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Found 17 results

  1. I’ve had my brat which is a ‘83 for about 2 years now this December last year my engine went out on me. Before I do anything apart from take out the ea81 I’m wondering if this dream I have of a 300whp brat can become a reality if anyone can give me an idea if this is even realistically possible I’d be very appreciative.
  2. Hi, I’m extremely new to “modifying” any type of road vehicle. I have experience with atv’s and dirt bikes. When I bought my Impreza last Saturday I had originally thought it would be very easy to find aftermarket parts that actually were worth spending money on to replace or add on to my vehicle. So basically my question is does anyone have any recommendations/ links as to what I am able/should put inside my Impreza? I appreciate any and all feedback even if there’s nothing I can do.
  3. Greetings, I am a broke highschool student who is looking to mod my 1990 Legacy LS sedan, it is not my own right now it's still my parents but i do plan on buying it from them when I start working later this month. I am aware of the options I can have like boosting it or building the whole thing, but I'm not trying to blow it up because I need it for school and for it to be reliable. Any brands for stuff like exhaust's, intakes, cometics, and other smaller stuff. I am willing to listen to most ideas and eventually I will take pic of it and upload them but I have to make the effort. But anyways, any brands to look forward too for mods and certain mods are accept.
  4. Hey guys, so glad I found this group first of all, I really hope I can get my questions answered here. I have an interest in restoring vehicles with a moderate mechanical background/understanding. I decided to start with this 95 Subaru Impreza L-AWD with 148k miles. Currently I am working on the rear end/suspension and I’ve discovered they pretty much everything is rusted and fused together. So I figured that while I was tearing into this I might as well switch to disk brakes. I already plan on replacing everything from the sub frame to the tires so I do understand what I’m getting into. Pretty much have to cut everything off. I believe I have the correct axles, and linkages picked out but I’m having trouble with what all I need to get ahold of from the knuckle forward. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
  5. Has anyone ever found a manual steering rack that will fit a 1999 Legacy? Been looking around and just not sure if any old Subaru manual racks would fit. I've read rumors of people using Ford Pinto manual racks.
  6. Hey all, Recently I've been discovering posts about changing the location of the thermostat from the bottom of the engine, in front of the water pump, to the top radiator hose right after the coolant exits the engine. This is supposed to reduce cavitation, and I've been having problems with an ej25d overheating. Ive ordered new hoses, radiator, and thermostat, and I'm thinking about doing this inline thermostat mod. Am I wasting my time thinking about this mod? I've always had a hard time burping the ej25d system so maybe this would help? This would also be easier to replace, and in theory reduces cavitation at the water pump. Has anyone done it? What are some experiences with it?
  7. I recently acquired a 2000 Impreza Outback Sport with 230k miles for free from family. I've been thinking about what to do with this car and I've basically decided I want to make it an off-roader but keep it street legal. I have a lot of noob-ish questions. I have a little bit of a mechanical background but I haven't worked on cars in any serious way since the late 90's. A lot of this will be a re-learning/learning experience. The car has a solid trans but the engine needs some help. Lots of valve knock, some engine accessory is making a horrendous noise and it seems like it's lost a fair amount of power. Because I want to take this car on road trips I'm thinking it might be best to rebuild or swap. Either way this more about the learning experience and having something to do more than anything else. The suspension is also very worn. The ride quality is terrible. It also has a small water leak on top where the front window meets the roof. There's a couple rust spots on the body but nothing serious. That's basically it. Everything else about the car is fine. I have a budget of around $2-3k and I'm basically looking at revamping/lifting the suspension, possibly rebuilding the engine, fixing the leak and any other mods that will make it off-road worthy. Paint isn't part of it. I don't care how ugly it is. So far I've seen some interesting things about swapping in Forester suspension components and a DIY switch for locking the center diff. I plan to get skid plates. I'm not sure though about whether to DIY or purchase them. Also, what engine/exhaust mods can I do and still have the car pass emissions? What suggestions might people have for getting the best bang for my buck as far as amount of lift and performance? If you had the car and budget I do, what would you do?
  8. Long time ago (as you can see the Background Story ~► Here in a Short thread), I wanted to do a Li'l Front Lift of 2" to level the front of my "BumbleBeast" because with my Suspension Mods (Which can be seen ~► Here) it gained two inches of lift in the Rear... Back then I Couldn't buy the 2" Lifting kit because Paypal Didn't Had Honduras in their List (Four Years Ago) But Now, that story is about tho Change... I Really Need to Lift Two inches (2") the Front to Level my "BumbleBeast", but Without Loosing the Safety and proper Camber / Caster, also I Want to Keep the Axles' angle the more Straight Possible, So, I Believe that a Pair of 2" Blocks at 15º for the Front Struts, plus Dropping the Engine Crossmember 1" will do that, isn't it? I am Kindly Asking your Advice, Because I Really Need to do a 2" Front Lift but as Cheaper and Easier as it could be, without Sacrificing the Subie's Safety + Alignment. Please, Help me... Any Advice will be very Welcome! Kind Regards. ► Edited to add the Tags for the New USMB Search System.
