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Found 6 results

  1. 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5 A year ago I bought my 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5. It was in great condition and ran like a dream. The CEL was permanently on, the previous owner said it was a bypass (something to do with the exhaust?) and not to worry . Never had any issues with it until now. A couple of months ago it started occasionally not starting the first time I would turn the key….I would take the key out, reinsert it and it would start right up. I did notice that my key was kind of loose in the ignition and I would have to wiggle it to get the ding ding noise. I also noticed a lot of corrosion on the battery terminals. Three weeks ago I ran it (for the first time) so slow on gas that the fuel light came on., I put gas in and I noticed the fuel light came on a couple of miles down the road, but just for about a mile. It also lagged once going up a hill. The next morning it would not start at all….not push start and not by a jump. The battery drained down to nothing and stayed that way. Replaced the fuel filter. It then started with a jump, but the idle was rough and it wouldn’t stay running. Also blew out white-ish smoke for a bit. Had a gear head friend take a look….fuel to engine problem was suggested.He also noted that my O2 sensor wasn’t there (probably the bypass previous owner did and reason the CEL always on) He brought his code reader..but it wouldn’t run long enough to read anything. I replaced the fuel filter…..and the spark plugs….and got a new battery. Fuses have all been checked. It’s not the MAF either. Now it starts (still has the ignition issue), but it is misfiring and the check engine light is flashing. Any input would be much appreciated at this point. I live 15 miles out of town in a very rural area. So it has been devastating to my daily life (getting food, propane, auto parts store, and not being able to get to work for 3 weeks).
  2. Anybody have any experience converting the EA81 Quad Headlight setup over to the EA81 Single Headlights with Cyclops? Or know of a writeup? Believe that I have everything needed: Single Headlight Core Support Single Headlight Buckets/Bulbs Single Headlight Bezels with Turn Signals and Pigtails Third Eye (Cyclops) Full Assembly with Pigtail Third Eye Grill Relays that sit on the passenger side (RH) strut tower Third Eye Switch from factory that's used with the HighBeams on. Part that's confusing me is how the wiring goes from twin lights, one for low and one for high beam, to single units that do both functions. Guessing that the turn signal wiring that goes to the front bumper will have to be rerouted so they will go to the corner flashers of the Single Headlight Style. And then there is adding the Third Eye to the equation... The easiest method in my head; Take the entire front harness from an '82. Place that harness in the body of the '86. (thats the year of the EA81 chassis its going into.) Not sure if the connectors between those years are the same or if they were changed? I have an '82 that is badly rusted and is more like a donor vehicle. Ideally would take the cyclops light setup from it and put it on the '86 which is still structurally sound.
  3. Hi, I'm Jeremy and I live in Lake Stevens, Washington. I have a 1983 Turbo Brat that needs some serious help. A friend of mine was supposed to help me restore it during last winter, then without telling me he up and left for Alaska after pulling the dash out. I am now stuck with a non-drivable truck. I don't have a lot of money, so taking it to a shop is out of the question. If any of you would be willing to help me put it back together I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hey everyone, I just bought my first subaru a few weeks ago. Its a 99 legacy sedan L sedan. So far I like the car, I think I lucked out getting a 99 since its the base model but I still have the sunroof/spoiler/alloy wheels combo. Its a 5 speed standard too which is fun since I spent the winter in an automatic jeep cherokee. I paid $800 for the car which has 155,000 miles on it. When I bought the car the man who owned it told me the check engine light was on for a front 02 sensor. When I had the codes checked it turned out it had codes for front 02 as well as a knock sensor. I replaced the knock sensor and it seems to be running more smoothly already. My main question and motivation for posting this thread is this: When I jacked the car up to change the oxygen sensor, the source of my exhaust leak became obvious. I have a fairly significant leak coming from where the header meets the manifold. It looks like the flange is pretty well rusted out. Is it possible that this leak before the 02 sensor could be causing the code? I was thinking of replacing the sensor to see if it would clear the light, but I feel like that might be a waste of time since the leak might be the reason for the code. I was thinking of ordering a replacement header, which runs about 140 bucks from advance auto in town, but they'd have to order it anyway so I'm looking around a bit for better prices. Should I replace the header & o2? or just one or the other?
  5. Just curious. Who on here actually still has an owner's manual for their 2nd generation subaru (brats, wagons)?
  6. i know its been discussed a few times before on here, but just wondering the difference between the 1/2/3 gen heads for an EA82T other than just the composition of the metal??? what brought up the question is that i noticed the metal oil line from the head going in/out of the turbo is different between 1st and 2nd gen my 87 GL Turbo has 2nd gen heads w/235,000 miles and 87 RX Turbo has 1st gen heads w/245,000 miles 1st has ea82 with no marks 2nd has ea82 underlined 3rd has ea82 boxed in
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