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  1. Olnick

    Back with a new name.

    Welcome home, Gloyale!
  2. Olnick

    New here!

    Welcome to the USMB, Dave. We're a real cross section here--from folks who understand what's going on in that hunk of aluminum up front to "Hmmm, I wonder what that tube does?" And everyone tries to help each other! Your voice will be appreciated, And when you can, show us some pix of your Imp on a beautiful PEI road!
  3. Yeah, USMB s a great place. And don't worry about it being "2 sophisticated!"
  4. Welcome to the USMB. Good luck with the GL.
  5. Try the MMO (Marvel Mystery Oil) trick--it'll loosen up any bits of gunk. Drive for a few days then change oil & filter.
  6. Heartless is intelligent and logical. (Love ya, Babe!!!)
  7. Olnick

    New guy here

    Welcome to the USMB. Check out Superior Soobie & Import on 99E near Gladstone. The owner knows all things Subaru and posts on here as General Disorder (GD).
  8. Welcome to the USMB! And congrats on your GL--nice looking car. You're going to enjoy working on it--don't hesitate to ask questions as you go along. Good folks on here, always willing to lend a helping hand.
  9. Welcome aboard. Send us some pix of "Outback in Great White North!" Aloha.
  10. What makes you think you need more than just the bushings?
  11. Eeeeeew! How long have you been waiting to pop that one Tex?
  12. Yeah, that's worth checking tom. There is a clunk in the front brakes--may need pads/rotor(s). Lotsa' salt air but fortunately the lava is 200 miles away on the Big Island!
  13. Thanks wt--the guy is not "mechanically inclined" but I'll ask him if he can check that.
  14. I took an '05 Outback. 2.5L with AT, for a test drive. Beautiful car, clean as a whistle and no dents or rust, available at a good price. But it drove like an overweight pig! After 30 years of driving peppy 1.8 and 2.2L wagons I was really disappointed. ​Found a parking lot and tried a torque bind test--turned the steering wheel full R and the car would not move at idle, Had to give it some gas to force it to go, same thing to the L. No bucking or jerking. Later tried to back into the seller's driveway and at idle it stalled the engine. ​Was that torque bind? Some other transmission problem? ​I'd consider buying the car if it's just the transfer clutch behind the tranny--but I don't want to buy big problems! ​Thanks for any input.