of the throttle my car starts to jerk. But if i just give a little throttle it stops to jerk. Its a forester 2.0t with automatic gear. Someone who have had the same problem?
  11. Hope someone can help me with this problems Today my car started to vibrate alot after driving for about 15 minuts,(to work). The same happend on the way back, after 15 minuts it startet to vibrate again. At the same time it seemst like the turbo went crazy, it is allmoust like its no midle thing on the throttle, either full throttle or just low speed. A few times befor, when i start the car in the morning the check enginge light has turned on, but then dissapeared again after a minute or so. But when the light is on it cutts the turbo, the turbo only charges up a litle, then blows it all out. Does enybody have experiense with the same problem, and could it be a connection between thees two? Couldent find any topic about this in Norway so hope some one could help me here im glad for all answers (if you understand my english)
  12. I have a few questions on a 5 speed tranny out of a 2000 legacy with the EJ25. Now I heard that in 2000 this was the only year for the 4.10 gear ratio, is this correct? Another one, if that is correct if i were to put it in my 2001 legacy L sedan if I swapped the rear out as well with out messing up the speedo?
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