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  1. Man, what a bummer--especially after all the work you put into it. Good luck with the fix..
  2. Olnick

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    Congrats Mitchy--you got a beautiful Subie there.
  3. Yeah--far cry from what Subaru did in January 1989 at a track just outside Phoenix, AZ. Brand new platform (Legacy) and new engine (EJ22) set the automotive world on its collective ear! https://www.torquenews.com/1084/subaru-history-how-they-set-2-world-records-and-13-international-records-set-same-time-video
  4. Don't beat up on yourself--that's how we learn! Main thing, you got her running properly again. Good luck Nick--from another Nick!
  5. Try this, nipper--some Youtube videos: https://www.google.com/search?ei=Z5fAXLq2BouJ0wK1toTgAw&q=2006+subaru+outback+power+seat+switch&oq=2006+subaru+outback+power+seat+switch&gs_l=psy-ab.12...5514.5514..9924...0.0..
  6. Subie gas gauges of that era are notoriously bad. They create a composite signal from two separate senders, one in each side of the split tank. You can pull the fuel pump and both senders then clean the sliders and contacts. I did it years ago but never got it to be accurate so I always reset the trip meter at each fill up. But as 3Pin said, you seem to be getting very poor mileage.
  7. Welcome to the USMB. Pease post technical questions in the Newer Generation forum.
  8. Olnick

    First Subaru.

    Welcome to USMB . . . and there ain't no silly questions!
  9. Olnick


    Aloha, JesZek--welcome back "home." Take care of yourself and your wife, daughter and that beautiful newest member of your family. And do your best to enjoy life.
  10. Welcome aboard! Beautiful vehicle--keep us up on your progress--and ask any questions you have. Aloha.
  11. Welcome to the USMB, Aembuff. The general feeling here is to pull the airbag system and replace with standard struts & springs--preferably KYBs and preferably from a Pull n' Pay! I'm no expert on suspension but I'm sure folks with experience will chime in with help. By the way, good choice for a teen's first car.
  12. Olnick

    Back with a new name.

    Welcome home, Gloyale!
  13. Olnick

    New here!

    Welcome to the USMB, Dave. We're a real cross section here--from folks who understand what's going on in that hunk of aluminum up front to "Hmmm, I wonder what that tube does?" And everyone tries to help each other! Your voice will be appreciated, And when you can, show us some pix of your Imp on a beautiful PEI road!
  14. Yeah, USMB s a great place. And don't worry about it being "2 sophisticated!"
  15. Welcome to the USMB. Good luck with the GL.