  9. Hi all, I'm a long time subie driver looking to buy a new (used) Subaru for travel. All signs so far point to 2003-2004 Outback, potentially H6 with a manual transmission. Also looking into a lift of 1-2 inches for extra clearance, all terrain tires, and potential skid plates. I'm looking for a Subaru that can: -Navigate roads and logging roads in the rockies (Revelstoke, BC) -Haul surfing gear, fishing gear, camping gear, and potentially a Canoe/ Kayak through the Mexican Baja and the Pacific Northwest. -Ability to sleep in the back -Drive through beach sand, snow, some manageable mud, and rocky roads. Looking for any and all info, forester vs outback vs truck comparisons, preferred years, models, and modifications, stories and experience, and whatever other off-road travel information you may have. Cheers and explore more, Ben Driven: 2001 Subaru Legacy GT 2002 Subaru Outback 1999 Subaru Legacy Wagon 2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon (current)
  10. Buying a 2013 wrx sedan with 4,000 miles on it. I can spend $3000-4000 on mods. I was thinking an intake and full exhaust. What do yall think? If I were to do more mods after that what would you do? I'll post a pic of the car. Oh and rim color ideas?
  11. So I got a 1995 Subaru legacy outback for a first car for $1240. The car is a AT 2.2L boxer with 244,800 and counting on it. The car has a rebuilt title and I found out that's it's been in 4 car accidents. It's originally from Texas and has no service history on it. The last owner was told that the trans and engine where rebuilt. I will slowly do the things above from the title and be listed like that. So from 6/12/14 Mods: -Roof basket -donut tire delete Repairs: -fix radio to get it out of demo mode Maintenece: -air filter Questions: - I need suggestions for what type of shocks that I should replace with the one I have, the front left is shot and the other seem floaty -how do you fix the lights on the ac controller
  12. Hey everyone, I've got my '92 Loyale Wagon up and going and I want to start moding it for off-road. The only thing is, I can't find places or websites to get exactly what I want. So I'm on here asking for some help. LOL. Here is a small list of what I'm trying to accomplish. First is a Snorkel, I think I can manage this with some PVC pipe and a saw. Next a nice and sturdy roof rack. Rear bumper with spare tire and jerry can holder Similar to a Jeeps Smitybilt. Suspension lift kit or custom lift. Under Engine protection plate for off-roading. Some wheels that are larger than 13" and are 4x140 lug pattern or an adapter kit. Dual exhaust or just a replacement. Mines in pieces! I think that's it for now. So can anyone help me out? Thanks SOOOOO much! -Mike
  13. I recently got a 2013 wrx within the last couple months. I plan on leaving the engine untouched to avoid pissing off the dealership guys so I can retain my warranty. Does a replacement of suspension or wheels/tires along with exhaust violate that? She's already tinted, with some rain guards fitted for this friggin Florida weather. What wheels should I go with? Is upgrading the suspension really worth it? Isn't it already a nice suspension? What sort of front tag should I mount on her?
  14. Ok all i seem to see is pictures of lift with what they have on. What I'm looking for is something that looks more aggressive and has better trail capability than stock, without sacrificing handling or MPG too much. And no tire rubbing! This is still going to be a 90% road car. I'm looking at a 2-4 inch lift. what size tires can I run with each without rubbing? a little at full lock on a slant is one thing but otherwise no rub.
  15. You could say I lucked out on this local craigslist find. 71k miles, rust, scratchless, spotless interior, all original and all electronics working flawlessly, 1986 front-wheel drive automatic XT Turbo. I'm a complete novice when it comes to modifications, but I want to upgrade the audio.....Replace the tape deck/am/fm unit with a modern deck, replace speakers, install small sub and amp. The sound system is complete crap. Anybody have experience upgrading these components in an XT? Any advice would be extremely helpful. Love my first subaru!
  16. I just bought my first subaru, It is a 1988 Subaru GL-10 Turbo 1.8L 2wd Sedan, I would like to start doing some small modifications to the car, and slowly build the car up. I have enough stock parts to build this car over a total of 4 times (minus complete motors, transmissions, and shells, I have extra body panels and a ton of etc parts) Basically i was wondering for first of on this list of mods: 5 Lug conversion Lowered suspention Blow off valve Front mount intercooler adjustable boost controller w/ boost gauge catback exhaust anything to add some small horsepower without breaking the bank too badly, or to make the car more reliable. please if somebody could start me off in the right direction that would be great, i just finished all of the body work to the car, now i am eager to start modding!
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