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Found 21 results

  1. Hello all, I am relatively new to the world of cars and I am in the market for a new one. There is a very nice 2000 Subaru Legacy B4 for sale and I am interested in it. My main question was is there anything I should particularly look for that normally goes wrong with this year/model of Subaru. I am an Automotive Service Technician Student in my first year so I will have plenty of time to work on it my self and do most repairs my self as I make my way through my course. it has 160k km on it and is priced at 4,400 CAD. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. I got a XT H6 with no turbo. The hot to cold blend mix doesnt move at all, the turn signals dont flash or the hazards, the drivers seat autoseatbelt doesnt move, the rearseats dont fold down, the drivers side door unlocks itself when it is locked but when the door closes the door unlocks itself, i dontn know what winshield wiper type to get because it has a weird one hole thing, the previous owner put in a kill switch because the battery was draining during the night and had to jump it but got a new battery, missing the trim for drivers windshield on the side, the glove box doesnt close at all and the lock for it fell out but is there. Please help me fix these things.
  3. Here is a video: The new and old clutch plates do not look the same. Will this be a problem? mkoch
  4. Hi, everyone! I'm new here and I will be buying my first Subaru this year, the new Forester. I would like to hear about how you negotiated the price of your new subaru. How much less than the MSRP did you ask? What did you end up with? What do you suggest as I negotiate my car? Thanks in advance for your responses!
  5. Hi all, I'm excited to be a new member of this community! Looks like a lot of good info and fun stuff gets shared here. I'm going to document my ride in this thread. My beloved "Beast" - '92 Geo Metro - died a couple weeks ago (transmission) after getting me through two years of high school and three years of college. I thought it would be hard to find anything as practical or as endearing as it was for me - boy was I wrong! Enter Subaru! I am the proud new owner of this 1993 Loyale wagon with 4WD and the 5spd. Only 116,000 miles and in beautiful condition for only $1,500. It's mechanically sound - except for a hole in the muffler and a potentially busted catalytic converter (slight burning smell) - and starts, runs, and shifts like a dream. Old owner changed ball joints, struts, timing belts, battery, engine seals, water pump, fuel pump, and some other little stuff (with documentation ). So the first thing I did was drive it up a mountain on rough, muddy old logging roads, and the 4WD works like a dream even with stock 13 inch all-seasons. I have big plans to turn this into my next Adventuremobile and hope to get to at least 250,000 miles with regular TLC, or at least until autonomous electric vehicles render these fabulous cars functionally obsolete. First things first: I proceeded to take it home and rip out the ancient rotting speakers and the terrible cassette/radio head unit. Here's the plans: Now: I'm going to get new hatch struts - the old ones are pretty weak and future plans necessitate this. Next I'm going to put in a solid sound system. I don't need to wake the neighbors, but I want to be able to hear my low- and mid-range bass and drum tones doing 65 mph with the windows down. Plus, I want all my sound components hidden, out of the way of the Soob's extreme practicality. I'm going to put four of these thin-profile Kicker speakers in the doors, this shallow-mount 8" subwoofer in the liftgate with a custom enclosure - hopefully this isn't too hard/is possible - and hook it all together with this 4-channel Planet Audio 800W amp and this Bluetooth-ready head unit. Should be a massive sound upgrade without too much cost. I'm also going to do the classic new-used car routine: new spark plugs & wires, change oil/filter, air filter, tranny fluid, steering fluid, flush coolant. I'm also probably going to play it safe and replace the vacuum lines and radiator hoses, get new brakes, clean out the EGR (replace if necessary for $70 or just plug the vacuum line), and probably the entire exhaust system (might use a cat, might not - no emissions checks here in Idaho and I don't want to deal with the hassle). Later: One thing I love is tailgate camping, with music/light coming from the car so you don't have to get out a bunch of complicated equipment. So with that in mind, I also want to put two or four speakers into the liftgate/trunk area to play some tunes out the back when the hatch is up. Also in the trunk I want to inset some LED light bars so I can light up a campsite or whatever else without taxing the battery too much. I kind of want to add a 120V plugin or two in the back as well. This all should complete a pretty dope hatch setup for camping, etc while complementing the sound system (but not breaking the bank). Next is a roof rack - probably some simple, cheap gutter-clamp rack with crossbars which I can use for mountain bikes, kayaks, and mattresses. If I get real adventurous I might add fog lights or a towing hitch. I'm aiming to keep the whole project under $3,000 total - so my modifications budget is $1,500. What do you guys think? What suggestions do you have? Which should I watch out for, replace, or modify on a '93 Loyale? Do you think this is doable within my budget? How do you think this Loyale would do on a 4,000-mile road trip to Juneau, Alaska and back? Any other PNW folks around? I'm excited to join this community, get started on this project and hear your feedback. Cheers!
  6. Hi All, I'm just about to pull the trigger and purchase my first ever Subaru, a 3.6 Ltd. Looking at dealer add-ons, are the wheel well protectors worth the $$$?? Thanks for the feedback! I'm looking forward to lots of years and miles with my new toy!
  7. I own a 2003 wrx and have a spare 2.0l block and want to use that for a build engine but was wondering where i could find some one to re sleeve/closes it. if even possible.
  8. Hey everybody! As of next week I will be leasing my first ever Subaru (my first-ever new car, actually). I have been driving around an 06' Chevy HHR for the last almost 3 years and in that timespan it has cost me an ungodly amount of money for repairs... I'm going to miss that car but am beyond looking forward to driving a 2016 Impreza hatchback soon enough. I'm so over driving domestic cars. So many issues. My roommate and her entire family have owned Subarus for years and years now, and I'm ready to catch the bug! I also am excited to see how my Impreza handles the tough, slushy, nasty winters here in Pittsburgh. Even though I'll be leasing, I get the feeling already that I will continue to own or drive Subarus for a while... you guys and gals are all so passionate. Cheers.
