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  1. Spideyflygirl90

    Hey! :-)

  2. Spideyflygirl90

    Need help finding 4" lift

    Try primitive racing in tigard
  3. Spideyflygirl90

    Lifted Baja

    That looks sweet!!!
  4. Spideyflygirl90

    2004 Forester XT

    And here's what I'd like to do!
  5. Spideyflygirl90

    2004 Forester XT

    Here's my lady Mariko. <3 2004. XT. Black exterior with gold fleck. Black leather interior. Panoramic sunroof. 5-speed.
  6. Spideyflygirl90

    Hey! :-)

    Hey everyone! New to the forum! My name is Jenn! I live in Portland, Oregon and I have an 04 FXT 5-speed limited edition. Black with gold fleck on black leather. Panoramic sunroof. She's a beauty.