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Found 6 results

  1. Can anyone tell me what the likely problem is with the sound system? I've had the car for 21 years, and it's been bad like this for years. It's the Brighton, so just two speakers, one in in each front door. Sound cuts in and out, especially when changing the volume. Sometimes no sound on one side at lower volumes, tends to be better at higher volumes. I know it's not the speakers. I replaced them last year, and it didn't help. The speakers I got sound worse than the OEM, so I'll put the originals back in at some point, and maybe move the newer ones to the rear doors if the rear doors turn out to be wired (not sure). If it's likely the head unit, is this a common problem? I'd like to stick with a Subaru branded unit that will plug right in, but I want to avoid the same problem. I listen to the radio on it, and use a bluetooth FM thingy to listen to music from my phone.
  2. Hello, my name is Alex and I broke my 4th windshield head on with my head about a week and a half ago. My purpose for joining and posting is to get some tips on what to do to fix it. If it is really a thing to do that. I fell asleep and rear ended a Honda Accord going well.. I don't know. I was sleeping. (35-45mph) Absolutely thrilled about my lack of Mandatory Car Insurance and I figure they are likely gonna suspend my license for a spell.. so, in lieu of scraping my car I am considering taking on a DIY repair in hopes of learning about frame damage, body work and a possible engine rebuild. The car was running after impact. Both airbags deployed and I woke up aware enough to know that I had to shut the car off. After being persistent to make a point of sitting in it until they pulled the other car off I rolled it down a hill into a gravel parking lot and walked home. I walked back and proceeded to get a better idea of how bad I messed it up. It wasn't leaking any oil which I take is a good sign.. the radiator was shot though. When I proceeded to weasel it out of the front of the motor I saw that the timing cover was smashed in and the timing belt was broken. It was still completely wrapped around all the pulleys and I reasoned with the idea that it may have torn when they pulled the other car off mine. The passenger side frame was smashed in pretty damn good. The driver side is pretty much untouched. It popped my driverside headlight assembly in a whole piece(breaking the mounting points) but unbroken in the sense that it hasn't cracked or anything. 198,xxx miles. Did a full tune-up when I bought it. Has 2 new tierods ends, a new passenger inner, a new driverside ball joint, new flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disk (OEM), brand new tires all the way around, the motor was running strong, I have a compression tester but never popped it on there prior to this three ring circus. Also just put the new shifter bushings in which was a pain in the rump roast. Gimmie your thoughts if you got any. Thanks. Tried to post pics but my camera apparently doesn't take them below 5mp. Go figure.
  3. Me and my girlfriend just recently purchased her a 1999 Subaru Legacy Brighton wagon and did all the first car maintainence on it. We figured out how to lock and unlock all the doors etc. but we have had a big issue with the hatch lock. Whenever we attempt to enter the key into the key slot, it only goes in about half way. From there I can lock and unlock the car with a bit of difficulty. The other day I attempted to lock it when the key broke in half... I was wondering if Either A. I was suppose to receive a trunk key, B. There is some sort of trick to unlocking and locking it, or C. The lock is faulty. Thanks so much -Craig
  4. Just wondering what upgrade options are available for my Brighton. Want to do the exhaust, and intake, as well as lowering suspension. Is the aftermarket limited for this car or can I go aftermarket for other subies and have them fit. If not ill have to go custom. I appreciate any info and thanks in advance for your help.
  5. My legacy brighton doesn't have a tachometer. So I went to pick and pull and pulled a cluster out from another vehicle with a tachometer. I installed it and everything seemed to go okay until I drove home and had no speedometer. So I pulled my old speedometer out (thinking it was a loose connection in the back) and switched it with my new one. The speedo worked but now the tach did not. I'm wondering what the problem is with the wiring? Do I need to wire the tach through the speedo? Or should I try putting the tach in my old cluster?
  6. I was wondering if I can swap the interior from a 1998 Legacy Brighton into a 1998 Legacy Outback? The Brighton is a parts car and I want to swap the seats and maybe other interior pieces because the interior in the Outback is 1) Leather, 2) Ripped. Either way, I cannot stand leather and want to do the swaps. Will the brackets and seats fit right in? Thanks in advance!
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