  9. Hey everyone, excited to be apart of this community. Looking forward to finding information to do my build, also to meet new people, being help and further along providing assistance to fellow members. Here's my wagon.
  10. So I am looking to buy another Subaru to replace my current daily driver and I need advice from experienced drivers who drive a Subaru as their daily driver. I'm stuck between 2 used Subarus. One is a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i with 53,000 miles and the other is a 2010 Subaru Impreza 2.5GT with 97,000 miles. Now I'm not sure what I should be more concerned about, the year or the miles. I own a 2002 STi but it is a weekend car for me as i want to keep it in good condition. I take good care of my cars so I think both cars would last much longer than other cars but I need advice from drivers who are more experienced than me. I also created this topic for anyone else that needed advice on a Subaru purchase. Feel free to post
  11. Today I purchased a 2004 Legacy Outback 2.5 V6 I have been searching for a few weeks now with no luck. Yesterday I drove 400+ miles driving through the mountains looking at dealerships and couldn't find anything I liked. This morning I found one less than 10 miles from my house. It has a few issues but nothing too serious I got a great deal on it $2450. My family is every excited about it much more leg room than my 2 door Mustang.
  12. Buying a 2013 wrx sedan with 4,000 miles on it. I can spend $3000-4000 on mods. I was thinking an intake and full exhaust. What do yall think? If I were to do more mods after that what would you do? I'll post a pic of the car. Oh and rim color ideas?
  13. Hello, all. I go by Jeffrey or Jeff. I'm from the Dallas area. I've got a 2005 Forester X that has been sitting due to engine problems. I'm finally getting around to it and I figured it's about time I start looking for help from people that actually know what they're talking about. But seriously, reading through some posts you all seem like a great bunch of people. Looking forword to learning a lot, and hopefully even contributing some of my own in the future. The more I learn about Subarus the more I like them. I'm having fun already.
  14. I fell in love with a Subaru Brat a few years ago while at a stop light. Ever since then, I've been looking for one in decent shape. I found this "Brat lee" and now am now the proud owner. I don't have a ton of pics yet, but here I am getting ready for a test drive. Has the back seats and body in great shape. Interior needs some help so I'm hoping this forum will introduce me to some people in Portland,OR area who can help me down the right path.
  15. Hey everyone! New to the forum! My name is Jenn! I live in Portland, Oregon and I have an 04 FXT 5-speed limited edition. Black with gold fleck on black leather. Panoramic sunroof. She's a beauty.
  16. My name is Oogie and I am from the Jordan valley in Israel. I own one of the last moving Auto transmission 1978 DL subaru in Israel and I was wondering if someone here might help me with a part I cant find. I am not sure where to post what I am looking for, any advise? Thanks guys, this forum looks great
  17. I recently got a 2013 wrx within the last couple months. I plan on leaving the engine untouched to avoid pissing off the dealership guys so I can retain my warranty. Does a replacement of suspension or wheels/tires along with exhaust violate that? She's already tinted, with some rain guards fitted for this friggin Florida weather. What wheels should I go with? Is upgrading the suspension really worth it? Isn't it already a nice suspension? What sort of front tag should I mount on her?
  18. Im new to Subaru as well as being new to this forum and forums in general really, Just here looking for some help from those of you that have been around them longer and have more experience, Im always willing to learn and enjoy meeting new people. Any one willing to help me out just respond on here or shoot me a message, i dont really know how it works, but it would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Tyler
  19. Im new to all of this, my previous car was a 96 Oldsmobile and so this is my first step into having really my own car that i can work on/learn with and upgrade. Ive found a lot of parts for the WRX and STI models but not very much for the Impreza, I was wondering if the WRX parts would fit and work properly on an Impreza. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tyler
  20. Hello all! I'm new to the forum, and live in the northwest have owned 2 Subaru's my VERY FIRST CAR was an 82 Subaru brat I was driving in the country and spotted it sitting under a collapsed barn with a for sale sign in the window I had to have it! paid $450 bucks for it! and drove it home.. man oh man did it need help! first time in the drive way. started fixin it up 2 months later while driving home it caught on fire. I now drive my 2nd Subaru. also my 2ND CAR an 88 GL wagon picker her up off CL for $500 fell in love! she is super clean and RUST FREE! (: after the journey home I will start a build thread because I do plan to build her! stay tuned for more pics and upgrades
  21. So Sad to Ask, but Someday, Somehow it should gonna Happen: When Our Older Generation of Subies, Will Fall into the Historic Generation? By the Evidence, I see that a New Generation is Classified -Well, Some Sort of- by the Engine's Technology & Family, Also by Body Design. That's Why the Loyale (EA) is Older Generation, even if they was still Available New untill 1994, and Legacies (EJ) are New Generation, even if they Started to Sell them as Early as 1989. So, Seeing http://www.boxerdiesel.com/ Website, about the New Subaru's Engine Technology, and Seeing the New Body Stile with Doors that have Frames ... ... I Believe that the Day when our EA Engined Subies from the Eighties and Nineties, will become part of the Historic Gen Too, is Near ... With all these UnSubaru Changes, and the Development of the New Toyota AE86 (Trueno) by Subaru, and Posibly the new Camry... What do you Think About that?
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